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  • Shifti:Policy - What's allowed and not allowed, and what the goals of the site are
  • Basic formatting
    • Help:Posting stories - A guide intended to help new users post stories to the site
    • Help:Editing - A basic overview of general page editing
    • Help:Sections - How to add chapter headings and otherwise divide up very long pages
    • Help:Templates - Snippets of code to add to pages for decorative and informational purposes
    • Help:Images - Shifti is not an image archive, but images for illustrating stories are allowed
    • Help:Footnotes - How to create automatically-formatted footnotes.
  • Housekeeping and organizing pages
  • Other Topics
    • Help:Semantic search - All about how to use the specialized search facilities built into the semantic extension
    • Help:Custom css - You don't like how some facet of the site is displayed? Change it with some custom CSS!

See also Shifti:Sandbox, a page whose only purpose is for users to experiment with editing on.

To request assistance, see Shifti:Administrators.

For a much more comprehensive guide to MediaWiki in general, see the MediaWiki handbook over at the Meta wiki.