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This is the first piece of semantic information that isn't duplicating a category (Yay!). It's data type, like Title and Universe is string.

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A Cat Girl Maid's Bet +A Cat Girl Maid's Bet  +
A Change for the Better +A Change for the Better  +
A Different Kind of Love +A Different Kind of Love  +
A House Divided +A House Divided  +
A House Divided/Part1 +A House Divided/Part1  +
A House Divided/Part2 +A House Divided/Part2  +
Arrow Quivershaft/A New Realm...? +A New Realm...?  +
A Woman Within +A Woman Within  +
Robotech Master/ANGLE ON +ANGLE ON  +
Acinonyx2/Troubles +Troubles  +
JonBuck/After Hours +After Hours: A Paradise Story  +
Jetfire/All Hell Breakin Loose +All Hell's Breakin' Loose  +
Jetfire/All Spark Bulletin +All Spark Bulletin  +
Jetfire/Aloha +Aloha  +
Hawl/Aloha666 +Aloha 666  +
Hawl/An Albino's Breakdown +Paradise Perspectives 3:An Albino’s Breakdown  +, Hawl/An Albino's Breakdown  +
Throat Wolf/An Evening with Clarence +An Evening with Clarence  +
Hawl/An Integrate's Guide To Love +An Integrate's Guide To Love  +
Azimuth/Andy +Andy  +
Arella Gets In Touch With Her Animal Nature +Arella Gets In Touch With Her Animal Nature  +
Arrow Quivershaft/Arriving in Lecce +Arriving in Lecce  +
Arriving on The Cause +Arriving on The Cause  +
Arrow's Vignettes:Enfield transformation +Arrow's Vignettes:Enfield transformation  +
Arrow's Vignettes:Luminari transformation +Arrow's Vignettes:Luminari transformation  +
Jetfire/Astra-naught +Astra-naught  +