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This page contains short reviews, synopses, and links related to various movies with TF themes or content. Entries on this page are open to public editing, feel free to create separate pages for personal reviews and link to them from here if you want.

Note: This page may contain spoilers.

Black Sheep

A New Zealand horror/comedy film featuring special effects by Weta, of Lord of the Rings fame. It's got a lot of standard monster horror schlock, with carnivorous sheep that rip a lot of background characters apart in a gory manner, but a number of characters who are bitten survive and slowly transform into very nicely depicted human/sheep hybrids.

Sadly, they all get turned back and/or killed by the end of the movie, and they seem to lose their minds when the transformation progresses to full hybrid form. Still might be worth a look for the sheepmorphs, though.

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Note that there's also a 1996 film called Black Sheep that has nothing to do with sheep TFs.


An experimental short film created in the late spring of 2006 by Morwa Lugi. It runs approximately 3 minutes and has about 1 minute of transformation scenes and about 2 minutes of narrative scenes. It runs at 3 frames per second and is the forebear of "Dragons of Histh-The Movie", "Queen of Prussia" and "Rocket Alien Girl". These videos are located on various video file providers such as Youtube, Yahoo, Google, Veoh, DailyMotion, and MegaUpload. Some of the cels and sound files used to make FrostFang are located at Geocities, Morwalugi


A werewolf movie featuring a tribe of "good" werewolves vs. a tribe of "evil" werewolves, with the main character being a crossbreed between the two who is approaching his 13th birthday with no knowledge of the existence of either. Haven't watched it yet, anyone who has feel free to insert information on whether it's any good.

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An upcoming movie directed by Vincenzo Natali and starring Sarah Polley and Adrien Brody, Splice is about a pair of researchers who specialize in creating new animal species via chimerization of existing species. They undertake a secret illegal project to produce a human/animal hybrid, and the pictures that have been released of the result suggest the film's going to take an interesting new direction on the matter from the usual horror monster movie. See the images here: [1].

The film's being produced by Steven Hoban of Copperheart Entertainment, the same production company that did the Ginger Snaps series of werewolf films.

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