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Checkpoint 4

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Author: Sdw
This story contains adult content.
Xanadu story universe

"One at a time please" said the soldier to the two extraordinary looking characters as they stepped forward from the front of the line to enter the checkpoint.

The short girl dressed as Harley Quinn said insistently "We both travel together, and it's really best for you if you don't separate us".

The soldier looked past them at the long queue behind and wondered how hard it would be to just let them both in at the same time for processing.

"Come on, in you both come, mind your heads ".

The short girl was dressed entirely as Harley Quinn in skintight PVC, with a hood to which attached two horns. Her face was pure white with dark eyeshadow, bright red lips, and framed by the PVC hood. The PVC covered her completely, including her hands, and upon her feet were shiny high heeled boots. At first glance it looked as if she were wearing a PVC catsuit, but very close inspection suggested to the soldier that she may in fact be completely naked apart from her bots, and that the PVC were her skin.

The tall girl was a latex succubus, every part of her body from the neck down covered in skintight red shiny latex. Her symmetrical face was framed by long jet black hair, with black lip gloss and ombre eye shadow. Surprisingly from the thighs down her physique more closely matched that of a goat, with black gloss cloven hooves for feet, and her hands were black gloss cloven hooves in the proportion of hands. Two impressive ribbed gloss black horns swept back from her temples. She walked smoothly into the room, ducking under the lintel of the door and as the soldier closed the door behind him they stood next to each other. Her tail swayed to her ankles.

"Thank you for your time this morning, please tell me what you are and what happened".

The short girl spoke. "It really is best for you if you don't ask Mary any questions. She's a succubus and has some powers which you will not want to get involved with".

The soldier was alert to any warning of a threat and focused his attention on Harley.

"Thank you - what danger is there".

"You'll be fine as long as I do all the talking. Please, just trust me in this".

"WHAT DO YOU WANT?" asked Mary. Her voice was commanding and seductive, penetrating the pleasure centre of anyone who heard it, and as clear and pure in tone as a well played violin.

"Don't answer her, really, it's really important that you don't answer her, please look at me".

The soldier sat at his desk and pushed an out-of-sight button. He now was assured that the live video stream from this room had the attention of the security teams outside.

"What's your name and what are you?

"I'm Sam, and clearly I'm also Harley Quinn, but not mentally, just in my costume. I am naked, it's the way Mary likes me to be". Mary shifted her gaze from the soldier to Sam. "I can wear clothes over this costume, not like some of the other people here. The PVC is now my skin, look, I have fingernails, and I can take these boots off, but I don't have any others. These horns are part of my skull somehow."

"What powers do you have?" asked the soldier.

With an emphasis on the word "I", Mary said "None, I have no powers".

"What happened?"

"I was at the convention with some friends, we'd just bought some coffee and I was sitting on the ground by a door when the change happened. Actually, my story is not exciting, we were barely changed in comparison to the others at Xanadu, I found I could not take the costume off, and very quickly realised that these horns are no longer the foam horns that I had made. I made this costume. I can't peel the suit away from my face, so I don't know what has happened to my hair. Oh, and my facepaint got better - it had been a bit smudged and now it's this solid white colour. Other than that, I'm completely fine. Don't ask Mary anything."

"SOLDIER, YOU IGNORED ME AND I SHALL NOT BE IGNORED. WHAT DO YOU WANT?" The soldier reacted involuntary to her voice. She was beautiful.

Sam butted in "Mary, I can tell the guard your story, and it will be my honor as your slave to do so".

"PROCEED" again a command, but with the promise of so much more to follow...

"She was in the over 18's area as far as I know"...

"I WAS. CLEARLY I AM A SUCCUBUS, I WAS DOMINATING A FEEBLE CREATURE WHEN THIS CHANGE HAPPENED AND NOW I COMMAND THE WORLD TO DO MY BIDDING". She stood imperiously and looked down at the soldier. She moved slightly closer. The glamour radiated from her. Every instinct in him, every training session he had undertaken to keep control was working hard to have him keep professional focus. All he wanted to do was serve her as his master, make her happy, please her. Every word she said reinforced his need to be approved of by her.

"...and then changed into this." said Sam. "Focus Sir, please, I have seen that look on your face on others, focus, really, it's possible to do so, I've seen others do it".

He broke off from looking at her - really looking, and glanced at Sam for a moment. And then snapped back and looked again. Her eyelashes were beautiful. The way they swept through the air. The colour of her eyeshadow. The way her hair cascaded past her neck. Such beautiful hair. How it shines. The way the light shone on her red smooth skin, her breasts, oh my those breasts, how good they would feel, just to lightly touch them, to feel their warmth under the latex, her waist, her ohmygod she's naked as well, that smell, latex and sex, the crease, the folds, the feeling there would be of latex between her legs, ohmygod she has a tail, how erotic that would be, to put my arms around her and play with the base of her tail, how would that feel? To kneel before her and kiss her lips, her legs, to squat before her and embrace her legs, kiss her, kiss her deeply, please her, she please me, her cloven hooves, how would it be to lick those, the feeling of smoothness on the tongue, for her to hold me while she made love to me, then I to her, deeply kissing, hugging, caressing the smoothness of her skin...

"Guard, please, focus on me" and Sam stepped between them. It distracted the soldier enough to focus on Sam. She took his head in her hands, got his attention and spoke directly at him. The feeling of PVC on his face was a jolt of weird reality that he needed to remind him of his duties. "It's not just men she has this power over, please focus on me. I know what she does. Listen, she has a power, it seems to radiate from her, and you will be trapped by it if you ask her any questions. Three questions is all it takes. Think of three wishes - what three wishes do you want? Ask her a question and it's a wish gone. Three and your soul is eternally hers... She will trap you like she trapped me..."

There was a bang, a flash, pain, falling to the floor, winded, hurting, numbness, blackness.

An indeterminate time later Sam found the world returning. She could feel bars along side her, she was lying on her back, the light ovrhead was bright, the smell - antiseptic? She seemed to be lying on a hospital bed. The light went dimmer, someone was looking down at her. "Hello, how are you? Are you ok? Does anything hurt?" Her head hurt, her neck, and her shoulder "Did I fall?" she asked weakly. "Probably, I heard that we had to rescue you". She felt up at the horn on her right side with her left hand - how this could be real she did not know, but there was a tenderness to the horn. Bruising? And her neck really was sore, she moved her head a bit and winced, her right arm just hurt, she felt the shoulder joint, the elbow joint.

"Just stay there for the moment, you need some time to recover".

"Where is Mary?"

"The Succubus? She's in an isolation room, and she's still asleep".

Panic rose in Sam "I have to be with her when she wakes up." She tried to get up off the bed but her right arm and shoulder really hurt and she winced as she struggled to sit up "it's really, really important that I get to be with her".

"You have to stay here, she'll be fine where she is".

"No, you don't understand. She's dangerous. I think she's killed my mum and dad already, and if I'm not there when she wakes up I'll probably die as well."

"Stay there".

Mary did not really see who it was she was talking to - her mind was cloudy and she wanted to sleep, but Mary... What will Mary do when she wakes up and I'm not there...?

Moments later Mary knew Law Enforcement was there. The hat, the uniform, the badges.

"Hello, I'm here to help you". The Law pulled up a chair and sat down. "I know you are Sam and the red girl is Mary. What can you tell us?"

"Is she asleep still".

"Yes, she's sedated".

"Will she stay sedated?"

"Until you tell us what's happening, then yes, she will".

It was clear that knowing this calmed Sam, and they got on with answering the standard questions - name, address, and so on. Sam was a cosplayer, and had been working on ever more authentic costumes until she realised that it's also fun to do sexy as well as authentic. While Harley Quinn has many costumes, she set her heart on reproducing the skintight look in PVC, and made a catsuit with some four way gloss stretchy material imported from Japan. She was at the show with her friends, and they were just hanging out, took in a movie, had some stall food, wandered about, it was just light fun. When the weirdness kicked off she became how she looked and in the chaos got separated from her friends. She crashed through a fire exit just as Mary did, and they ran away from the building together. Sam noticed that Mary ran differently to anyone she'd ever seen, and the tail looked real, and since Mary was dressed in a similar kind of way, when they stopped running Sam started a conversation. Sam had showed no interest in girls before, and suddenly was attracted to Mary. The place they found themselves in was secluded and Mary embraced the interest, and they caressed and kissed, and pretty much made love, standing up, right there, until both has orgasmed to deep and warm satisfation.

"And while that was weird, the next bit is the bit that makes me terrified of her. She asked me if there was anything that I wanted. I said I wanted to know that my friends were safe, that my parents would not be freaked out by what has happened to me and that I hoped that we'd keep in touch. She said that yes, my friends were safe, that my parents will definitely not be freaked out by anything every again and that we were now joined by a bond until death. She said that those were the three wishes and that if I did anything to dissatisfy her my immortal soul would be claimed by her in a heartbeat. It's how she gets by without hands - I am her slave, bonded to her until my death. I have found my friends since, they are fine, and I cannot get hold of my parents. I think she may have somehow killed them."

Law enforcement found out pretty quickly that at the time of the three wishes, her parents both suddenly died, with no identifiable cause. Sam was utterly devastated, and understandably so - she was bonded with a cold blooded killer, and Sam's life was in Mary's hands at all times. The law concluded that Mary was likely to be a murderer but with no conventional connection between perpetrator and victims there was no case to prove. Given the bond between Mary and Sam, Mary could not be held indefinitely, and as it happens one of the hospital staff found an acceptable compromise. As long as Mary was unable to speak, she was not able to lure victims into her 'three wishes' trap, and Mary exchanged her freedom for being gagged at all times when in public.