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This template is used for putting a standardized byline at the top of story pages that are in the main namespace, and thus have a title header automatically generated by the wiki software. For stories on user subpages use Template:Title.

  • "name" is a freeform parameter that is the text that will be displayed as an author name
  • "user" is the username of the author that the author's name will be linked to. Don't include the "User:" prefix, that will be added automatically to the link.
  • "coauthors" is an optional parameter where one can list other authors who have contributed to a story. The text can include links to user pages if any of the coauthors are also Shifti users.
  • "category" is the name of the category containing the author's work. Omitting this results in a category link not being created.

The following blank template can be copied and pasted for convenience:

{{byline|author=<name>|coauthors=<list of names>|user=<username>}}

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not use the 'coauthors' parameter this template will automatically insert the author property. This was done because this template was designed and is intended for use solely to add the name(s) of the author(s) to the start of a story. While other use is not strictly prohibited, it is not recommended simply because it does add semantic properties.