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Fear (temporary title)

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This story contains adult content.

Author's Comments

This story is based on a rp that I did with a totally random person that I found in one of the many rp groups on It was so interesting that I asked her permission to write it as a story. Thank you WeAreLegion666 (aka Nyx) for that permission. Thank you cindarian (aka Shadow) for the group DRAVA that provided the canvas for this story. And now, ladies, gentlemen, everyone in-between; otherkin, humans, and everybody that doesn't fall into angry of the above categories (I have absolutely no clue who you are) I present to you this story which is a work in progress and currently does not have a permanent title (the rp is currently ongoing, so nothing is set in stone).


Author: Lord ChaosWolf

The silver flakes in her solid black eyes seemed to sparkle, giving the illusion of stars twinkling in the night sky as she glared out from her cell at the guards busy writing up paperwork. Her black panther tail swished slowly side to side, nearly brushing the long twisted horns that poked out from her long hair. She crouched on the pitiful excuse for a bed, blood covering her arms and hands. Her ears flatened as a guard walking by paused to tap on the bars of her cell.

"Here, kitty kitty."

She growled. "This kitty will rip off your dick and shove it down your throat and shove it down your throat if you so much as try and touch me."

The guard laughed. "The kitty's spunky!" He pulled out his nightstick and had begun to reach for the keys on his belt when he was suddenly brushed aside by a man in his mid-twenties. "Hey stranger, you can't be in here." The male ignored him. "Hey!" The guard shook the stranger's shoulder. He brushed the guard aside and peered in the cell.

"You are certainly different." He turned and non-chalantly picked up the guard by his shirt collar, snagged his keys and threw him down the hall. "This one's mine."

A starlight glare turned on her visitor as she stood. "Thanks for the interest, but this one belongs to no one. I'd rather choke on poison than belong to anyone."

The mystery man smirked. "I'm sorry, did I insinuate that you belong to anyone?." He unlocked and entered the cell as he talked. "I simply meant that I will be, shall we say, handling you at this stage in the process. My name is Vincent Nartelli. You can call me your Lord and Saviour or Chaos, whichever you prefer."

"I think I'll call you Sir Fancy pants."

He chuckled as he sat down in a chair that was bolted to the floor at the far side of the cell. "I like you. You're feisty. You just might want to keep in mind that I am your only option for exiting this cell with your head. So if you would be so kind," here he pulled out a small recorder, "can you please tell me your name, species, and how you ended up on this hellhole."

"My name is Nyx. I don't know what I am, and I'm here because a man who thought he was God's gift to me for too full of himself. You know, you kinda remind me of him." She chuckled. "I mean before he exploded." She laid comfortably on the bed at such an angle that she could keep an eye on the cell's other occupant. "My only way out? Not even close."

He smiled disarmingly. "I am building a team of powerful creatures to, well, so whatever the hell they want without getting captured or killed doing it. I think you're perfect for my team. Besides, I'm your only way it off this cell that doesn't end in me finding you and killing you, slowly, just because I can. Interested?"

She giggled at his threat, sitting up. "Everyone is so quick to threaten death. Death doesn't scare me." Her cheerfulness turns to a frown at the obvious vagueness in his description. "You haven't exactly given me a real reason why I would want to join. I'm not much of a 'joiner.' I don't do well in teams, and I don't much care fort having a boss." Her glare hadn't softened, though her tail was a bit more relaxed. She as she ran a hand through her red-and-blue-streaked black hair past her horns. "No one builds a team for no reason." She leaned slightly toward him. "What's the real reason behind it?"

His disarming smile turned devilish. "It is not death you should great beautiful, but the manner of death. As for my reasons, I simply wish to spread death upon the world." He pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and put one to his mouth. "Think of it more as a co-op than a team. We find people to kill and kill them in any way we please. Everyone is their own boss. If you want to leave at anytime you can, with no repercussions. And in the end, we rule the world." He raised a finger to the end of his cigarette as a flame appeared at the end of his finger. "Want one?"

"I'd love one." Her ears were perked as she considered the rather appealing idea. "So basically I keep doing what I've always done, just have other options like minded beings to discuss it with?"

His smile broadened as he held out the box. "Exactly. And it you ever get tired of it, you could leave out retire with all the riches we will . . . borrow."