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Xanadu story universe

Stranger Status refers to how much a costumer has become their new self and the loss of their old self. However, due to the nebulous nature of minds, anything besides 0% and 100% are often open sliding in either direction.

Previous is a nickname some complete or near complete Strangers have adopted for their former selves, seeing them as either their former incarnation or their parent, or simply someone who happened to go to a convention in a costume that isn't connected to them at all. Clinical depression can set in if they begin to believe they 'stole' the life of their Previous. Since the majority of people when faced with the actual choice prefer not to cease to exist, many reject offers to have their former memories restored, fearing the loss of their own Ego to be devoured or suppressed by their former selves.

Game-Breaker refers to characters whose abilities are generally regarded as a threat to global balance of power or a potential threat to the globe in general if they chose to be so. Dragon Ball Z characters are generally regarded as Game Breakers until proven otherwise.

Known Game Breakers include: Guardian Johara, GNE, cosplayers of Goku and Vageta, and a MewTwo and possible any Silver Age Superman.

Major and Minor Characters That Appear in Alex Warlorn's Xanadu Stories

  • Aexorn- A Quarut type Inevitable. A type of extra dimensional clock work being with an hour glass for a face. A creature from the Dungeons and Dragons expanded universe. They exist for the sole purpose of insuring the time space continuum remains whole and is not altered or revised and trap those who attempt to violate time/space in spheres of nearly utterly slowed time. They gain emotions and personality as time passes, making it necessary to reset their memories at the forge they were created from time to time. Aexorn ultimately deduces it's origin but does not prevent himself from entering the con with his brother at Xanadu since this would disrupt the timeline. He observed the entire day of the Curse from a distance to insure no one attempted to use the curse and time travel to create more victims or attempted to prevent the incident entirely.
  • Mi'chelwarorn. A silver dragon, who was the brother of Aexorn's Previous. Like many dragons he ultimately settles in the Rocky Mountains. After deducing his old identity he pretended to remember his Previous as to spare his parents grief. And has promised to visit them every Christmas.
  • Mr. Mixelplix, a person went to Xanadu as the 5th Dimensional Imp from the Superman comics. He is fully himself but went mad from the god like power at his finger tips and was thrown into an far off alternate universe by the combined effort of Aexorn and others. He was originally going to go to the convention as Tails The Fox from the Sonic Hedgehog franchise and apparently had an emotional relationship with a Xanadu victim who had gone as Blaze The Cat who felt a confusing moment of sorrow at his dismissal.
  • Molly Hale, a character from the third Pokemon movie. She had no control over her reality warping powers that was turning everything around her in a broom closet to crystal. She was either was separated from or was deluded in thinking that she was separated from her 'Mama' and Papa.' Aexon trapped her in a bubble of slowed time without hesitation or question to prevent her from damaging reality with her power.
  • An unknown person who went as a diapered infant anthro raccoon. Kept intelligence but Stranger status is unknown. Was one of Mixelplix's victims before being returned to 'normal.' (IE original cursed form).
  • An unknown person who went as a dyrad. Harassed by Mr. Mixelplix. Stranger status unknown.
  • NOT Captain Jack Sparrow. Nuff said.
  • Vulcan, Terpaline, female. Stranger. Possibly the same one who helped 'Bagman' but this is unknown. Encountered and for a short time wandered Xanadu with Aexorn.
  • Blaze The Cat from Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Stranger. Was harassed by Mr. Mixelplix and knew his Previous before the change and was confused by her own sadness at his dismissal.
  • Dr. Who. Incarnation unknown. Has a fully working TARDIS. Observed day of the curse with Aexorn but did not prevent to stop his Previous from Attending.
  • Jack/Jackie. Complete Stranger. A slobbish man with a love for costumes. Went as a perky Cat Girl Maid and acted flawlessly in character (possibly a candidate for the secret 'best in character' reward) on a bet for an XBox360. Can clean just anything and everything perfectly though she has no actual super natural ability. Is taken care of by her family. She got the X-Box from her friends but only touches it to dust it.
  • Zefie, central character to Dot Hack//Xanadu and character from the franchise '.hack//Dusk.' Original name Lisa. A Stranger but has pieced together his previous existence. She Neutralized two Men in the Black in self defense who were attempting to do the same to her. Nearly anyone she interacts with becomes their favorite hero and/or a central character to her Quest to return home.
  • Aura, central character from .hack// franchise. Original name Marica. Not a Xanadu attendee, but the mother of Lisa who went as Zefie. When Zefie explained the full course of her adventure to her mother Marcia, Lisa's mother transformed into Zefie's mother Aura. She considers herself the goddess of The World (the original on-line game world from the franchise), not the world. She transformed her home town into a twin of the city Mac Anu from the franchise and had the town's name legally changed.
  • The Care Bears. A group of kidnappers who went as the Care Bears Tender Hearts, Grumpy, Wish Bear, and Cheer Bear. They remember nothing, and know nothing of their Previous' and are ignorant of their Xanadu status. Becoming Complete Strangers after their change, they provided behind the scenes support to several victims before leaving to avoid the immediate public eye. Unable to find Care-a-lot after converting their truck into a cloud-mobile, they decided to recreate it from scratch and have since begun a missionary mercy service with an open recruitment drive.

Characters from Alveric's Mermaid Series

  • Erica. Age ? Major character. A small, orange tabby cat. Probably not a stranger. Refuses to discus her former identity. Claims to have always been a talking cat. Befriended Jamie and 'adopted' by the Walkers.
  • Todd Grimes. Age 26. Major Character. Owner and CEO of Darknight Books. Incorrigible practical joker. Became a Hobbit. 'Secret' admirer of Beth Parsons.
  • James Harding/Mace Windu. Age 36/?. A true Jedi Master. Through meditation, he has managed to achieve a balance between his two identities. Number two in the Xanadu Jedi Council.
  • Edward Alexander Harris (Alex). Age 23. Central Character. Came to the Kubla Con dressed as a 'generic' Jedi knight. Engaged to Hannah Mendenhall.
  • Tara Hayes. Age 30. Mermaid and oceanographer. Liaison between the surface world and the Merfolk of Atlantis Station. Wife of Dr. Samuel Williams.
  • Angeline Kukkonen. Age 25. Mermaid. Paralyzed in an accident three years before, she came to the Kubla Con as a mermaid in a wheelchair. Gained a tail that worked in exchange for legs that didn't.
  • Edna Linzky. Age 68. Widow, retired high school teacher. Alex and Hannah's neighbor and mermaid fangirl.
  •  ?/Dr. Leonard McCoy (Bones). Age ?/45. Complete Stranger. Nothing is known yet about his former identity. He is completely the 'real' McCoy down to extensive advanced medical knowledge.
  • Hannah Mendenhall. age 23. Central character. Senior Editor for Darknight Books. Caught by the Xanadu Effect during a costume change, became a Vulcan Mermaid. Engaged to Alex Harris.
  • Justin Perrigo/Captain Benjamin Musgrave. Age 21/50? Complete Stranger. Pirate. Is gradually becoming aware that he may have a former identity. Befriended Bones McCoy.
  • Elizabeth Parsons/Arwen Undomiel. Age 23/2000+. Major Character. Has to struggle to maintain her original identity, especially during crises. Chief financial officer and IT tech for Darknight Books.
  • Maddie Pryor. Age 19. Gothic Mermaid.
  • Jamie Walker. Age 7. Major Character. Dressed by his mom as Stewart Little. Attended Kubla Con with his siblings. Became a small, white mouse that talks and walks upright.
  • Skye Walker. Age 10. Major Character. Mermaid. Came to Kubla Con with her brother and sister.
  • Wynd Walker. Age 17. Major Character. Attended Kubla Con with her younger siblings. Became a Pegasus, later transformed again into a winged centauress by a mysterious power in exchage for an unknown promise.
  • Albert Wu/Darth Vader. Age 30/?. Complete Stranger. Would like to recruit Alex as his apprentice. One of at least twenty-eight other known Darth Vaders.
  • Aurora Yates. Age 24. Mermaid.

Other Major Characters from Various Stories

  • Eric Winters-Rich philanthropist who funded and backed the Xanadu convention. May have been under the influence of the Raven mask before the Even, which is a representation of Raven the Trickster from Native American mythology. Widely blamed for causing the Event. Current form is a non-anthropomorphic Raven. Started the transformation magic of the Even when he walked on stage in the ancient Native American mask.
  • Felix-assistant to Eric Winters. Attended the convention in a cat costume from the theatric Broadway show 'Cats'. Victim of the clothing curse. Unable to wear any clothing without it falling apart.

Groups And Organizations from Xanadu

  • Nurse Joys - The first one was created by Game-Breaker GNE's god like powers out of nothingness to take care of a person turned into a pokemon, but also giving her creation full free will and a life of her own. GNE also did her best to paint her creation as simply another Xanadu victim.

The Joys can convert others into new Joys as well, but only do so, and CAN only do so to knowing and willing subjects. They also do their best to make sure their converts know what they're getting into. They once converted a willing vampires into a perfectly normal Nurse Joy.

  • 501st - A real life and massive Star Wars fan club that took costumes of various Storm Troopers, Darth Vader, and other Imperial type characters. After the initial chaos and confusion of the change began to act as the mundane law and order at the convention until everyone was free to leave or had been transported and processed.

People who join 501st now after donning the armor after a set amount of time take on the traits of Storm Troopers but retain freedom of will. They've also experimented in various other elements from Xanadu and adding them to their cache of resources.

  • Cat Girl Maids - A blanket term. It is a loose nit alliance and much closer nit collective family of the cat girls created at Xanadu and those made via secondary changes. This includes a larger number of Cat Girl maids who were not at the convention but were made into brainwashed servants by a non-stranger Xanadu victim who went as Sanada from the obscure anime UFO Princess Valkyrie. This Sanada has since been restored to his former self and his Cat Girl Ray Gun back into a piece of plastic.

Regarded as 'dangerous' by some due to their mission statement and attitude: the group in fact has both males and cat-girls who do not dress up as maids among their ranks. The change seems to occur when one simply willingly joins the group now. The family say that their empathy sphere is infinite, meaning that they see no person as 'thing that looks like a person who takes money from me at the cash register' or 'thing that looks like a person that cut me off in traffic.'

  • "Fem Troopers" - A single awareness and single entity and single person, the "Fem Troopers" don't have an actual real name. While the circumstances are relatively unknown, one or two women wearing custom storm trooper uniforms from the Star Wars franchise became the first of the "Fem Troopers" and somehow gained the ability to convert not just other Storm Troopers but anyone who wore armor (including a Samus Aran and a Darth Vader). It regards those it converts as 'meat' and sees conversion simply as eating, no more good or evil than what animals do in the wild. It has at least one sapient representative to communicate with others.

Regardless of how shots are fired, lasers and (assumingly) other projectile weapons always slowly down and hit the armored parts of a Fem Trooper, regardless of how revealing the armor outfit is.

  • "Toons" - A very small but growing number of living cartoon characters initially started by the original Tex Avery style homage character Sly Fox. Sly rarely converts anyone unless it's funny or much more rarely for making the story interesting. If any other means of toonification besides Sly's Toon Paint exist at this time are unknown.
  • "Gamimon Gaming Circuit" A completely illegal and underground tournament group, this is based off a third party knock off of pokemon. Every monster that exists that Trainers use is actually a human being who was caught by one of the balls. The Gamimon MUST obey their masters, all there is to it. The longer a Gamimon is inside their ball at a time the more their mind adapts to their new role. There is only one 'real' Gamimon trainer whose bag is the source of the Gamimon balls that convert humans into more Gamimon.

Known Sanctuary Groups

  • Atlantis Station Set up by the Royal Bahamian Oceanographic Society near Bimini (Partly funded by Eric Winters). An Oceanic reserch station, it also serves as a refuge and habitat for Merfolk, and other aquatic Xanadu survivors.

  • Project X A government owned and sponsored organization that offers employment and help for Xanadu victims in exchange for their services. It offers education, protection, paychecks, and of course continued search for proper cure methods. The group is headed by Dr. Sands/Dr. Quest. It is also the holding pen for Xanadu victims proven to be extremely dangerous to themselves or others.

  • Real Stark Enterprises' is not really the sanctuary itself nor it's location, but is a major supporter of it. Eric Winters himself set about a personal retreat for Xanadu victims who had no interest in working for the government or having their talents exploited by such. Ami Mizuno became one of many residents after spending an unknown number of years soul searcher.

  • Guardian 'Johara's Island' An isolationist sanctuary of sorts, however it is slightly misleading in that victims here (and many perfectly mundane humans) were instead after being given a choice were 'mutated' (in reality had their consciousness transferred into new bodies) into members of Guardian Johara's species. Created as an 'ideal' species originally, those on the island pretty much keep to themselves.

  • Sly Fox's Hotel Originally a condemned building in Orlando Florida where the convention took place, Sly Fox transformed the building into a cartoon structure that of course is bigger on the inside than the outside. Originally intending the hotel simply as a place of residence, Sly has since taken in for effectively nothing any and all Xanadu victims who are simply too strange, too inhuman, or too weird to be accepted by and/or function in normal society and lack any super-human skills that would make them worth the notice of Project X. While Sly does not legally own the building, having become a residence of Xanadu victims has made everyone but the land's actual owner turn a blind eye. And his increasing contrived and inane weekly plans of "Getting that fox and those freaks off my land," do nothing but amuse Sly.

  • Pokemon Island Not really a 'group' but an artificial island owned by Nintendo set up years after the Xanadu incident. It is meant to provide a place to survive for pokemon of the original 151 set without them damaging the ecosystem, and to prevent anymore from going extinct. It is a also meant to serve as a Safari and petting Zoo. The Island is mostly manned by people converted into Anthro Pokemon who have signed months long or lifetime contracts with Nintendo.