Old Time Religion 2: Lord of the Forest

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Author's note: This is a sequel to a story that got lost in the crash. I'll have to recreate it at some point.

In the missing story, a pair of college students went to see a movie. Instead, they met Aphrodite, who offered one of them a gift. He asked for better understanding of women, and was changed into one for a semester. Then she turned to the other, and said she'd give him a boon as well, but someone else had plans for him. This is his story.

There is a love scene in this story. I tried to make it serve the plot, and tried to keep it in the realm of erotica rather than porn. I hope you'll think I succeeded.

I'd appreciate any constructive advice anyone might want to offer.

--Triskelelynx 07:55, 7 January 2012 (UTC)

Let us worship like the druids,

And drink fermented fluids,

And naked through the woo-ids.

It's good enough for me!

My girlfriend Jess and I were standing on a hillside on the edges of the Texas Hill Country. It was May first - Beltaine - a warm spring night. We stood skyclad, or naked, in front an altar consisting of a large flat-topped boulder with an cloth embroidered with mystic symbols. On the wine-colored cloth was a chalice, a knife and several candles. Jess was calling her Goddess as we started the ceremony.

I had been somewhat amused by Jess's choice of belief until I met the goddess Aphrodite and had watched her change my roommate into a girl. Since then, I have become a believer in magic. I was clueless that Jess was interested in me until my roommate, Tom, now Tommie, told me. And that's how I ended up standing naked on a hillside, taking part in a neo-pagan ritual.

I listened as she finished her invocation and lit the Goddess candle. It was my turn to call the male half of the divinity. I began, rather nervously, to say the words I had rehearsed several times in my mind. Aphrodite had said that some other deity had plans for me. I was sure that invoking a deity was asking for trouble. Still, I loved Jess, and she wanted me to be here.

I mumbled something about the Lord of the Forest, Stag-king, Cernunnos, protector and father, asking him to join us and lend his power to our rite. I struck a match and lit the God's candle.

Immediately, a surge of heat seared into my feet from the sandy soil. I tried to pick them up but could not. The heat traveled up my legs, and cramps in my calves and feet forced me onto my toes. Bones in my feet grated against each other. I looked down, and three of the toes on each feet were receding upwards. The other two were changing, darkening, hardening. It took me a few minutes to realize they were becoming hooves. Cloven deer hooves. I watched in horrified fascination as my feet grew longer, and the heat reshaped my ankles into hocks. Brown hair sprouted on my legs as my muscles and bones cramped and cracked. My shins shortened, and my thighs became powerful haunches. The heat traveled up my body until I felt like I was completely engulfed in flame.

At last, the burning stopped. From the waist down, I was a male elk. Above that, I was a man, a fit, muscular man, except for the impressive rack of antlers on my head.

An owl flew overhead, and I could feel its thoughts, focused on a mouse in the bushes on the other side of the clearing. I realized that I could feel all the life around me - all the birds and animals, down to the invertebrates scurrying across the ground and burrowing beneath it. I could even feel the web of life sustained by the microbes in soil, plants and air. I stood still, marveling and dumbfounded by the intricacy of the pulsating, constantly changing interplay of life energies that surrounded us.

I threw back my head, and bugled the challenge of the stag elk whose antlers and hooves I wore. The coyotes on the hillside stopped their hunt and added their song to mine. A white tail buck in the valley thicket below us answered me. A stallion on the ranch over the hill knelt to me. Even the military dogs on the Army camp on the horizon yelped and howled, confusing and alarming their handlers.

I was the Lord of the Forest, and I was magnificent. From horizon to horizon, every creature with the intelligence enough to do so signaled its obeisance to me.

All creatures save one. Jess. She stood facing me, with a small smile, lips slightly parted, and a look in her eyes that said she knew just what to do with an uppity male. She stepped forward and ran one hand up over my muscled chest, barely touching the skin. With her other hand, she reached up, grasped an antler, and pulled my face down to meet hers. Our lips touched, open mouthed, and her tongue lightly ran over mine. She held my mouth to hers with a hand on the back of my neck, as her other ran down and massaged the elk bull's sheath between my legs.

We made love on our altar. Her fair skin glowed gold and silver in the moonlight and candlelight. Her head was haloed by the pentacle embroidered on the altar cloth. She was every bit the Goddess to my God. I tried to be gentle, conscious of the size of my elk parts. She took me with a force that surprised me. A small part of my brain rebelled. After all, the head of my cock should be somewhere around her sternum. Then the rest of my brain said shut up, it's magic, and it need not follow the laws of the everyday world. We moaned loudly together as her orgasm brought me over the top. I lay down next to her, gathered her to me, and pulled the altar cloth over us as a blanket.

I woke up the next morning to a cloudy sunrise. The memory of last night's events came to me in a rush - the wonder of the magnitude and glory of the life surrounding us, and the sacred sex that followed. I grabbed my legs, unsure whether I hoped to feel human skin or elk hair.

I felt skin. It came with a deep sense of loss, mingled with relief. Then I realized my leg felt odd. Hard. Firm. I lifted up the altar cloth we were using. Instead of the scrawny body I had arrived with, I was toned and muscular.

A bluebird flew over us. I realized I had known it was going to before I saw or heard it. I didn't have the square mile awareness that I did last night, but I still had some of it. The same sense that told me about the bluebird told me that Jess was starting to wake up. She too had been blessed. Her body was toned and strong, yet quintessentially feminine. I woke her up with a kiss. We made love again as a soft, warm rain fell. After we finished, she reached up above my head, and handed me a perfect elk antler.

We completed our ritual and packed up our altar cloth and other implements. Then Jess and I gently dressed each other as we had undressed each other the night before. As we drove back to the Murchison U. campus, I wondered how to tell my dad I would not major in business like he wanted. Instead, I was going to major in ecology and minor in ancient religions. He wouldn't like it, but somehow I knew the entity that had possessed me the night before wanted it that way.

--Triskelelynx 04:54, 3 December 2011 (UTC)