The Cross of Venus

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I'm a bitch, I'm a tease, I'm a goddess on my knees...

The old Meridith Brooks tune cut off as Tom turned off his car. I asked, "I've always wanted to know what she meant by that... is she a powerful being that's been knocked to her knees, or is she someone who gives incredible blowjobs?"

"Why not both?" said Tom as we walked into the mall.

Tom and I were college roommates. We were headed to see the latest Transfomers flick. As we walked through the mall, I noticed how the girls looked at him. Never me. Always him. And no wonder. He was tall and fit, muscular without being musclebound. His black hair had a hint of a wave to it, curling over his blue eyes. He wore a white button down shirt and dark jeans. I, on the other hand, was slightly below average height, and something of an underweight geek. Tom was slender, I was skinny. It seemed like he had a new girl every other week, yet he always seemed to stay on good term with his exes. I had no idea how he did it.

As we got on the escalator up to the theater, Tom looked up and said quietly, "The cross of Venus."

I looked up where he was looking. A girl was near the top of the escalator. The sun was glancing down through the skylight, side-lighting her. The curves of her legs and butt cast shadows in the shape of a cross.

"You sound almost reverent when you say that."

"I am. If you treated women as if they have a bit of the Goddess in them, perhaps you could get a girl."

"Me? no!"

"Yes, you. You could start with Sophie. She fancies you, you know."

We had reached the top of the escalator, and stopped dead.

The theater was nowhere to be seen. Instead, we stood on a hilltop. It looked like something from a Maxfield Parrish painting. Fluffy white clouds in a bright blue sky. A row of marble pillars wreathed in ivy led to a chair, no, a throne, really. And on it was a woman the likes of which I have never seen. She was nothing like the San Antonio girls I'd grown up with. Dark skinned and raven haired, she somehow glowed with an inner light. She stood up, and walked towards us.

"Welcome!" she said, in a voice like dark honey. She gave me a warm smile, then addressed herself to Tom.

"Have you figured out who I am?"

He looked around. "Well, you're obviously not the mall manager."

"This isn't a mall. It's a temple. Or at least the remains of one. A temple dedicated to me. "You caught my attention a few minutes ago."

Tom thought for a while, then dropped to one knee. "Venus?"

"One and the same! That was a pretty speech you gave to your friend here. Did you mean it?"

"It something I try to live by."

"Thank you for that. You may be one of the closest things I have to a worshiper in this age. I'm minded to grant you a boon. What would you have of me?"

"If I could ask one thing of the Goddess of Love, it would be to better understand women."

She looked at Tom for a long moment, then said. "All knowledge comes with a price. Would you be willing to pay for what I would teach you?"


"The only way to truly understand women is to be one."

"Can you do that?"

"I am a Goddess." She paused, then "There will be some pain."

"As long as there is no lasting injury, I'm willing to endure it."

"Well, then. Let's do this." She gave Tom a smoldering look that heated my groin, and it wasn't even aimed at me. Tom, for all his experience with the girls at college, was helpless before her. She lifted him to his feet, then kissed him. At first gently, then more and more passionately.: She divested him of his clothes, and massaged his erect penis. After a few minutes, she knelt before him."

The lyric ran through my head, "a goddess on my knees." Venus looked at me and laughed. "One of the few songs of your era that I like." Then she kissed him on the tip of his cock. Soon, she was taking his considerable length to his hilt. She licked and sucked and nibbled at him. After a few minutes, it seemed like his erection was smaller and smaller. I couldn't fathom how he could be losing his hardon with the treatment he was getting. Finally, she was lapping more than sucking. He finally lost it with a moan and shiver. Venus stood. "How did that feel?"

Tom replied, "That was incredible. Was that..."

"Yes, yes it was."

She moved to the side, and I could see, nestled in his pubes above his balls, was a pink female hooded clit.

She leaned up against him, and murmured, "Now comes the painful part." She cupped his balls in her hand, then shoved upward. Tom bellowed, but she did not stop. Eventually satisfied, she stopped to survey her handiwork. His balls and ballsack were gone, replaced by a pink, plump pussy.

Tom was still half fetal with pain. Venus quickly went to work. She kissed his nipples, sucking and pulling on them. They stretched, then filled into a pair of perky tits. She poked and prodded, massaged and stroked, and with each touch, my roommate disappeared, replaced with a gorgeous woman. Venus finished before Tom recovered from the pain of having his balls shoved back up into his - now her - abdomen.

My roommate looked up at me, and her blue eyes were awestruck, amazed. She stood up to her full height, a good six inches taller than Venus.

Venus looked up to her, and said, "You will spend the next three months as a woman, learning what you can, teaching what you may. At the end of that time, you will return here, and become a man again."

"Okay," she said, It was Tom's voice, yet different. A rich contralto instead of his baritone.

"I'm not done yet. You will put what you learn to good use."

"I will try to use whatever I learn wisely."

"Wisely?" She laughed. "Wisely? Who do you think I am? That dried up old biddy Athena? No! I want you to use it lustily, with gusto and love of life! I want you to raise the expectations of every woman you make love to, raise the bar for every lover they have after you. I want you to teach them to teach their men to be better lovers."

"Fine. Sounds like a challenge I'll enjoy!"

"One more thing," she said, "I want you to be my priest." She looked at me. "As for you, my friend, I'd give something as well, but someone else has his eye on you."

Tom, now Tommi, and I walked into the theater. She was tall, leggy, gorgeous. She was wearing a short denim skirt and a white button blouse. All the guys stared. The girls were looking at me now, their faces obviously wondering she was doing with a guy like me, or what I was doing with her.