Paying attention to detail 3

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Author: Sdw
Xanadu story universe

I went back to my room, leaving Gerty and Robert to work out what those changes meant to them, as I had a hot date with a very messed up employer. My room was clean, damp and quiet so I closed the door, found the complimentary biscuits and was about to watch TV to see what news coverage there was of the event when a familiar knock on the door heralded the return of Mike.

"Mike, stop swearing, I know you're frustrated, but stop swearing. Where's the $200?"

"Right here, and I need you now."



And to gloss over a frantic ten minutes, Mike was satiated and I was enjoying the post coital drain of energy when Mike began to properly examine himself, and since watching a fantasy explore itself is work of the very highest calibre, I somewhat joined in.

He had not bothered to take his leather catsuit off - it had, of course, a zip between the legs and so he was exploring him at skin level for what seemed the first time.

"I've not actually had a clear enough mind to work out everything there is" he admitted.

Starting with the zips on the inside of each leg, which opened upward gave him access to his platform boots, shiny black and with about a six inch heel and a two inch platform. He undid the zips and took his boots off, leaving sheer stockinged feet. He stood up and found it impossible to put his heels on the floor. "Dammit, feet that must wear heels, yup, that was part of the script" he muttered to himself as his heels hoveed about four inches from the floor, sat back down and undid the zips from wrist to elbow and down the front of the catsuit. I helped him shrug the leather off his shoulders, as he was having difficulties manipulating the material with the long fingernails. I noticed that the leather was soft and lined with a satin lining. Under the pink satin slip which I guess was part of his original costume, his bra contained considerable mounds of flesh, but when the bra was released there was no sag - his breasts simply stayed pointing straight out. What was absolutely noticable now that the nipples were released from fabric is that they were unnaturally wide and long, on areolas that gave them further distance and height. Each one did not look like a normal nipple, more like a tube with a hole at the end. Perhaps Mike had not encountered a real nipple before, because each looked more like a small straw with a single opening. He lifted each breast and examined it. It looked not quite right.

"May I feel?"

"Pervy bastard" he said, but his body moved as if to say yes.

The breasts were light, as if filled with air, certainly not solid. When I let them go they went straight back to pointing straight out, nipples erect.

"I know that they are going to get bigger" he said sadly as he looked down at them.

"What do you mean?" I asked

"Didn't you notice when I first walked in, they were much larger than this. This is small size - they grow as I get hornier.

I'm not sure what kind of twisted mind created breasts that expanded with urge, but then who would have thought up the male penis and it's many different sizes.

He stood up and balanced on the balls of his feet as he removed the rest of the catsuit, garter belt, stockings and pink matching satin knickers. Now naked he went into the bathroom to examine himself in the mirror. There was somthing wrong with his walk. He looked every inch a shapely and beautiful woman, but when he walked his walk didn't match the body. It took me a while to realise what it was, and my suspicions were confirmed when he came back in the room and sat down, facing me, legs wide apart, bush in full view.

"Mike, you walk and sit like a man."

Mike closed his legs and blushed.

"That is hardly the worst thing though, is it. I'm Mike, and suddenly I'm Mike in a womans body, and some of my brain has been taken over by this body and it's really horny and the only thing that I know for sure is that I need to know where the next screw is coming from, because that little bit of my brain that is operating this body is going to give me about eight hours of peace before I go mad again and need sex. And I can't afford $600 a day to feed this habit. You are a bastard Jesse, taking advantage of me like that. Give me my money back."

Just when I thought I was beginning to understand Mike he went off in another direction.

"No, and if you've not found someone else to screw in seven and a half hours, I'll be wanting another $200 from you. This is a business arrangement."

"Bastard." He went to my closet and helped himself to one of my cotton shirts. As he put it on it changed, and after a few seconds was a form hugging, fitted PVC shirt revealing a cleavage and tight waist.

He went into a tyrade of expletive abuse about his condition. Frankly I was somewhat interested in what was going to happen next, so I sat on the bed while he tried on different garments from my wardrobe. Cotton boxer shorts - shiny crotchless latex knickers. Polyester trousers - PVC hobble skirt. Cotton running shirt - satin negligee, every piece of normal garment turned into somthing fantasy and more suited to a brothel. As he took the garment off it reverted to it's original form. Naked worked, from there on it was strictly glamour, exotic dancing and materials entirely unsuited to a temperate climate. Even my spare running shoes morphed into high heeled patent ankle boots. He was both frustrated and turned on by what was happening. eventually he put his original leathers back on, which seemed to the magic to be sufficiently erotic.

"I need a pee." he said

"Remember to sit down."

While he was in the bathroom there was a loud hammering at the door. I looked through the peephole and found a man in a shirt and trousers waiting patiently for me to open the door.

"What do you want?"

"I found your room number in my room and I wondered if you knew where my pony is?"

OK, think fast. Deny knowledge, door comes in, get beaten up. Say I know somthing, have to let him in. Might get beaten up. Mike will be no good in a fight. Least worst alternative...

"Yeah, I saw your horse, she needed water and when I got into the room she barged past me and ran off. And I left the note to let her know which room I was in if she came back..."

"How is a horse going to read a note, are you simple or somthing?"

She's a clever horse? No. Introduce someone else, will get complicated. Act stoopid?

"Of course, you are right. I'll let you in."

Simon seemed normal enough. He came in, sat down on the bed, I sat in the desk chair, I offered him some tap water.

He told me a whole backstory that simply could not be true - that he had driven down this morning from his ranch with his best pony in a horsebox behind his station wagon, was exhibiting his pony at a horse show, and suddenly for no reason the pony began to act all skittish and play up, and he couldn't control her properly so he went to take her home and the horsebox had been stolen, so without anywhere else to take her he took her to a hotel room (which seemed odd to me but fine to him) and left her in the room while he went looking for his trailer, and there were a lot of crazy people about all in a panic, and the law enforcement was about stopping him moving about, and he got interviewed by people and sent back to his room and found his pony had escaped and that there was this room number written on a scrap of paper, so how was I involved in all of this and where is his pony?

"I honestly don't know." I said. How could I explain that she'd gone for a run on her own. So I tried a different tack.

"Where do you live?" I asked.

"On my ranch" Simon replied.

"OK, but where exactly is it? What is the address?"

There was a pause. "I don't really know" he answered, looking fidgity.

I left a pause.

"There has been some magic today, no one really knows what happened, but people have seemed to become what they thought they were. I think you were at the convention playing at being a horse owner, and the magic has made that come true. For some people they have completely changed. As far as I can tell, you've changed a bit."

Simon was getting agitated. "Are you saying that I'm mad?"

"No, I'm saying that there is some very odd magic going on, and you and your horse are part of it. Perhaps if I show you something it might help you to be convinced." I lifted my trouser leg to show him my foot. "See this hair on my leg. That's not right is it?" He looked at it and back at me. "No human should have hair like that, it's not fake, feel it. Go on." He did. "And you see these boots. They are not boots - see if you can take them off me."

He felt gently around the boot for the zip, then realised that there was no top to the boot, and looked up at me.

"See, that isn't right is it."

"No, it's not."

"If something weird like that can happen to me, what has happened to you?"

At that point, from the corridor outside my room there was the sound of a cowbell being rung. I left Simon to his thoughts, and opened the door. Outside was a girl wearing a cowbell, cotton top, long skirt, shoes. Nothing else about her seemed to have changed.

"Hi" I said.

"Hi. I'm looking for cows, do you have any cows in there?" she asked, looking past me into the room.

"No. Only a needy nymphomaniac and a man who thinks his girlfriend is a horse. All pretty normal." I replied.

"Uh. OK. Thanks." She turned to go.

"Can I ask why?" She turned back.

"Cows like each others company and I was just seeing if anyone wanted to join a herd. We're gathering three floors up."

Yes! Exactly what I was looking for. "Why are you wearing a cowbell?" I asked, casually.

"Because at the point of the change I was wearing a stupid cow mask and cowbell, and I was only wearing it because my friend brought me along and said it would help me get in the spirit of the event, and now I can't take it off. Nor can I take this stupid cow tail off either. And no, nothing else has changed, before you ask. It's just that I know cows have bells and tails and like to be in herds and for reason I do not understand I'm seeing if there are any more cows about." Her speech sounded rehearsed.

"Could you do me a quick favour?" I asked. She said she would, and I invited her into the room. Simon was sitting, thinking.

"Simon, this is..."

"Tanya" said Tanya.

"Tanya, and she's agreed to show you what the magic has done to her.

Tanya undid the collar from her neck and took off the cowbell. It vanished from her hands and reappeared fastened around her neck. "It does that every time. And there's this"

She turned round and lifted her long skirt. Nice turquoise panties would ordinarily have caught my attention, but they were slightly pulled down under the tail. From the base of her spine a brown cow tail was hanging, swinging gently.

Simon looked shocked. I thanked Tanya and she was about to leave with Mike opened the bathroom door. There was a polite greeting and she left to continue her mission.

"Simon - can you see that there have been some physical changes in people?"

"Yeah, like I used to be a man and now I'm a slave to sex" added Mike bitterly. He'd brushed his hair and straightened himself out.

"Simon, please focus. That vision of lovelyness is actually a man. Simon, can you see that there have been physical changes?"

"Yes, I can..."

"And can you imagine that there have been mental changes too."

"I guess so." Simon added.

"So this thing you've got about being a horse owner, it's just not true. The horse you believe you own is actually your long term girlfriend, and while she's physically changed beyond almost all recognition, you've mentally changed as well.

"What do you mean physically changed?"

"Well, she's got the legs of the back of a horse, the arms of the front legs of a horse and she's covered in horse hair. She's got horsey swivelly ears and while her face is unchanged, her lips are a bit horsey, but mentally she's all your girlfriend. Oh, and a horse tail."

"So she's a victorian sideshow?"

"She's differenty arranged to most normal girls, that all. But mentally she really loves you and just wants you to treat her the same way as you used to."

"So where is she now?"

"One of the things is that sometimes there is a bit of a mental change as well. Mike here was a man, is now a woman and it seems that he needs sex about three times a day in order to stay sane. Sharon seems to need to run, like take exercise, and she's gone off running somewhere. If we look out of the window perhaps we can see her."

The scene out of the balcony window was of chaos, but no running horse girl could be seen.

Actually it was rather interesting to watch what was going on outside, and so all three of us looked over the balcony for a while until there was a heavy knock on the door.

"Sharon, how are you?"

Sharon was sweaty, hot, foam was running down her flanks, she smelled really strongly of horse, but she was happy, and grinning from both sides of her rubbery and slightly hairy lips.

"I went to the gym. It was brillient. There was no one there, so I just used a running machine until the rubber tread got so damaged I had to give up. I think you can help Mary here." Mary, short, skinny, pale skinned, black hair, a bit gothic, purple and black knee length stripy dress and long boots was standing down the corridor in the shadows some distance away.

"Are you talking to that horse?" Simon had come to see. Sharon was shocked to see him.

"Simon, this is your girlfriend and she's just popped by."

"No that's my horse and she's whinnying like she was earlier. Come here." and Simon went to grab Sharon. She shied away and I held Simon.

"Simon, listen, this is that mental thing I was talking about - I can see Sharon, and talk to her in English and she is a human who looks a lot like a horse. It seems you see a horse."

"Of course I bloody do. She's always been a horse. Are you mad?"

It seemed the talk earlier had made absolutely no difference.

"Can we go inside and discuss this?" We went into the room. "Mary, do you want to come too?"

"Can you help me?" she said tearfully, and wiped her eyes with her sleeve.

"I don't know, what's the matter?"

"I've lost my best friend, and I think somthing terrible has happened." Mary said from the corridor.

"OK, come in, I have something else to sort out first."

I turned into the room, Simon was staring at Sharon, and Sharon was staring back.

"Can I have a shower?" Sharon asked. "And I've worked out how to make the bathroom not so slippery for my feet. Can you take a sheet and fold it over a few times and put it in the bath. Then I won't fall over."

"OK, Simon, can I sort this out first please?"

"You're going to put that pony in the bath?"

"Yes, actually she's going to get in the bath all by herself because she's human." I said.

I organised the bath as she asked, and ran the water. At least the boiler was still working, and hot water streamed from the shower head. She got in and ran the water over her face and head.

"Can you soap me please?"

"Mike - I've got a job for you. Please can you wash Sharon?" I called out. Mike came in, and reluctantly took up the little bar of complimentary soap.

"Mike, did you only take $200 out earlier?" I whispered to him.

"No, why?"

"How much you got?"


"OK, how about you guarantee your next 16 hours of sanity in advance, I need the cash now."

"Fuck off."

"Look, if I really need it can I borrow it?"

"Fuck yourself. Yeah, alright."

"Ok, thanks."

Leaving Mike washing Sharon I went back to Simon. Mary had joined us and was standing in the room. OK, I thought I'd seen everything but there was much more to see.

"Mary, what happened to you?" This was not going to be good.

Mary was a local girl who had been messing about at the convention, and entirely not taking any of it, like, seriously. Like, how can you totally be into being like Stormtroopers, or like lizard people. Duh. Like it's all so stupid. Anyway, just to like take the piss we were seeing if we could borrow costumes from the stands and just try them on because, like, sniff, wipe, it's like shopping without having to pay any money out and a bit of a laugh. So we'd like, sniff, wipe, tried on a load of different costumes and was having a right laugh. We'd got to a stall where the costumes were, like, all these different furry costumes, like bears and we'd tried some heads on, and then we pretended to seriously like this pantomime horse, and could we like have a go. so I got into the front of the costume and Ziz (that's my best friends name) got into the back and she was, like, holding onto me at the waist and being the back of a pantomime horse and we were parading about in front of the stand. I was thinking how cool it would be to have four legs and stuff when suddenly the change happened and ever since then I've been like this and I don't know where Ziz has gone.

Mary had got out of the costume to find no Ziz and the body of a girl attached to her bottom who she could completely control, just where Ziz had been.

Mary seemed to be a humantaur. From the front she was just a normal looking girl, and in the shadows in the corridor there was nothing odd. From the side the body of another girl from just below the shoulders extended horizontally backwards as if one girl was bending at the waist and holding onto the waist of the girl in front. Four legs, four hips, four breasts, two arms, one head. Her purple skirt rode over the extra body and the rest of the newly grown body was naked.

"Do you mind if I lift the dress up to see the join?"

"If you want" sniffed Mary.

Her backbone simply continued through the transition.

"Did Ziz have any tattoos?"

"Yes, oh god, no, this body isn't Ziz!"

"A small bird on her left shoulder?" I stroked the tattoo with my finger.

Mary was in complete shock. I was too. This was the most unpleasent thing I'd seen so far today. Mary seemed to have absorbed the head and arms of her best friend - who seemed to no longer exist as a separate personality.

Mary began to topple to her knees, overwhelmed by the pain and anguish of losing her friend, and yet being permenantly connected to the body of her friend. Her front knees, then her back knees bent and she slumped to the ground, resting her torso on the side of the bed.

The shower was off, and Sharon called out if everyone was OK. She came in, dripping and horsey, closely followed by a damp and now naked Mike carrying his clothes, and was shocked to see Mary now crying against the bed.

"Sharon, where did you find her?"

"She had wandered into the Gym."

"...Looking for Ziz? Well it turns out that the extra body she now has was that of Ziz, see the tattoo."

It was time for Sharon to comfort Mary, which is difficult when knees don't work the right way and arm movement is restricted, but Sharon was good at comforting Mary. Simon looked on - I could not tell what emotions were running in him, he seemed vacant for the moment. Mike was shocked, and offered some comfort to Mary.

"What will her parents say...?" sobbed Mary. More floods of tears. What would the authorities say, I wondered.

We got Mary onto a bed, although there is a lot of length to a humantaur and only by curling her round could we get her to fit. She sobbed, Sharon and Mike comforted and after the sobbing began to abate a little I turned to Simon.

"Simon, is this pony any good to you now that she's all whinnying and jumpity?"

Simon said nothing, just looked at me.

"Simon, you're a pony owner, and your pony seems to have changed from being at this show, yes?"


"And she doesn't seem to be getting any better? She's getting worse?"


"Jesse! What are you doing?" shouted Sharon.

I turned briefly to Sharon. "I don't think he's going to ever understand that you are human, let me see what I can do - get hysterical if you want." I pressed on. "Simon, given that your pony has flipped, and is no good, how much do you want for her?"

"She's not for sale."

"But what if she was for sale, and remember, she's gone bad and can't be saved. How little would you sell her for?"

"I don't know, I haven't thought of selling her."

"Well, horses that have gone bad sell for as little as $200."

"That's not enough, she's worth more than that."

"Well, how much then?"


Sharon exploded with anger, and came over to me, and raged at me at what I was doing. I fended her off, and had to restrain her forelegs with my hands, at which point I discovered just how incredibly strong she was. She raged about being sold, about being reduced to an object, about being owned. I shouted at her to calm down and realised that this was no act - she was properly angry with me. She slammed me into the wall by the bathroom and raged at me for a few seconds, I was shouting at her, she was shouting at me, Simon came over and helped me calm her down. The rage was over in seconds.

"Sharon, trust me! Simon, is this pony really worth $300, look at the fury, look at the rage, you cannot enter this into a show! Sharon, trust me! Calm down, it's going to be alright".

There was a loud knock on the door. "What's going on in there? Open up!"

Oh crap, it sounded like Law Enforcement.

Simon opened the door. It wasn't, it was just someone from the hotel staff, unchanged as far as I could tell, we all calmed down, he left.

"Simon, $250, it's my final offer."


I fetched the $200 from my wallet and Mike handed me a $50. I gave it to Simon, he left without looking back.

"What the fuck have you just done?" Sharon asked.

"I've bought you your freedom. You didn't see how Simon was before you entered the room. He was normal and understanding the whole strange magic thing, and when you entered the room something changed in his head and he thought he owned you. Just a minute, I'll go and get your things".

I left the room and Simon was only a few doors away when I caught up with him.

"Simon, that $250 included the pony things in your room of course. Can I come up and collect them?"


Once in Sharons room I collected her things, some of which were rather extreme forms of clothing and bondage gear, plus normal clothes and her purse and coat. Simon was quite happy to see the stuff go, and helped me pack it into a suitcase. I said goodbye, and left.

At the end of the corridor something was waiting patiently by a door to be let in.

"Please help me" said the voice. I couldn't tell whether it were male of female in the gloom of the corridor.

As I approached I could see that the figure had really very large breasts, a corset and high heels, but also appeared to be male, and there was something wrong with his hands.

"It's taken me ages to get here, so many Police questions, and now I can't get into my room. There's something wrong with my hands, please can you put your hand into my left pocket where the keycard is, and open the door. Thanks so much. Oh, and thanks for the light."

With the lights on I could see the problem.

"Can't you take the ball gloves off?" I asked, putting the suitcase down by the door. His arms and hands were encased in latex, with his hands trapped in an inflatable ball glove each.

"Not while wearing ball gloves I can't." he said, and I undid the wrist strap and went to remove the glove. Since you can't easily put ball gloves on yourself I asked "Who were you with?" and he explained that he had been with his girlfriend who had been dressed as a latex angel with black wings, and after the change had become a real latex angel with huge functional black wings and he had not seen her since.

I went to let the air out of the car tyre valve with a key from my pocket. Neither helped. I pulled hard at the latex and slipped it over what used to be his hands and was now a lump of spherical flesh. No fingers, just round flesh. Under the flesh appeared to be his hand and fingers, as if each hand was encased in a sphere of flesh. He held each hand up and attempted to break the sphere from the inside - I could see his fingers working from inside the skin. Since he could feel each finger he had expected his hands to be untouched by the magic. From now on he had no fingers, only spheres on the ends of his hands. Clearly he was going to need help, he sat on the desk chair and stared at his hands. We exchanged sentences, he was in shock. I helped him take off his boots, corset and skirt. The turbotits were going to be a different matter. The once inflatable latex breasts had become his, and unlike Mike, his were huge, heavy, and each one tipped with a metal tyre inflation valve. Eventually I found somthing sharp and cut the latex top away, leaving him with giant, unsupported breasts which weighed heavily on his frame. His waist had been sculpted permanently narrow by the corset, and when stood up, his torso leant obviously backwards to compensate for the weight of the breasts.

"What do you think will happen if I press the valve down in the end of your nipples. Do you think that they will get smaller?" He didn't know. I found the key and pressed the end. Milk of some kind spurted from the end. We went to the bathroom, and I emptied each breast into the sink. They deflated like the udders of a cow, and once empty sat like flaps of skin on his chest. All was not well, however, as a great thirst came upon him, and he drank about six pints of water as I filled and refilled the plastic cup. I dialled a number on his mobile phone and held the phone for him to talk to his sister who apparently had seen the news, and had been worried sick for him. She said she'd be there the next morning, she'd have to get a flight in, and I left him with the TV on, working out how to operate the remote with a pen held between the two spheres of flesh where his hands used to be.

Back in my room, Mary had stopped crying and discovered that she could no longer sit up elegently in bed - too many limbs. Sharon was keen to get Mary some of her clothes for the additional body she had, and Mary had been discovering a lot more about the body she now owned. The most distressing thing for Mary was that there was nothing between her forelegs any more. The flesh simply sculpted smoothly, and she was working out an elegant way to wipe herself as her genitals were now a long way from her arms. Ziz must have had small breasts, because they caused no inconvenience, and Ziz must have been a slim and shapely girl. It was quite a sight to see Mary turning one way and another to attempt to reach all of herself. That only took a few seconds, because then I was again assaulted verbally by Sharon.

"You had no right to buy me!"

"Simon had no right to sell you - no, listen, he thinks you are a pony thanks to the magic, you are now free, I've done you a favour - that door is closed, you have the rest of your life to do something with, please just shut the fuck up, I'm getting pissed off with your yammering, if you don't like it just leave." Sharon was shouting back. We both shut up and stared at each other.

"Jesse." Mike said softly. I turned. "She loved him." Mike added. Sharon looked at me, I looked back, she sat on the bed (and then shifted onto one buttock as she'd sat on her tail) and cried into her hooves, wiping tears away with a sheet scooped up over a hoof. It was my turn to comfort her, Mary and Mike looked on. Hugging a girl covered with black horsehair, and who feels hard and solid, like a horse does, is a distracting experience, and no matter that she'd just showered, she smelled of horse. I only now realised that under her black hair there was a ridge of mane down the back of her head and neck.

Mike said "It was a fucking brutal thing to do, Jesse."

"Yeah, alright, I thought I was doing it for the best" I added. I felt that sinking feeling in my gut when I'd just done something really badly wrong. Sharon continued to sob, and through her sobs explained how much she had loved Simon, and how much they had planned for the future, and the great times they had enjoyed together.

Mary has arranged her many limbs to allow herself to lean over the bed and silently indicated whether the suitcase had stuff in it for her. I'd earlier seen some ordinary clothes packed and indicated for her to take a look. While Mary removed latex, leather and lycra garments of an advanced nature, to reveal some ordinary clothes at the bottom of the suitcase, Sharon continued to sob and a heavy cloud weighed heavy on the atmosphere in the room. I needed food, the sun was getting low in the sky, and it had been an exhausting afternoon, both mentally and physically.

Mary found a pair of jeans for her new body, and pulled them on, and then discovered that Sharon had feet only slightly bigger, so put Sharon's trainers on. If Mary lay on her back with her original legs splayed out each side, she could curl up and over and attend to her new body. She needed something strapless and tight for her new body's torso, something to hold and cover the additional breasts she had there, and could find nothing strapless that wasn't latex, so she ripped the neck out of a white t-shirt, took off the trainers and jeans, pulled up the t-shirt to just below her forelegs, then put the rest of the garments on, including a pair of cotton briefs. Now that we were being given this opportunity to watch a humantaur sort out her clothes, we all took advantage of the view. It was odd how the neck of the second body became the smooth area between her upper legs - as if my eyes were playing tricks with me.

While none of the clothing that Sharon had donated matched her gothic image, she seemed to be much happier now clothed, and it was as if an unknown switch had been tripped in her brain, because she was all over crying and all about being cheerful, rolling off the bed to a standing position, shifting clothing about here and there and announcing that she needed some food.

Sharon did want to wear a skirt, and found a light and silky floral miniskirt in her bag, which she asked Mike to help her with - she wore it under her tail and over her bottom, and another white t-shirt which Mike helped her put on over her hooves horse ears, mane and hair.

As a party of odd characters we were ready to face whatever the hotel had to offer in terms of food...