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Author: Sdw
This story contains adult content.
Xanadu story universe


"Sir, Madam, I realize that this might be difficult for you, but before you leave this hotel I need your details, and what changes have affected you."

The man and woman were both dressed in high quality suits, his a dark grey and hers a maroon. Both wore good quality shoes, and they had matching luggage. The only thing odd was that they both wore scarves around their faces, revealing only their eyes. The man shook his head.

"Sir, the government has imposed a state of emergency for very good reasons, and until you are processed you are not allowed to leave".

The man pointed to an open door - an office behind the policeman contained a desk, computer and associated hotel office detritus. The man indicated he would cooperate if they were in the office.

The door closed behind the three people, their luggage left outside.

"Sir, again, please can I have your details and what changes have affected you".

The man removed his scarf. There appeared to be no external change - a handsome young man with a square jaw and freshly shaved skin, and he smelled nice.

When he spoke, however, his speech was difficult to understand, and unusually thick spittle spat forth, as though his mouth was full of something.

"Thir, thith ith yerry embarrathing. I know there hath been a terrible affliction upon the people in thith hotel, and I have theen therrible thingth, but I do not want thith affliction in any recordth. I demand my privathy".

"I understand that sir, and the government is capturing these records to ensure that we can maintain national security, and if possible use the skills and talents to national advantage. I need your name, contact address and the nature of the changes that have affected you".

"I demand to thee your thecurity team leader. I will not have thith defect in any government record".

"Sir, I understand your concern, if you wish I will get him now".

"Do that".

He radioed his request, and they sat in the office chairs. Eyes flicked between each other. After a short time the Commander entered the room.

"What appears to be the problem?"

"This gentleman and lady do not want to enter into the record of changes, Sir"

"You may leave".

The commander and the man and the scarved woman remained in the room.

"What is your reason for not wanting to be recorded?" The commander imposed his authority immediately.

"What hath happened to uth ith not a matter of government interetht. I demand that you let uth leave immediately".

"Sir, Madam, that is not going to happen. Either I have the both of you locked in a cell for the next 24 hours, and then we begin this discussion all over again, or you give me your details now. I have hundreds more to process, and you are taking up my time. Your choice. Twenty seconds for an answer".

The woman gently took the mans arm and she looked with sadness into his eyes. She nodded.

"Thir, I will give my datailth and my wifeth detailth, under protetht".

"Go on..."

"Thilvia and I are on our honeymoon, and have nothing to do with the convention. At the time of the change, we were enjoying a loving and beautiful thexual act between two conthenting and happily married people, and after the change I have been left with thith".

He stuck his tongue out, except that where his tongue should have been, there was a fully erect penis that nearly blocked off the man's mouth entirely. As it slowly pushed its way out of the man's mouth, he pulled back the foreskin with his finger and thumb to reveal a fully sized glans, with the unexpected feature that it was upside down - the frenulum was on top.

It stopped extending at an astonishing full length of eight inches past his lips, bobbing up and down with the man's heartbeat. The movements caused the saliva that covered the pulsing shaft to fall off onto the floor in small droplets. His eyes suddenly widened and he turned his head just in time as the revealed organ shot out copious amounts of pre that splattered on the nearby wall.

Silvia removed her scarf. Where her mouth would have been horizontally, now vertically was a moist vagina with labium majus and minus, and on her chin, effectively upside down, an erect clitoris.

A few seconds of silence passed when the labium came apart to reveal an intact tongue. She lapped up the quickly building vaginal fluids around the labium in an almost instinctive manner, preventing them from streaming down her face. She then began licking away at her clitoris, moaning pleasurably during the process when she soon stopped. Realizing what she had just done, and unable to speak cohesively any more, she simply looked down and brought a hand up to hide it once again from view. She began to weep, sobbing heavily through her mouth-vagina, keeping it pried open with her fingers.

"We're thorry. The change hath made uth permanently arouthed."

"Sir, far from not reporting this condition, I insist that you and your wife get urgent medical help. How is your wife to eat?"

"Thir, the vagina connectth with her throat - thhe can take liquid food from a thyringe - thith we have already found out. And thhe hath no teeth, and her jaw no longer clotheth - thhe theemth to have no jaw muthelth," he replied around the now retracting penis. It was clear that he was having trouble fighting back an orgasm.

Silvia had covered her face back up and wiped the tears from her eyes with a freshly laundered handkerchief from her jacket pocket.

"I'm sorry sir, but while this may be embarrassing for you now, I insist that you are processed as required, and are placed in the hands of the medical profession for your own safety and the safety and security of your wife."