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Checkpoint 3

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Author: Sdw
Xanadu story universe

The figure that strode confidently into the checkpoint area was certainly tall, certainly female and certainly hairy. Her face did not seem to have been involved in the change, and was that of a girl of early twenties with a fresh faced complexion, bright eyes and a slightly turned up nose. Her face was framed in long blonde hair which fell from a centre parting, and from her chin up there was no reason to think that any change had occurred.

From the neck down there were many changes. Firstly her frame was almost entirely covered in long blonde silky hair, the same colour as that on her head, with the hair draping off her like a swishing curtain. Her frame was not entirely human, her arms were too long for a human, her torso more narrow with narrow hips and each leg on her thighs was thinner from the front but was longer front to back - like the hind legs of a quadruped. She was standing on the balls of her feet, her heels many inches from the floor, like those of a dog but with human toes - toes however with claws where her nails would have been. What the soldier could see of her hands through the hair, suggested human hands with claws for fingernails. She was wearing a short plain skirt (under which draped a long and similarly hairy tail) and a baggy cotton shirt.

"Hello... what are you?" asked the soldier.

"I'm Sally, and I'm both a human and a dog, I'm a completely new breed of animal, and I'm very happy". Her hairy tail wagged, which caused her hips and body to sway in time.

"Hello Sally". The soldier consulted his list and found only one Sally "Sally Wong?"

"Yes, that's right". She was gushing with excitement. Her tail wagged even more vigorously with her name being found.

"And what is your story?"

"Well, this is completely brilliant?" she gushed. "For years and years I've been developing my character, and when I come to these events I always cosplay as an afghan hound. I've had a fantasy for years to be a human cross dog, and now it's happened! Look!" She took a twirl to show off her new body. "My whole character has come to life - I'm living my dream, and I can't tell you just how fabulous this is! Look" she bared her teeth "even down to the longer canines!"

She held out her hand, palm up, and on each finger and the palm of her hand were the pads usually found on dog feet. She then steadied herself and raised her foot, which still showed some signs of a human foot, but with her heel way off the ground, and with the same pads and claws where nails would have been expected.

"The best bit, is that I have a choice - look, two legs or four". She dropped to all fours, where her extended arms made sense - she was a balanced animal with a level backbone and her tail looking correct and standing proud. Her short skirt did not really work when on all fours, and was lifted by her tail. Her neck seemed to facilitate forward view. She looked up at the soldier through her long hair, stood on three legs and with a hand swept the hair from her face.

"I can run at over 30 miles per hour for short bursts like this. I am built for speed".

The soldier looked impressed. He began to make notes on his pad.

"You can run fast, I can see you're built for it, what else can you do?"

"Well, I have to do a lot of combing and brushing, the hair does get tangled. Oh, and I can catch things. I caught a rabbit - not a Xanadu rabbit - a real one from the hotel grounds, and I caught it because I could see it - my vision is excellent, and I could smell it, I have the nose of a dog, and I have the speed to catch things. It tasted good too - I seem to prefer my meat fresh and warm." She licked her lips.

"What else?"

"Well, nothing I can think of. This is enough though, isn't it". She wagged her tail furiously and

"Ok, let me take some details", he was referring to his checklist, mumbled to himself as he filled in the answers he already had. "I know this is obvious, but I have to ask, what sex are you?"

"I'm definitely all girl, and I am built for fantastic sex - do you want to see?" She turned round and lifted her tail and in full view under the tail was her human female anatomy. "I am so glad I thought that through - and I am an erogenous zone all over. And no inhibitions! Look", she stood up onto her back feet, and with her arms lifted her shirt. Three pairs of human female and hair free breasts were visible, a D cup pair at the top, a C cup nestling beneath and a B cup just below those. "The power of six, and they all will function when I have pups and they all are quite sensitive". She ran a finger over a couple of nipples and then dropped her shirt.

"I see, and what do you hope to do now that you have become the first of a kind?"

"Oh, I have it all planned out, you see. I have been working this out for years in my head. I have the power to transform other humans into hudogs. If I want them to become male hudogs I let them make love to me first from behind, and if I want to make a hudog female I first deeply kiss them. It's like a kind of virus that I have, even girls can become male hudogs with enough juices, and then they change over a couple of days and then they are hudogs too! And they can change others in the same way."

"Wow, you really have thought this through - I am impressed. How many people have you changed so far?" said the soldier

"None, I just know that I can do it" she said.

The soldier took more than an minute to write things on his pad, and then in the tone of voice usually associated with parade grounds he barked "SALLY SIT!"

She immediately sat down, front arms straight, back legs folded and her tail on the ground.

"Holy crap, I can't move. What did you do to me?" Her expression was one of horror. "Damn this is cold! Im sitting on my girl parts! Let me stand up!"

"SALLY LIE DOWN" and she had to obey, lying on her stomach in the sphinx position. "Stop this right now - now my breasts are on the floor. And it's cold. And I'm squashing them!" She tried to move but could only slightly wriggle. Her tail was still.

"SALLY HEEL" and she rose to all fours and came round to stand next to the soldier's leg and looked up in obedience, again flicking her hair from her face, and wagging her tail.

"What the crap have you done to me?" she crossly asked again.

"I was just checking how far you thought this through, and it seems that you have imagined yourself as a well trained dog. That is very excellent."

"Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, this is crap". There was a pause. "What are you going to get me to do?"

"SALLY SIT" She sat.

"Oh fuckit, this floor is cold and my girl parts are right on the cold. Please let me stand!" she whimpered.

"SALLY... STAY" said the soldier and he pointed to the ground at her front paws. She looked down and stayed looking down. He left the room and she heard the lock turn. She was unable to move, no matter how hard she tried she could do nothing but sit for what seemed to be hours, but was probably minutes, only able to look at the floor.

The lock turned again. The soldier had raided the 18+ area for useful hardware, and came back in with a leather lockable head harness with mouth gag, a locking collar and a lead. He closed and locked the door and pocketed the key.

"Damn it, this floor is really cold. You knew that as well, you bastard. Let me look up. Let me stand, please!"

"Sally, I see you're exactly where I told you to stay. That is very good. Well done." Her tail betrayed her human feelings and wagged. "We simply cannot have you running around making hudogs of any kind of sex at your whim. If what you say is true we have military grade weaponry that can be developed from your spit and your juices. I suspect the Justice Department could more easily manage prisoners if they were as well behaved as you are. There are all sorts of implications from this technology. I'm sorry girl, but you are coming with me". Despite resisting all she could, there was nothing to stop the soldier putting a collar on her, a lead on the collar, and then the locking head harness and mouth gag around her head to effectively muzzle her. "SALLY, HEEL!" She was lead away on all fours, protesting as loudly as she could while muzzled, to a waiting security van, and taken to where the sun only shines when it's exercise time.