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This list contains links to other sites where transformation-themed art is archived. It is deliberately indiscriminate and is organized alphabetically (with the exception of grouping DeviantArt sites). Users are invited to create other lists organized by theme or quality.

  • Anime Transformation Archive - Contains Anime images revolving around physical transformation
  • Brutal Beast Studio - This site contains transformation art by Bahamut, Sold Asp, Ranzab, and Havoc. Most of the art is of furry transformations.
  • Conjoined Dreams - Focusing on the somewhat specialized subgenre of conjoinment transformations, this site has both image galleries by various artists and a story archive.
  • DeviantART contains a large list of Deviant Art artists with TF-themed material. (link is dead)
    • Aku Oreo - This has some various animal and transgenger TFs drawn in an Anime like style.
    • Bilious - Various animal and furry TFs, slightly cartoonish but quite good quality.
    • Cluedog - A lot of good transgender comics and sequences.
    • Eala Dubh - Eala Dubh, the Black Swan. His art is generally black and white and covers a wide range of TF subjects. One of his images is on Shifti as a story illustration, with permission; Image:SeaFever.jpg. See also his Transfur archive.
    • Enchantress-LeLe - Enchantress-LeLe is involved in an "Island of Doctor Moreau"-based roleplaying game and has been producing illustrations of various human characters as they progressively transform into animal-people.
    • GrandStorm - Grandstorm has done a large collection of animal, age regression, plushie, and Pokemon-related TFs. The quality's a bit low.
    • Keannon Woods aka Black Rat - Much nice color drawing of dragons and lions and various other furry TFs.
    • Lessthanhuman - This appears to be Kurt's new site. A lot of extremely good photomanipulation TF images here, mostly of women into various anthro forms (felines appear to be a favorite but there's wide variety) but some men too.
    • Mike Wulf - Has some various animal TF drawings.
    • Sutibaru Art - Has a few transgender drawings.
    • TF Proxy - Various animal and furry TF drawings, some rather exotic. Almost all are colored and of good quality.
    • Werekat-meow - Two year Rookie with several Animal TF artworks. Many revolving around Cats, Wolves, and Foxes (though currently expanding species list); Mostly Anthro or Werecreature works.
  • Edmol Life - Art by the Japanese artist Edmol, featuring Manga-style girls (and a few boys) turning into a wide variety of animals.
  • Foxx's Transformation Art - A variety of end-forms, including foxes, rhinos, goats, and Disney characters. Includes some transgender and inanimate TFs as well, and pretty good art for the more recent archives.
  • Gone All Wild - A series of plot-free transformation comics done by furry fetish-erotica artist MamaBliss, who has a very unusual and somewhat abstract art style that might not be to everyones' taste. The archives are subscriber-only, but new stuff is posted for free for a while.
  • Gryf's Pix - Various transformation art by Gryf, a highly talented artist. Mostly mammals, avians and reptiles.
  • Mintz's World - Mintz Buck's personal transformation site, with artwork and stories by him and guests. Upated infrequently. It will be someday, he swears.
  • Naga's Den - Art by Naga. Transgender, inanimate, mythical, and misc. Updates infrequently, last updated in July 2007.
  • Nifty TF - This is the companion site to Gone All Wild (listed above). More plot-free transformation comics by furry fetish-erotica artist MamaBliss in the same slightly abstract art style. Mostly human to furry TF with some other TF aspects occasionally mixed in. Nifty TF was created because some of Gone All Wilds comics featured content that violated CC-bills content restriction policy (such as situations that CC-bill considered to be bestiality) and the comics had to be removed from the pay site, Gone All Wild, which CC-bill handled. As a result, Nifty TF is free and requires no subscription membership, unlike Gone All Wild. However, this also means that the comics that Nifty TF contains are not merely mature, but are also of a particularly explicit and edgy nature (and may include some of MamaBliss's other fetishes, such as vorarephilia) that may not appeal to many, and will likely upset more squeamish individuals. Updates to Nifty TF are infrequent and occur only via commission, for commissions that cannot be run on Gone All Wild due to content restrictions, or whenever CC-bill occasionally alters its content restriction policies and more comics must be removed from Gone All Wild to keep compliant.
  • TG Comics (and Stories) - Run by Femur, this site contains archives of modified pictures and several original TG comic strips.
  • Thrashwolf - Many various transformations, mostly into animals but a few others as well, but it hasn't been updated in some time.
  • Transfur - A central clearing house for transformational artwork, Transfur contains all manner of subject matter.
  • Transgender Graphics and Fiction Archive - As the site's name suggests, this archive includes a large number of transgender transformation art from various sources. May be defunct -- hasn't updated literally in years -- but still good to browse through for what's already there.
  • Transgenetic Industrial - Contains TF art from various artists, mainly photomanipulations but also including other styles. Free registration required to view most of it.


Photomanipulation is one technique often used to create transformation art. Typically, this involves the artist taking one or multiple stock images, and using various programs and tools to change the images such that the subject of the resulting image appears to be undergoing, or appears to have undergone, a transformation.

Different artists make use of different techniques to achieve the appearance of transformation. The simplest such technique is colour alteration - this is often used for images representing transformation to stone, for instance. Another common simple technique is direct pasting of part of one image onto another image, often resulting in a human with an animal face or other, similar images.

Photomorphing software can also be used to achieve photomanipulation effects. Such software can be used to produce an image that appears to be a blending of two source images, but distorted so that the resulting image looks somewhat reasonable. This is often used in muscle transformations and some animal transformations. A variant of this uses the "warping" capability of such software to distort the shape of the image.

More complex techniques exist, and tutorials can be found that can instruct budding artists in how to perform these techniques, often focused on the use of photoediting software such as Photoshop and GIMP. Two examples of such tutorials are shakealicious' Kitty Tutorial for Photoshop and Aielyn's TF Photomanip Tutorial for GIMP, both found on DeviantArt.

There are a number of places where photomanipulation TFs can be found.

  • DeviantART contains a large list of Deviant Art artists with TF-themed material, including the following:
    • Aielyn - (someone please replace this description - this is my deviantart, I shouldn't be the one to write the description of it)
    • AltairTF - A moderate size gallery of quality female transformations, often into felines.
    • Blacksliverdragon - A lower-quality gallery of men into various animals.
    • cyrinphin - A gallery consisting primarily of men transforming into aquatic creatures and cows.
    • Diabolo Spinner - A small gallery of good quality.
    • Espilonarge - Just a few images.
    • gotnirvana - A large gallery of transforming males, of varying quality.
    • HellhoundGld - A small gallery.
    • hmh452002 - A moderate size gallery of males transforming into donkeys.
    • JayWolf1985 - A small gallery.
    • Jpg24 - A moderate size gallery with Very good quality images, mostly of domesticated or hoof based anthro forms. With a few exceptions.
    • Lessthanhuman - This appears to be Kurt's new site. A lot of extremely good images here, mostly of women into various anthro forms.
    • LoboLeo - Just a few images, but high quality.
    • modman38 - A large gallery of a wide variety of transformations.
    • psivamp - A large gallery with a lot of surreal scenes and doll transformations.
    • Odysseusut - A large gallery of high quality scenes involving mostly foxes and felines.
    • shakealicious - A large gallery of high quality.
    • SkyJaguar - A growing gallery of quality TF images.
    • something-wild - A moderate size gallery of varying quality.
    • Taoming - A small gallery of male transformations.
    • WereKatt - A large gallery.
    • Weremoose - A gallery consisting mostly of unusual and entertaining transformations, of high quality.
    • WolfGurll - A moderate size gallery.
    • zafuyu - A small gallery of mediocre quality that shows some promise.