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Howdy. This here is my own version of Bryan and SW's favourite stories list but with a slightly different twist. See this one here includes favourite storys from both shifti and its direct predecessor the Transformation Story Archive.

Some of you may note some of the stories that appear on shifti also appear on the TSA. This is because some of these stories were written anywhere from five to ten years ago and in that time the author has likely made some edits that they felt necessary for that story, thus I will only link to the version on shifti as this is the one the author most likely wants people to read.

I should make one thing clear, there are only two prerequisites for a story to appear on this list.

  1. I have to have read it.
  2. I have to have read it and found it particularly enjoyable.


There are no other criteria involved in the choosing of this list. Which means that I do not filter out stories of poor grammatical quality as I was lucky to have barely passed high school and would only feel hypocritical if I were to do so. That said though If I cant comprehend what is being written the story is not likely to pass number 2 is it?

It also means that objectionable material such as sex and violence are not filtered. Why? This is because I am hardly the best judge of what could be considered objectionable.

For example gore will almost never even cause me to raise an eyebrow. Why? To put it simply I grew up on a farm and have 'personally' bottle fed baby calves,lambs,one motherless fawn we found wandering around one year and a couple young goats or kids as they're called. I have also 'personally' shot dead all of the above mentioned species and more for the purpose of putting food in the basement freezer for the winter. This stuff just doesn't irk me the same way it does some people.

I would like to point out that mindless sex and violence turn me off just as much as anyone else so there is at least that small form of content filtering, but that is all you will find in this list. If you read past this brief blurb and encounter what you consider to be objectionable material you have been forewarned and if you skip over this disclaimer and go straight for the storys its your own damn fault. ;)

All that said though I would like to say that each of these stories below passed my above mentioned number 2 rule.

TSA Stories

  • Always Read the Label , by Jack deMule. Horse Manna, reformulated to give your horse a healthier body! Warning: Not for human consumption.
  • Beast Dance, by Destrier. An African village allows a man and his horse to participate in a centurys old ritual.
  • Beta Test, by Destrier. This photo morphing software is 'Really' powerful.
  • Birthday Wish, by Jack deMule. A man learns the importance of being there for his child.
  • Cold Judgment, by Rabbit. A pair of civil war Raiders face judgment at the hands of mysterious old woman.
  • Colt, by Jack deMule. An old farmer is forced to put down a mare's colt.
  • Island, by Posti. A man winds up shipwrecked on a very odd island.
  • Rain Dance, by Posti. A man investigates a farm that is abandoned save for the horses still living there.
  • Ayshea, by Wolphin. A fishing trip, a woman, and a happy ending. What more can you ask?
  • Fraternity, by Equestrian. Initiation usually involves things like cross-dressing, petty thievery, and sucklike. Usually.
  • Anubis, by Rabbit. 1821. A sailing ship at sea. Alone. Isolated. Helpless before events beyond mortal comprehension.
  • Hollywood Fever, by Nanomage. A writer is like god. But what happens to the characters when god cant make up his mind?
  • Mucking About, by Wanderer. Wandering onto a Muck, a teen gets all mucked up
  • Attack, by Keith Morrison. Attack of the Big-Buxomed Bikinied Bimbos is the full title. Honestly.
  • Fat Lady, by Anonymous. It's rude to stare, no matter how large a woman is.
  • The Leaf, by Liz M. A women uses the wishes granted by a golden leaf to get ahead in the corporate world. But the way in which it grants her wishes isn't quite what she or her son expected.
  • Regenesis, Inc., by Bill Hart. Regenesis Inc. Indistinguishable from magic.
  • Daily Grind, by Tal Greywolf. Margaret needs a job and an exclusive night club is hiring dancers. However it doesn't turn out to be quite what she expected.
  • Fleeing Gods, by M.A. Mohanraj. Zeus is back but he really would have been much safer back on Olympus.
  • In Alien Waters, by Darcy Dallas. A man is frozen alive and revived many years in the future.
  • Special Delivery, by Bob Stein. Vinnie trys a dating service at the suggestion of a freind but winds up getting a chance for much more than just a girlfriend.
  • Velveeta Rabbit, by Jason the Skunk. An account of the life of a Velveeta Rabbit.

Best of the TSA stories

The following stories are the best of the best. In my humble opinion as far as what the TSA has to offer.

  • Unicorn Club, by Andy Hollis. The person into a unicorn story is not a rare one, but this one sticks out in my mind whenever I think of the idea.
  • Circe's Funhouse, by Posti. This is one carnival you don't want to sneak into after hours. Or maybe you do.
  • Costume: Vixen, Golden, by Kim Liu. Advantechs most popular model. The Vixen, Golden. (CO-V101(G1)) full tactile and sensory feedback Costume.

Shifti Stories

This section here is for storys on Shifti.

  • 501st, by Joysweeper. This one is about a legion of storm trooper cosplayers who were present at Xanadu
  • Actaeon Reborn, by Jon Buck. The classic tale of Actaeon told in the context of a modern day world where gods and magic live side by side with normal people.
  • A Kind of Paradise, by Jon Buck. The kicker story for a setting based around the idea that people are changing forms but only other changed can see them.
  • At the End of Time, by Eirik. Something is making all the people around the world disappear and one person has figured out what it is.
  •, by Posti. Circe is an industrious person these days. She even has a website.
  • CYOE, by Fish. Choose your own ending, a project that Fish is working on intermittently that centers around a large number of college age characters and their experiences with a business selling Virtual Reality experiences.
  • Doe's Hoof, by Jon Buck. Camping out in a National Enchanted Forest is not something to take lightly.
  • Change Lady, by Eirik. Even other realitys have casinos and one person gets to experience a whole range of them in one night.
  • Baylors Rein, by Posti. This prince is not fit to rule. What will it take to make him realize that?
  • Echoes, by Jon Buck. This is a sequel of sorts to Jons Titanic. If you liked Titanic you cant go wrong with this story.
  • Escape, by Jon Buck. Aliens invade and round up all the humans into camps to control them. Their only mistake is in not paying attention to the animal population.
  • Forest Life, by Bryan. This guy didn't just get off the elevator on the wrong floor, he got off on a completly different world.
  • Halloween Cinderella, by Bryan. A Cinderella story with a Halloween twist. (What? What do you want from me? A blurb that covers something besides what the title already perfectly conveys about the story? Just read it already. XD)
  • A Long-Forgotten Madness, by MatthiasRat. Twenty years later William has to return to Montana because of his fathers death, but despite how much he might wish it he wont be able to leave until confronting the tragedy that made him leave to begin with.
  • Private Thoughts, by Bryan. If you had to live a life like what a goldfish in a tank lives, it would likely look a lot like this.
  • Second Heat, by Cubist. According to the Cliff Notes for this story: The Blind Pig Gin Mill acquires a new regular. A puzzle is solved, and the solution creates more puzzles. A lost soul begins finding its way back.
  • Simple life, by Posti. All Martin the new Tax assessor wants is a comfortable place to sleep and enough to eat. With some basic work to pay for it.
  • Tall Tales, by JonBuck. Noone can see that you've changed, except the other people like you.
  • Unexpected Shore, by Bryan. For an alien probe, just communicating with humanity poses an interesting challenge.

New Faves

An area for stories that I have either just read or found a new interest in. Stories will stay here for roughly a month before getting added to the above list.

  • Made Alone Added Feb 08, by MatthiasRat. Changing can be bad enough, being alone in changing can be worse.
  • Naturalization Added Feb 08, by Bryan. High Energy Particle Physics and Satyrs: What do they have in common?

Note that I said 'roughly' a month before being updated. >.>

Haven't been reading as much as I would like recently. Thus there will be a lack of updates to this page for the near future.