Paying attention to detail 2

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Author: Sdw
Xanadu story universe

I sat with her for about 20 minutes, and sensed that there was both feelings of anxiety and excitement. While it took a while to drag the concern out, it was worth it.

"It wasn't just me in my fantasy, you see, Robert was involved in it, and from everything you've told me, I wonder whether he'll have been changed as well..."

I had no idea. I had established that he wasn't wearing any costume clothing at all, from what I could tell he was in cord trousers, a blue open necked shirt and trainers, and while she didn't know what he'd 'popped out' for, there was no reason to think that he had anything on his mind but whatever it was he was doing.

"Well, what do you think, it's your fantasy? This does all hinge on one thing. When you were thinking about your fantasy, did you grant your full time naked, part time mermaid any magical powers?"

"Oh my! I did. It wasn't very often, but there were times when I imagined that he was able to transform like me".

"So what I know about what has happened, it's a bit likely that he is currently running around naked. How old did you imagine him to be?"

She thought for a moment, and in the silence I could hear the occasional drip of water from her mane.

"I think he was about 18." and then for a reason I could not get from her, she blushed, and was not drawn on the subject any further.

The silence was broken by a shout from the corridor, sounds of a scuffle, and then a room door closing. It made me think that this room was no longer secure - having broken my way in there was no longer an effective way of holding the door closed against some of the larger and more aggressive changed. I proposed that we move to my room directly below. She observed that then Robert would never find her, so we resolved to wait for another 20 minutes, then if he hadn't returned we'd go to my room.

My mind began to wander to my own predicament. What I was certain of was that my own, somewhat innocent fantasy was coming true, and in the spirit of my fantasy (which was terribly practical) I'd imagined six weeks for the change to occur. Six weeks, fourty two days, a gradual change. It was my fantasy, I'm entitled to it, I just wish I'd thought up something way more glamorous. Now six hours had elapsed since the change event occurred, and apart from the sudden change to my feet at the time, I could begin to feel a strangeness below my waist - nothing specific at this time, just a feeling of being not quite right.

At the time that everyone else changed I hadn't noticed any changes occurring to me. The chaos immediately following the change was intense, and how quickly I moved role from mildly interested hired stall holder to life saver. Some of the smaller children would have been crushed had I not lifted them over and behind my stall, and given that some of the parents were changed beyond all physical and mental recognition we did our best to comfort the kids, distract them and generally provide a bit of sanity until the initial crush and rush were over. Fortunately our stall was a bit tucked away, which sucked from a stall-holder viewpoint but was a blessing for us in the melee. As soon as law enforcement came by I handed the kids over to the officials. The stall owner, Mike, who had been dressed from neck to heel in brown suede leather, boots and a stetson and looked every bit the trendy rugged cowboy, seemed to suddenly change shape at the change moment and I'll spare you the detail but I was completely unaware and somewhat shocked to discover that he habitually dressed in silky women's underwear under his leather and suede. He became younger, shapely and very distracted by his new exterior shape. The leather separates has morphed into a one piece leather catsuit, anmd seemed to fit more snugly to his now female body. He lost no height but his boots were now platform heels and the effect put me in mind of a well built, physically fit tall woman straight from the set of a porn movie. I think that while his voice was very changed, his mind was unchanged, and he hustled off to the bathroom as soon as he had a chance.

My cowboy boots had become part of me. Rather than wearing boots, I now had boot shaped feet. I could feel the outside of the boots as if they were skin. I could feel whatever surface was beneath the soles as if I were in bare feet. I realised with some sadness that in order to get my trousers off I was going to need to cut them. I liked my trousers, they were comfortable. The merge at the top of the boot with the skin of my leg was seamless, and where there had been a zip there was just mock stitching. Above the boot was a furry kind of brown fuzz from the top of the boot to the knee. The first bit of the transformation had completed, and while it was minor in comparison, it represented the first departure from humanity.

She watched me with interest as I examined myself, and once I'd turned my trousers back down to my ankles she pointed out to me that I should take a look at my face in the mirror. A feeling of dread filled my torso, and I frantically felt over my face as I reached for the mirror, the panic shortlived - I was a discheveled and dirty human being, some grime was smeared into the swaet on my forehead, but no changes yet, and frankly none expected, this was a ride below the waistline.

We sat in silence for a while, listening to the sounds in the hotel, the dripping of water elsewhere, the sobbing from along the corridor. I wasn't sure that I hadn't had enough of today...

"I don't even know your name" I admitted.

"Gerty, my friends call me Gerty"

"Gerty, I can hear some sobbing in a room near here, why don't you either stay here or come with me, given that the door is broken you might be better off coming with me - I can hear sobbing and I just wonder if I can provide some help for others along here"

Gerty agreed and we left her hotel room, knowing that we'd be able to hear if Robert returned.

The sobbing was coming from opposite Gertys door. I knocked. The sobbing stifled itself. I heard someone move to the door.

"Simon, is that you?" said a young female voice - clearly upset but not very clear - as if she had a pencil in her mouth.

I whispered to Gerty "You try, she sounds upset"

"Hi Honey, I'm Gerty, are you OK?"

"No, not really, and I can't open the door" the voice said.

"Why ever not dear"

"I can't reach the door handle any more" - my mind was racing - I was thinking she's was too small to reach.

"What's your name?"

"I'm Sharon"

"OK Sharon, do you need help before Simon comes back?"

"I think so, can you open the door?"

"Stand back from the door, go over to the bed and we'll open the door"

Meanwhile I'd fetched the fire extinguisher and prepared to break down a second door.

Standing by the bed was a girl of about 20 years old, short wavey hair and would originally I guess have been dressed as a traditional ponygirl in black latex catsuit, head and body harness, hoof boots and matching armbinder. The change had had a profound effect on her; her skin from the neck down was covered in the black short and glossy hair of a pony, her feet from the thighs down were pony back legs complete with black glossy hooves and steel shoes and backward facing knees. How she was able to stand with such a different configuration of joints I was unable to imagine, but I guessed that if this body was now reconfigured, enough of her mind was also reconfigured to allow her to walk. From the base of her spine was a floor length tail, and under her body harness her breasts were unnaturally large and being held high as if by an invisible bra. Her waist showed a reduction as if by corset, holding her torso erect. Her neck had a leather collar attached to her ponygirl headpiece which included a rubber bit. Pony ears swivelled on either side of her head. Her arms were held behind her by a matching armbider.

"Are you OK"

She took a double take of the very beautiful, tall and naked Gerty and me as we stepped into her room.

"No" she sobbed and as if that question has broken her, she stumbled onto the bed face down and began to cry and cry.

Gerty and I did our best to comfort her, it felt odd cuddling and rubbing a human being who was at the same time the feel and smell of a pony. She sobbed and sobbed until she had cried herself out, and eventually she pulled herself together and began to tell her story.

She and her husband were in the Conference Centre, the change happened, and from that moment on her beloved husband had treated her as if she were a real horse - he got her out of the Conference Centre and back to the hotel room, but did not treat her with any kindness above that of a pet, and did not seem to be able to understand what she said. While we could clearly hear her words, he was acting as if he heard her human speach as a whinnying horse. He had gone out to see if he could arrange a horsebox to take her back home, as if the horsebox that she had arrived in had been stolen. She had attempted again and again to explain that they had a perfectly good station wagon in the parking lot, he seemed to hear only whinnying. Firstly the loss of her husband, then worse, because she could no longer feel her hands.

We explored the armbinder, and undid the laces and buckles holding her arms pinned behind her. We had to undo the armbinder completely - I saw what had happened though the fabric before we tugged really hard to release the end where her hands had been. Her arms had reconfigured through the change as well, and as she swung her arms forward a terrible cry of anguish filled the room - her arms were covered in the same hair as the rest of her - the front legs of a pony with the length of her human arms, complete with steel shod hooves. She looked upon them in horror, as if not believing her eyes, and tore at one hoof with another in a fruitless attempt to take the hooves off, then collapsed face first on the bed and sobbed a lot more.

She still had the body harness and head harness on, so we found the harness buckles and removed them while she sobbed. I was worried that he harnesses might have been considered a vital part of being a ponygirl, but they seemed not to be, and she seemed grateful to get the bit out of her mouth as she worked her jaw and licked her lips whilst still sobbing. Looking carefully I could see that her lips looked different from himan lips, firstly they were pink, but also there were bristles around her mouth and chin - new additions to her face, which had been otherwise unchanged.

Eventually she stopped sobbing and rolled over onto her back, but only briefly as her tail got in the way. Sitting on a chair with reversed knees is impossible, and sitting on a bed with legs out straight can't be done as the tail is in the way, so she compromised by lying on her side. Now that I had more time to study the changes in her, I realised that her that she had limited rotation in her shoulders, she wasn't able to put her 'arms' out to her side. She could reach up to head height with her front hooves, and down to her side, but folding her arms in front of her was no longer possible - effectively she had the restricted movements in her arms that a horse front legs have. When standing her hips allowed her to stand upright or lean forward, but her legs no longer rotated outwards and she would be unable to perform anything like the splits. Her tail moved unconsciously it seemed, swishing back and forth round her thighs and calves. If she stood up and bent forward at the waist, from the rear she would look exactly like a pony.

"What am I going to do?" she asked the impossible question that I was waiting for, but before I could answer a more pressing question came

"I need to go to the bathroom."

She got off the bed and went to the hotel room bathroom, and discovered two things - she could not longer use the lavatory bowl as she couldn't sit down, and she had no way of wiping herself clean. She reluctantly called for help, and by reversing up to the bowl and having Gerty lift her tail she was able to relieve herself - but it was a mess, since she had the genitals of a pony and they are not designed for clean living, hardly a design feature when living on open land. Gerty cleaned her and I was lucky enough to get volunteeed to clean the bathroom.

Once we had settled Sharon then said "I have to run."


"It's just come to me, I need to run, I can't stay in this room, I need to run, I have this urge to run about, I need to run, I can't understand it, the feeling has been building for a while now and I have to do somthing about it. I need to run and I need to eat. I have to get out of here".

We had two choices - stay with her or leave her to run, quite where she was going she didn't know, but she needed to be outside and run, and the feeling so overwhelmed her that she seemed to become focussed, almost obsessive about getting out and it cleared and focussed her mind. She thanked us, we told her what room we'd be in if she needed company later, and had me write it down for her on a scrap of paper in her room, and she left. I watched her jog down the corridor - her gait was that of the backside of a horse, somewhat jerky and stiff, but she was balancing perfectly well as she headed for the stairs.

"Mind the steel shoes on the stairs - they could be slippery"

"Thanks - will do" and she was gone with a flick of her tail through the fire doors. How is she going to pull them open when she wants to get back? Later, too much else to think about.

"Gerty, this is all too weird, we need to find Robert" I said, and she agreed, so we headed out of the door just as my cellphone rang, and the unrecognised female voice on the end of the phone sounded out of breath.

"Jesse, It's me, Mike, I need to find you"

I told him the room number and he said he'd be right up.

Back in her room opposite we both saw the head of a young man peer quietly over the edge of the rumpled and damp bedclothes on the far side of the bed.

"Robert?" asked Gerty

He looked her at her, all over, and nodded slightly.

"Maybe I can help" I whispered to Gerty, then "Robert, I'm Jesse and I'm a recent friend of Gerty, I know where she is and I have a bit of an idea what has happened to you. Are you ok?"

Robert nodded weakly and said quietly

"Where's Gerty?" said Robert.

"I know where she is, and she is fine. I'm going to guess that you were somewhere in the hotel doing your errand, and the next there was some kind of strange feeling and everyone near you started to panic and you became this naked 20 year old man. I'm going to guess that any clothing you have put on has fallen apart, and that in your nakedness you have spent time hiding in service corridors and cupboards and eventually made you way here. Is it anything like that?"

"Yes". He seemed to relax a little. "How did you know that?"

"I pieced a lot of bits of information together. OK, what's happened to you is that you have been changed by a powerful and currently unknown magic event, which has caused you to lose a lot of years, and be naked and other than that" and I crossed my fingers behind my back "you are fine. Tell me what happened."

He had been in the lobby of the hotel, browsing the information leaflets in the hope of finding a historic place to visit the next day as a surprise, and as I'd guessed pandemonium occurred when the change happened. He'd seen a hotel staff member who had previously been wearing a bunnygirl alice band pulling frantically at foot long furry white ears, one of the male guests in a 'poison ivy' fancy dress clutch at his now changed gentials, and when he realised he was naked he'd run off through a 'Private' door to find himself in an administration office. On a hatstand was a long coat from one of the hotel staff admin, which he put on to cover his nakedness and watched as it disintegrated, leaving him as naked as before. Further through the back corridors of the hotel he found a laundry storeroom and hid in it for a while, wondering about his sanity. There was a tremendous amount of noise in the hotel, so he stayed there until the noise died down, then made his way cautiously to the service elevators and found his way to his room. Terrified of what had happened to Gerty by the violence inflicted on the door, he'd hidden behind the bed in a state of extreme stress.

"OK, there is somthing that you need to know. This magic seems to have some rules, I don't know them all, but there is something about the fulfilment of dreams and what the person was wearing at the time. Gerty was wearing water at the time - she was in the bath taking a soak, and when the change occurred she got a lifelong wish fulfilled."

"Is she a mermaid?" asked Robert. Clearly there was some knowledge of her fantasy world.

"Yes, but only part time, and what you need to know is that she imagined herself to be about 20 years old..."

Sudden realisation flooded Roberts mind - the naked gorgeous woman in the room was Gerty, and much joy and hugging and cuddling broke out. After some time, they settled down and she told him of her fantasy in detail, and told him her story, from the change, to me breaking in, and then to going to see Sharon the horse girl.

"But how come I've changed?"

Gerty answered "My mermaid has magical powers - I've always naturally put mermaids and the ability to change other people together - think of the ending of that movie 'Splash' with Tom Hanks - she could change him, and I could change others, and at that moment when this change thing occurred I changed you. And I don't think" she said, eyeing him all over "I want to change you back."

"OK you two, I'm really glad you are OK, just to let you know that someone is coming here to see me, and I'd like a bit of protection for myself, and given that you two are strong and youthful, could you lend me a hand, because I sense trouble is coming."

They absent mindedly agreed, as they were focussing on each other, and going over the details again and again like old couples are prone to do. My lingering doubts about somthing were unvoiced as soon after, Mike knocked on the outside of the open door.

"Jeff, I am so pleased to see you"

Mike was still dressed in the same clothes as before, but was perspiring and her long hair was a bit more tangled.

"Jeff, please help me"

"What's the matter buddy - oh, by the way, this is Gerty and Robert, she's a mermaid and they both are forced to be naked all the time - but don't mind them, what's up"

Mike looked at them, they were looking at him. He lost focus for a moment, then pulled himself together - this sounded like a speech he'd been rehearsing and it all poured out at once.

"Jeff, I have made such a bad mistake. My fantasy woman..." she was panting hard, trying to catch her breath "this fantasy I had which for no good goddam reason has come true - she's not real. She's a fantasy. No real woman would be like this, it's driving me crazy. I am so fucking unbelievably fucking horny all the fucking time. Just thinking of you looking at me, stop it! It's driving me mad. Every part of my body is an erogenous zone. I have impossible breasts, impossible nipples, impossible..." he indicated his crotch "...and everything I do turns me on. Walking, sitting, playing with myself, thinking that someone is looking at me, rubbing my scalp, looking at myself in the mirror, I am so fucking horny, and when I do come it makes me just as horny. There seems to be nothing I can do, but I know, some horrid part of me knows" Mike was really begging now "that I can get a few hours relief from this distraction by being fucked by a man, and this is so fucking embarrasing, but you are the only man I know here and I am fucking begging you, I am fucking desparate, I fucking need you to fucking fuck me right now or I fucking swear my mind will fucking explode."

Wooah! Steady tiger - this is way too much. Mike imagined himself to be the woman he wanted someone else to be. Wicked retribution for a crime that shouldn't ever be punished, but she was a beautiful woman, and I a single man, and this wouldn't be all bad except I didn't have long before my changes would make human intercourse impossible. But right now, living in the moment, and knowing that he was reasonably well off I said


"What! Fucking jesus fucking christ, you want me to pay you, I'm fucking gorgeous, I'm fucking horny and you want me to pay you!"

"Yes" I said flatly. "Each time. $200."

A shudder ran through Mike - I think the actual thought of paying for sex tipped him over his edge, and for 20 seconds he seemed wrapped up in himself.

"Goddamit." He eventually said.

"Cash. In Advance"

"I don't have $200 in cash"

"You've got your card, go and get cash and bring it to my room. I'll be there in 30 minutes, I have one more thing here I need to do."

Mike left, she was gorgeous, but with the mind and body that Mike had made for himself, he was going to be in trouble.

"Ok, you two - ahem, Gerty, Robert, yes, yes, I know you're busy but I have one more thing that's bothering me, listen up people."

"What?" said Robert - he was distracted by his youthful equipment and very distracting wife.

"Robert, you need to take a shower, lying down in the bath" I said as I went to the bathroom and ran the shower head to get the water warm.

"Why Jesse, what's going on?" asked Robert.

Gerty knew, and her face and neck had gone red with embarrasment.

"This really is for your safety, just lie in the tub and have Gerty spray you with water. I may be needed in a moment." I said.

Robert reluctantly got into the bath and lay down. Gerty began by spraying water on his feet and legs, and as I expected his legs fused into the tail fin of a fish - organic, slimy, shiny and just the same as the tail fin that Gerty sported earlier. Robert was naturally shocked, and said so in a series of unexpected expletives as he thrashed his tail about. When he had calmed down and had found the comfortable angle to lie down on, slightly on his side, I said "I really do recommend that you get the top half wet" and with that Gerty sprayed Robert from crown of his head downward, and Robert morphed in front of our eyes from man with tail to buxom, tightly waisted, long haired woman with tail and she had the delicate complexion of porcelain. Gerty was shocked, Robert was definitely shocked, I simply asked Gerty "Why?"

Gerty looked me straight in the eye, and boldly stated "Mermaids... In my mind I could never imagine what I should do with male genitalia on a merman, they'd stick out and flop about and a merman would not be streamlined, so I always imagined my Robert as a mermaid" and with some pride added "and there he is."