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Shifti has the Cite.php extension installed to provide automatic formatting and linking of footnotes.

Basic usage

To create a footnote at a particular point in a page, insert the contents of the footnote between the tags <ref> and </ref>. Then, in the place where you want all the footnotes to appear (generally down at the bottom of the page) insert the tag <references />.

So for example, the following text would generate a footnote:

Code Displayed text
Once upon a time there was a giant<ref>Well, relatively large at an rate</ref> artichoke morph. Once upon a time there was a giant[1] artichoke morph.

The footnote link is numbered automatically, and linked to an anchor down where the footnote is displayed. See the bottom of the page for this footnote, where a <references/> tag has been placed. You can use multiple <references/> tags but their contents will be the same.

Using the same footnote multiple times

If for some reason you want to reuse the same footnote in multiple different places without having to place many identical copies of the text, one can give ref tags a "name" parameter to cause them to be automatically grouped. Once you've created a named reference you can reuse that reference without having to type in the contents again by providing an empty ref tag.

So, for example:

Code Displayed text
The artichoke was big.<ref name="size note">Still just relatively speaking.</ref> Really big.<ref name="size note"/> So mindbogglingly big,<ref name="size note"/> in fact that its bigness was indescribable.<ref name="size note 2">Aside from the previous description, of course.</ref> The artichoke was big.[2] Really big.[2] So mindbogglingly big,[2] in fact that its bigness was indescribable.[3]

The name attribute can be any arbitrary string, excepting that a simple integer number cannot be used (integer numbers are what unnamed references use).


  1. Well, relatively large at an rate
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Still just relatively speaking.
  3. Aside from the previous description, of course.