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Xanadu story universe

This has been sitting on the back burner for a while. But I got enough for a part 1 done.

Xanadu: The Latex Vixen by James S. Cole

It had taken weeks of coaxing and convincing but finally I was at Kubla Con. Getting me to attend the con was no feat, getting me to go in costume to quite a bit of convincing. Getting me to come in the costume I had made was much harder. I'd though for a long time the costume was just a pipe dream, or that I'd never finish it. But I'd managed too, and it was a true work of art. It was a fantasy made real. For a while I'd been going on-line under different furry persona's, but this one was the only one with a chance of appearing remotely real. She was called Latex Vixen, and with good reason, she always wore some form a latex garment. A creation of my furriness and my fetish for latex rubber. The costume was a master piece, fusing two of my biggest interests into one being. The only way I'd been convinced to don my creation, which I'd never worn once before, was when my good friend promised me he too would go in costume, as my submissive. Naturally I'd made the character a dominatrix, most of the best latex outfits where for dominatrixes.

The foundation layer was perhaps the hardest part to put on, and the one I feared wearing the most. If the wearer had been a female it would have been much easier, but since I was male it required a bit more. I had to wear special underwear, padded not only to fake a proper female curve but it involved a padded area my male parts had to fit into. Needless to say it wasn't the most comfortable garment, but it was child's play in comparison to the corset I endured. Another integral part in the illusion, but damm was it tight. I really have to respect women who wear corsets, it takes a lot to just breath in one! An inflatable bra and a padded body suit filled out the rest of the foundation. What came next was a full latex catsuit, in case your wondering that means a complete covering from the neck down, only hands and feet uncovered. To say the outfit was very hot is an understatement. The air conditioning in the room where I dressed was turned up to full blast to keep me from over heating, and the costume was yet to be finished. Boots that reached to my thighs came next with 6 inch spike heels. For weeks before I'd learned to stand and walk in heels, and as I'm sure ladies who have worn them can say it's not comfy! The gloves came next, shoulder high ones, still stiff like new. Another corset over top of that, thankfully one just for looks, though I don't think it could have done more. This alone would have made a award winning costume, but to portray my persona right I needed to add another element. Considering how hard it was to get the rest on the furry elements where cake. I'd designed a mask but in the end makeup made up most of the vixenish face I wore. A open face hood with fake fox ears, fur and white hair all attached. A prosthetic muzzle, face paint and special lenses finished my mask. Finishing it off with a tail glued on to where it would be and a fake gold ring used to indicate a tail base and the transformation completed.

For as hard as my suit was to put on my friend had it easy, a pretty standard fox fursuit with a mask set up similar to mine, a collar and leash. Though he was roasting with in it I was in a much worse place. Latex of course does not breath, it's greatest downfall. Combine the padded suit I wore and the corset and I was not the most mobile person. I had to take little baby steps, which thankfully gave me and external look of regality, but resulted from the constriction of the corset and towering on the high heels. Lucky the convention hall was extremely close. But most of my time at the actual con I spent sitting down sucking liquids though a straw to keep from dehydration. I was admired by those who saw me, and several furry artists took it upon them selves to sketch me. The illusion of feminism was better than I hoped, many people where fooled, and utterly shocked when I reveled I was male under all that latex. The attention felt very nice, though I could say little and wasn't able to make the rounds. I conceded that the next day of the con I would come un costumed, so I might visit the booths and do some shopping. My friend how ever wandered off several times, though I was more than attended to. He did bring me back some food and toothpicks, the only way to eat in the mask, and he bought me a pokemon plush, a cute nidorina that was full size, apparently someone was selling home made full size pokemon plushes, and they where every where.

I was lead into the main hall where the costume judging would be made. The owner of the con walked on stage and said something I don't fully remember. He was dressed like a native American and had a unusual mask, it looked rather like a bird. As a sort of official opening to the costume contest he put on the mask, and all hell broke loose. I can't remember much, all I really recall was sudden screaming and how badly it hurt my ears, that and my plush starting to squirm. I don't know how but I was stuck in the head and blacked out.

I work up with a slight head ache, and strangely enough in my room. I looked around and was greeted by a bizarre sight. I was laying on the bed and when I looked forward I was staring at a blunted blue snout and bright green eyes.

"Nina! Nidorina!" what ever it was said, and I realized I had a real flesh and blood pokemon sitting on my chest, squishing my boobs.

The instant I though it was squishing my boobs I realized, I had breasts! Not the inflatable kind by real flesh breasts. I sat up and found the pokemon sitting between my legs, my rubber clad legs. I quickly got up and went to the mirror. What stared back was a vixen in a very form fitting black rubber outfit. I figured I must be going nuts, I must have over heated and blacked out.

"Mistress are you alright?" I heard a voice call out and turned to see a male red fox morph standing their looking concerned.

"I think I'm going nuts! This can't be real!" I said, finding my voice a breathy and sexy one.

"I'm afraid it is, mistress. And we aren't alone" he replied. "Everyone in costume was effected, and I mean everyone. We have monsters, demons, aliens and superheros running around, mistress."

"Why do you keep calling me, mistress?" I asked, still not quite buying it all.

"I can't seem to call you anything else, mistress." he replied. "I fact I can't even remember what your name was before this started, or what mine was! I'm really afraid, mistress!"

I tried to think but it was like all my life had come and gone in a instant. I stilled remembered parts, and general knowledge, many recent memories. But somehow everything was anonymous. Who I'd been was gone, who my friend was too. I remembered I had a life before, and was male, but so much was gone, almost all specifics where gone. I remembered when I lived, but not who lived there!

"I am too slave.." I said, realized I'd added slave as almost a reflex.

"I think we are perhaps slipping into out personas, mistress." he said.

"And what about her?" I indicated the nidorina.

"She seems content to stay with us, mistress." Slave said. "Many people who had the pokemon plushes now have actual pokemon."

"Oh man, this Christmas is ganna be hell on parents!" I said chuckling.

"I think I pity all the pikachus, poor things will be tortured." Slave said.

"What happened at the contest, any clues?" I asked.

"None, mistress, no one is quite sure." Slave said. "Chaos is wide spread, we were lucky you only had a concussion, mistress. The hotel is probably going to get quarantined soon. It might be best to go."

"Go where Slave?" I asked. "For one thing we don't even know who we where. Second we attract a lot of attention."

"I'm not sure." Slave said. "but staying here is a bad idea mistress."

"Your right.." I agreed. "But where can we go?"

"Leave it to me." Slave said. "I will figure something out mistress."

Then my stomach growled, I was a hungry vixen it seemed.

Because the hotel was too small a buffet has been set up in the conventional hall. It was amazing to see, creatures and characters of every size description and color where about. Fantasy characters, cartoon characters, superheros, aliens, the list was endless. Naturally I attracted extra attention, furries where not uncommon but females walking around in latex where. I hadn't even felt hot in my suit, I surmised that it wasn't ordinary latex anymore, after all I seemed to recall my persona had a suit that was able to "breath" unlike real rubber. I decided that I would have to sell at least part of my suit, breathable latex would be quite a scientific find. I moved quite naturally, sashaying across the floor, getting stares from male and female beings alike. I saw many interesting things, a Zerg Hydralisk sitting down to eat with "Alien" alien. Cops trying and failing to corral pokemon outside, ecological damage would surely result from the introduction of such foreign creatures. I smiled inwardly when I saw what looked like the Ninja Turtles, fighting over a pizza. I blinked when I saw what looked like a generic transformer robot discussing something with a Cylon. How many of them where lost in there characters like me? How many where less lost in them? How many completely lost in them?

Slave had already picked a table for us and insisted on serving me "I'm here to server all your needs, mistress." he had said. The conversation mostly consisted of him telling me of the more unusual event's I'd missed. The man dressed like Barney the dinosaur going insane, and who could really blame him? The meeting that an apparent Iron Man had called of all the super hero's. Just as the story finished someone burst into the room.

"I am Dr. Albert Wily!" an old man grey haired man in a white lab coat said. "And I am taking over this room!"

I saw what could only be descried as a humanoid lighter and a man with sheers on his head follow the self proclaimed Dr. Wily. I recognized them as Heatman and Cutman, two of the Robot Masters from the Megaman games, also where Wily was from. The meeting of hero's was going on right then and apparently Wily took that as an opportunity. It looked as though things would get ugly until a blast of energy struck Cutman and knocked him out. I saw three shapes, all blue, run in and knock out both Heatman and Dr. Wily. When the commotion died down I saw no less than 3 different Megamen, though I could see the 3rd was actually Megaman X(A sort of super Megaman, luckily these three had been hunting Wily and hadn't gone to the meeting. Afterwards everyone went back to eating. My new Nidorina seemed contented too, eating what ever scraps she was given.

I returned to my room, I had decided that walking around my latex costume would attract more attention than I needed. I also suggested to Slave, which he accepted as his name and position, that he wear some clothes. When I stripped I found the majority of my fur was extremely short, so short that it didn't hinder my wearing of the latex. I searched through my bags and took out a pretty unisex T-shirt and pair of shorts. I cut a hole in the shorts and proceeded to get dressed. However, once I had the clothes on something amazing happened, they changed. The shirt seemed to melt and eventually transformed into a skin tight crimson latex top, the shorts did the same changing into a pair of latex hot pants. I looked over at Slave, nothing happened when he dressed. I removed the new clothes, half expecting them to revert, which remained in their altered forms. I tried on a green sweater and got to watch it morph into an emerald latex long sleeve leotard. I tried on a pair of tennis shoes and they morphed into a pair of ankle boots with 6 inch heels. I kept trying clothes on and time and time again they changed, transforming into some latex garment, all the shoes I wore turning to various boots always with 6 inch heels. I realized that Latex Vixen always wore latex, and now that I had become her all I could wear was latex. What ever transformed me made sure everything I wore was some form or latex. Happily I at lest didn't have to shower in latex, I could be nude and clothes would not spontaneously appear on me. Slave gave up his collar so I could leash Nina, my new nidorina. ________________________________________________________________

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