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The TSA-Bash*, or just The Bash for short, is an annual get-together for those interested in physical transformations (or furry in general, or friends with other folks who are interested in these things) for the expressed purpose of "having fun and goofing off". We've been doing this for nearly twenty years now and aren't about to quit anytime soon!

Generally there's two per year - a New Year's Bash that has to date been regularly in the middle Tennessee area, and a Summer Bash that changes cities every year.

Unlike furry cons, the Bash doesn't have a "conference" type quality to it. Instead, the attendees just sit around and chat, play games, go out to eat, and sometimes model fursuits. While there is a chaotic quality, the Bash does have a couple of structured events, such as a group photo or outings to the city that they're close to.

Discussions and planning for the Bash takes place via the TSA-Bash mailing list - if you're interested, join the list!

Current Bash News

487px-Solar eclipse 1999 4 NR.jpg

2017's Summer Bash, the "Eclipse Bash", will be held August 19-22, 2017, at the Richland Inn of Columbia in Columbia, TN - this hotel has been used frequently by the New Year's Bash, so we know it well.

Phil is acting as organizer, and has the following to say:

This will be the Bash's twentieth anniversary, and to celebrate it we’ve decided to put out the sun!

While the path of totality will pass well to our north, the plan is to get up early, take to our vehicles, and go out to a nice breakfast in a nice air-conditioned eatery near the center of the Zone, and then enjoy the show from the parking lot. On top of this, of course, we plan on enjoying the normal Bash mayhem and goodity.

Planned Attendees

Planning on coming to the Bash? Add your name and info below! (Or contact Viqsi and get her to do it for you.)

Name Coming From Arriving Departing Bringing Probability Other Notes
Viqsi central Ohio probably the 18th probably the 23rd cocktail umbrellas 90%
Jack Moore North Carolina 18th 23rd board games 99%
Rimme Illinois 18th 23rd a few board games 99%
Wanderer Texas 19th 23rd RPGs, imagination and tons of puns 99%

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