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Inter Beast 1

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This story contains adult content.
Author: Silverhit.92
Inter Beast Series
Preceded by: None
Succeeded by: Inter Beast 2
Works by Silverhit.92 on Shifti

Jessica enter the store looking very wet. Her wet, red hair was sticking to the back of her neck as she close the door to the store. The store was a strange store, had only werid looking items in it. But it was the only place to take refuge from the rain storm. Jessica look out the window as the rain came down hard outside. She was glad that she found a place to wait in until the storm stop.

"Can I help you?" said a voice behind her.

She turn around and found a old guy looking at her. He look like he was a thousand years old. The man was wearing dark blue robe and black hat on top of his almost bald head.

"Sorry I just need shelter from the storm." Jessica said nervously. "I didn't mean to barge in."

"Oh, but fate brought you here." the old man said as he open his arms like he was going to hug her. "My name is Lee Bestia, I am the owner of the store, Mysterious Fate. I know you were going to come to my store but i don't know your name."

"My name is Jessica Jackson." Jessica said, scare what this guy might do to her.

Lee saw something was on her left arm. "What is that on your arm?" he said.

"What this?" Jessica said and lift her sleeve up. "That is just a cat scratch."

"No!" Lee said. "You are a werecat. You must find ways to know when you are going to change. I have a charm to tell you when you will change."

Lee turn and run into the back of the store. Before Jessica could leave Lee came back with a golden charm. It had a bright ruby in the middle of it. Lee thrust the charm into her hand. Jessica wonder why he was so afraid.

"What is a matter?" Jessica ask. "Why are you afraid?"

"A werecat isn't dangerous but it's change is unpredictable until you can cointrol it." Lee said. "You can change right in front of your friends without this charm warning you."

"Ok," Jessica said looking really scare now. "I'm going now. Do you want me to pay for this" She hold the charm up in front of Lee. She didn't want it but Lee look like he wanted her to keep it.

"No, I don't need money." Lee said. "But beware of the werecat that scratch you."

Then Lee went to the back of the store and out of her sight. With one last look around the store Jessican turn aroun and ran down the street towards her house. The air felt moist as she went to her house. The night was warm, but Jessica felt chilly. She enter her home, looking tired. After dinner Jessica decide to go to bed early. Her parents were worry that something was wrong but she is sixteen and can handle it. Jeesica however felt that something was strange of the scratch she has. Was Lee right? Is she a werecat?

Then in the middle of the night Jessica woke up. She felt hot even with the windows open and her fan on. She look at the clock on her bed stand, it was 1:10 at night. She got up and went to her bathroom. All she need was a drink, a nice cool drink. She look in the mirror and jump back. She fell and hit the floor, she thought she saw something creepy in her eyes. She got up and look and the mirror again. Her reflection was normal. She sigh as she went to the sink. She look at the mirror, she was very pale. She just need a drink. But before she could reach for a paper cup a wave of nausea hit her. She felt like she was going to throw up. She look at the mirror, the charm was glowing. The ruby in the middle was turning black. She jump back from the mirror. Nausea and dizziness hit her again and she sat down by the doorway of he bathroom. Something is wrong, something is happening to her.

Then she felt itchy all over her body. She scratch at her arm and felt something was growing on her arm. She look at her arm and saw red hair growing on her arm. Jessica couldn't breathe, what was going on? She try to get up but she slip on her nightgown. She was very scare, she got to find a way to stop this. Hair was growing all over her body but they were very small. She try to get up again but something scare her. She felt smaller than usual. Jessica look at her body, she was shrinking. She try to grab the sink but her fingers won't work. She look at them as they shrink and became thicker. Her thumbs were disappearing. Soon her hands were becoming paws.

She was so scare that she jump out of her nightgown and landed naked on the floor. Her entire body was cover in fur now. She was as small as a dog and still shrinking. Her feet were becoming paws too. She try to stand up but her legs twist and she landed on all fours. Her spine hurt as a tail grow out of her back. Her breast began to dissapear and eight nipples appear on her chest. Soon she stop shrinking and changing began to stop too. Jessica was shaking in fear. What happen to her?

She jump on the sink and look in the mirror. A cat look back at her. The cat had red-orange fur and a white stripe of fur along it's back. Jessica strech her hand, the cat did the same. She try to pinch herself but all she had was a paw. But soon her cat mind wanted to do stuff. It wanted to go outside and run, chase bugs, or explore. Jessica jump down from the sink, almost going insane. This was impossible, she couldn't be a cat. But here she was a cat walking around her room. The window was open and every second she stood in her room was driving her insane. The instinct to go outside was too strong and Jessica give up. She jump on the window still and to the outdoors.

Jessica woke up naked in her bed, what happen? Then she remember the night before, how she change into a cat. How was it still possible? Jessica roll over in the bed. All she knew was that it happen and the moon was shining bright.