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Copyrights for all material on this wiki are retained by the original author.

Submissions and edits to this wiki are not automatically covered by any particular licence, free or otherwise, unless it is explicitly indicated by the author somewhere (either on the author's userpage, in the text of the page being edited, or in the edit summary of the edit).

That said, by posting material to this wiki you are implicitly giving permission for that material to be hosted and redistributed non-commercially by this wiki to anyone who reads it. We may also need to make minor changes to it for purely housekeeping reasons, such as adding or removing category tags or moving pages to different titles. We may need to run ads or do fundraising drives, depending on our finances, but this would be done only to keep the website running rather than for commercial gain.

A copyright holder who has not otherwise released his material under a licence permitting continued redistribution may request that his or her material be deleted from this wiki at a later date. If removal is not explicitly requested, however, this material will remain in the wiki database and may continue to be made available from this wiki (and also future incarnations of the site should it move to other hosting services or change underlying technology to something other than MediaWiki). One should ideally log in when editing, otherwise it may prove impossible to later verify your ownership of the copyright on anonymously submitted edits.

It should go without saying that no user should post material whose copyright is held by someone else without the copyright holder's permission (though certain fair use exemptions may apply that are too complex to go into in detail here).