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The administrators of Shifti (also sometimes called "sysops") are users with access to special tools useful for maintaining the site. If you have any problems or requests please ask one of these users for assistance on their respective user talk pages.


On Wikipedia it's said that being an "Admin" is "No Big Deal". Shifti is different — here we try to keep the number of administrators low so that there aren't massive edit&revert wars. Perhaps the Wikipedia way is better for the community—there is always an administrator that can be contacted—but here it's rather easy to contact any of us. At any given time there is usually one of us available on the TFNet IRC Network, usually in the room #transformations.

Failing that, the Talk pages do work and Recent Changes is normally watched.

Finally, please don't ever ask for Admin status. Here on Shifti there isn't a set policy for the promotion of people to administrator status, but because we house the original, copyrighted work of a number of people we have to be very careful with who has access to the "toolbox" and other privileges that come with administrator status. In practice, however, everything affecting Shifti—including the promotion of users to administrators—is decided by a vote and after much discussion.