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Day 1:

I don’t know why I agreed to this, but I’m stuck in this lab for the next few months.

Basically, I’ve agreed to transform into an animal, using a new method. The last few methods were all successful, in a way; the volunteers are now cats, dogs and whatever. The problem is that it is not reversible. As I type, they bark, meow and hiss away at me. I feel as though they’re trying to tell me something, but what?

The doctor in charge of me is a total mystery – he is completely passive and almost totally devoid of emotion. I wonder if he is even human.

Oh well, I had better get used to him; I’ll be seeing him for the next few months.

Ouch, one of the dogs just bit me!

Day 4:

The food is tasting more and more horrible. Strange – they gave me exactly the same food just a few days ago and it tasted perfectly fine, but with each day, it seems to get worse! I’ve mentioned this to the doctor, but they still haven’t done anything about it.

My bones seem to be undergoing a bit of shifting. I don’t know what’s going on, but I think the leg bones are shortening. The skin between my third and fourth fingers seem to be becoming softer too.

I wonder what I’m becoming – they haven’t told me. I’m sure I’ll find out in due time.

Day 10:

My fingers just fused. They simply got together and created skin over them.

My legs are now around the same length as my arms. And my pelvis seems to be restructuring. I can’t bend my back backwards as much as before now.

My back is also developing 2 lumps. They seem quite bony.

They’ve upgraded me to a purely meat diet. It was all bloody and raw. I wasn’t sure when they gave me the meat at first, but it tasted quite good. I must be becoming a carnivore.

If I had to guess, I’m becoming a dinosaur.

Day 30:

My skin has been growing rough protrusions. A bit like fingernails, but harder. Also like fingernails, it hurts a lot if I try pulling them. I had better not.

There has been two hard lumps growing on my head. I knocked them against the wall once and it didn’t really hurt – but boy, was the wall ever cracked. They didn’t show any annoyance or give me any warnings – they simply repaired the wall.

My ears have almost been fully absorbed by now, leaving holes or something. I can still hear clearly though.

My mouth has elongated into a muzzle. I can smell much better now. Last night, some joker spread pepper on my meat. I was sneezing throughout the evening.

My back seems to be permanently bent forward now. I look like Quasimodo. And the lumps have been growing progressively larger.

My toes have finally followed my fingers and grown claws, as well as lost one toe. It’s annoying, because my area is carpeted. I’ll tell Doctor Stone-face to remove the carpet.

A small tail seems to be growing. It will probably increase in size soon enough.

They had to take the other animals away. I tried roaring, and did the whole building shake! The dogs especially look so frightened, they must have thought I was going to eat them! And to be honest, I have been thinking of it – but then I remind myself they used to be human. Whether they still think like one is totally different, though.

Yup, I think I’m really becoming a dinosaur. Or at least something reptilian.

Day 45:

Winter’s here, and I shiver when they open the windows. And I can’t even get up to close them now – they’ve had to put the laptop on the floor. I think I may lose use of my thumbs, so I’ve requested that they prepare a stick in case I can’t type with my hands.

I don’t think I’m a reptile – I shouldn’t be shivering then. But I’m not so sure I’m a dinosaur either. The back lumps are getting a bit too large for that.

My mind is still perfectly intact, except that I can’t resist pouncing on the mice on the floor. I tried eating them, but they were horrible.

My teeth are quite sharp, so at least I don’t need a knife to eat the meat. And my neck is longer, so my head rises above the floor. For some reason, I can still speak.

My tail reaches the floor now. It keeps dragging if I let it, and I gave up having to keep lifting it up. Some clumsy fool stepped on it, and I took a bite out of him – he’s going to need a new belt and pants now. The belt smelled funny, but tasted great – it’s leather.

My skin has disappeared under my scales now. At least it’s stopped. I looked hideous while it was going on.

This much in one-and-a-half months. I wonder what will happen next?

Day 60:

I checked those lumps – it’s easy to do so, I just turn my head around – and they’ve grown into wings! I think I’m a dragon. The wings are still forming, but they should complete soon.

I’m typing with a stick now, so they’ve put a program to help me type faster. – I select a letter, and it brings up a menu with my more common words. Still, it’s a bit slow. I should just use a giant keyboard.

My tail keeps bumping into stuff – somehow, despite appearances, it’s grown longer. Luckily, there’s nothing too sharp, and it’s protected by the same golden scales that cover the rest of me.

I checked the underside of me, and it’s grey. And my bedroom activities will have to change. Actually, it changed long ago, but I forgot about it. I guess animals don’t care so much about it, besides dolphins. I’m glad I’m not one.

I broke a tooth the other day, and it hurt a bit, then fell out. A new one’s growing in, though. I feel that I can chew a rock, have all my teeth fall out, and have another set grow in quickly. More likely I’ll crush the rock, though.

Damn these horns are irritating. They block my view slightly, and they keep wrecking the monitor. Just as well for the slightly-expanded view, though. My field of vision is slightly wider, but binocular vision is a bit smaller.

My claws have grown in. They are quite sharp now, and I’ve tested them by sharpening them on the wall. They don’t seem to mind, but the contractor keeps turning an interesting shade of beetroot. I look at him, and he turns whiter than paper. He then stops complaining. Just as well, it’s ruining my sleep.

For fun, I bend my back legs and appear to prepare to leap whenever I hear someone come into the room. Everyone fell for it except Stone-face. The man is not human.

Day 90:

The wings have finally finished growing. I can flap them to create a gust. Blows stuff around the room.

I note that I’m slightly larger than I was when I was human, especially the torso. If someone were to sit on it, they would have to turn their legs out, or put them around my neck. Luckily, no one has been that stupid – yet.

I’ve checked myself in a mirror, and my eyes are blood-red. They look interesting, especially when I stare at the mirror. I’m sure that if I stare at Stone-face, he’ll respond.

Last night, while I was sleeping, someone came in and tried to take some sort of sample. I detected him by his smell (a kind of chemical/acid/wooden smell) and simply opened my eyes and grumbled. He fled as though I was chasing him.

I feel restless. My tail keeps thumping the wall and the floor, just out of boredom. I think the building will collapse if I do it long enough. I roar, just for fun, but someone keeps coming in to see what the matter was, so I have to keep explaining nothing was wrong.

I eat a lot now, compared to when I first came. I must be eating the equivalent of a cow each day. I don’t know what the energy is used for, but I hope they let me out soon, because I need the exercise. Otherwise, I’ll just bust the ceiling. I think I can do that.

I’m really getting a dragon’s mind, too, seeing that I spend so much time typing, even though it’s slower. I suppose it’s because I have so much time and nothing to do. I think dragons are very relaxed about time.

Day 100

I suspect that the transformation is complete. I don’t know what they’ll do with me now, though. Maybe just hang around. I’ve been moved to an open field surrounded by forest, so I don’t have to bust the place after all. The field’s a bit chilly, but the shelter they made is quite warm, so it balances out the chill. It’s just that the shelter smells funny.

They tell me it’s been a great success, given that I’ve retained my mind and ability to speak, but they have “minor difficulties” with the reversal. I’ve told them not to bother.

No, I don’t think it’s reversible at all. But I don’t really mind. It’s nice having power, and not working.

Mostly, I spend my days flying around. It’s not too hard after I take-off. The trick is to catch the wind at the right time – a bit like flying a kite. It’s unnerving when Stone-face watches me at the window, though, especially since he’s actually smiling.

Maybe they’ll get a female dragon for me. We’ll have a nest, probably. As long as no one fancies a dragon egg omelette, because we’ll then have human cutlet for dinner.


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