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Checkpoint 2

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Author: Sdw
Xanadu story universe

"You are free to go, next..."

Knock knock.

"Come in. Name, and what's happened to you..."

"I'm Sandra Levine, and nothing happened to me, I'm fine."

"Sandra, you would believe what I've seen here today, they are all around here, and I'm not for one second about to buy that story, unless the medical doctor in the next room gives you a full medical examination. So, what's it to be because there's a hundred more people I have to see before I go off shift" the soldier replied.

Sandra did, on initial inspection, look fine. Her long hair framed an oval face with symmetry and beauty, her slender arms ended in long fingers with shaped and polished nails, she looked comfortable in the cozy yet shapeless long fleece and long elasticated hippy skirt, and had ordinary leather boots on her feet. She walked into the office fine, and yet those last two word she said, they were a telltale sign of covering something up. The soldier stayed quiet.

"Nothing, really, nothing happened." Her words were said, but the flick of her eyes, the slight raise of a brow as she said it confirmed to the soldier that there was more to find out.

"Sandra, Sandra Levine..." the soldier looked through some lists until he found her "are you telling me that at the point of the event you were not wearing anything interesting? You had a pass to the 18+ area as an exhibitor and you were entirely unaffected?"

"No, there have been some changes"

"Go on, I doubt if you'll surprise me"

She paused, gathering up the courage to tell...

"Well, I was wearing a chastity harness and waiting backstage to go on when it happened, and I thought that nothing had happened to me because there was so much chaos and running and people screaming and I seemed fine so I helped some others and it was only when I got to my room when I found out what had happened to me."

She took her fleece over her head and exposed her torso - which looked entirely unchanged, and most distracting to the soldier. Then she lifted her hippy boho skirt over something and stepped out of it, and standing naked to her boots it was obvious what had happened.

"I was wearing a steel chastity belt with a fitting for a dildo, and I must have thought this was a good idea at the time, but I'm not sure it is any more."

Rising from her mound was a male penis, now stiffening to full potential. As she lifted it up and against her belly, a shiny steel guard with elaborate filligree could be seen beneath it, covering her female parts and seeming to lock into place. The soldier had reached for a standard pad and was taking notes.

"Not as strange as I've seen today. Does the penis ejaculate?"

Rather than answering, Sandra's face changed to reflect the internal rapture of a building male organsm, and she caught a copious ejaculation in her hand. After a few moments her senses returned to the room.

"That happens every time someone else suggests it. You said 'Does the penis ejaculate', and that's an invitation to do so, and there's nothing I can do to stop it. I cannot cause a climax myself - any amount of masturbation my me or anyone else makes no difference - it makes it rigid, but it takes the suggestion from someone else to come, and it does every time."

"How long does it take before you can come again?"

And that was enough for a second coming within the space of a few seconds.

Panting slightly, Sandra said "can you be careful what you're saying, any invitation at all is enough. I was listening to the TV last night and something entirely unrelated to sex was said during a yoghurt commercial, and that was enough - there and then, inside my skirt, on my lap, it was all such a mess!"

"Maybe you need to wear a nappy - there are others who have some of the functional control of beasts who are going to be in nappies for the rest of their lives if they want to hang around in polite society."

"Oh, yeah, that sounds like a sexy solution to this problem" she replied sarcastically.

"What about that metal guard, what are the rules around that?"

"I think this is quite clever. I can think the lock open, and..."

There was a click. She bent down and lowered the cage between her legs, and she turned round to show the soldier how the chastity cage tapered to a curved steel rod which fitted into a hinge that came out of her near the base of her spine. She unhooked the back of the belt from the hinge and removed it. It was a small piece of crafted polished steel work, and she handed it to the soldier, who inspected the warm metal.

"And why don't you just take the chastity part off?" He guessed the answer before asking the question.

"Because if I leave it off for more than about 30 minutes my hips hurt, and I can only make the aching stop by putting it back on. I can't leave it off for more than about an hour or the pain becomes too great."

"And what's this about thinking the lock open?"

"I don't know - I just think it locked and it locks. I think it open and it opens. And I have complete control of this" She let the penis go and it stood out erect. "I'm thinking it down." Indeed, it went down to flaccid. She fumbled with the hinge and brought the cover back between her legs, pushed it home and again there was a click. "No one can get in without me thinking I should let them, which I think it actually rather good."

The soldier was writing notes on his pad "actually rather good..." he mumbled to himself as he caught up with the narrative. She smiled to him and wriggled her hips. The now flaccid penis wagged like a puppies tail.

"The trouble is that anyone else saying something that could be interpreted as an invitation can make me come again and again, but I'm really not sure about this" she continued, pointing to the now flaccid penis hanging down over the front of the cage. "I think this is going to get me into a great deal of trouble, because at the slightest provocation it does it's thing, very nice though the feeling is, but I don't know what to do with it, 'cos I'm not at all, in any way gay."

"...come again and again." he mumbled to himself as he continued to write.

"Oh no!"