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The List

This list is currently being populated. Below are the ones I've liked so far, with my comments on them.

The Effect of Spotted Clothes - a fairly long story, good history, well-written. Human to Dog TF. Genre: Romance.

Who Shall Mourn the Dandelions? - short story, but good. End-of-Earth scenario, no TF. Bryan wrote a sequel called Fertile Ground that includes a form of TF (human to insect-like species). Both are in the Science Fiction genre.

Unexpected Shore - another of Bryan's stories. Fairly long. Human to aquatic alien TF. Genre: Science Fiction.

Escape - another fairly long story, well-written, an Ursa Major Recommended Reading List 2008 entrant. Human to Deer TF, male to female TF. Genre: General Fiction.

Note: I hope to eventually model this section after Bryan's picks.

I ask that if you have a story you would like me to read for possible inclusion on this page, you put a comment about it on the discussion page.