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Arriving on The Cause

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Author: Arrow Quivershaft

Lt. Arrow Q. Vershaft's Audio Journal, September 23, GP407

"Testing...this still work? Good, looks like...wasn't sure if it'd still function after the lack of use and mistreatment it took on Solsbury. Since I'm no longer there and all my movements are no longer tracked, I've decided to start a journal for myself, at least. For memory and for learning.

As mentioned, I'm no longer on Solsbury. They canned Jay Enfield after a friendly fire instance, blaming him for it. I know it wasn't his fault; the flight recorder came across my desk before it was yoinked from my possession, but it's clear the unfortunate victim wasn't destroyed by...Commander Enfield's bomber. When he left, several of us crew on Solsbury up and left along with him, transferring to the ship he'd inherited that was just finishing up structural repairs in dry dock. He offered my the systems officer position on the ship and, with tentative approval from the Terra Buteo central government, I was permitted to do so.

So now it's Lieutenant Vershaft. Isn't that something? I was barely above the janitor on Solsbury, and here I'm already most of the way up the rank structure...although at the moment it's a purely functionary title, as there's noone below that rank on this vessel. I will admit that getting my own room for a change is nice; always hated sharing.

On the flip side, the rank comes with higher expectations...while this ship did finish structural repairs a few months back, the internal systems are a nightmare. Even the practical exercises of wrecked ships in planetary orbit weren't usually THIS bad. About the only systems in decent shape are A-grav and life support; most of the others are in poor or worse shape. Some are held together with little more than glue and hope, and that'll need to be fixed as soon as I can.

Enfield's already signed us up for a campaign next month, and so I'm going to have a LOT of work ahead to get things into a condition where the ship is at least halfway acceptable. He said to worry mostly about missiles and artillery, not the carrier capacity, and that's what I'll do. I already specced one of the automated ship resupply systems for cannibalization, and it should be good for that.

What else...right now we're running on a skeleton crew. Enfield, Poz, Sennic, and that damn procyonid. Why the latter transferred over from Solsbury, I don't know. Place was perfectly suited to his brand of backstabbing and stepping-stonery. I'm keeping an eye on him, and I'm sure he knows I will. Don't trust him.

Speaking of that, right now, I'm the only avian on board; everyone else is a mod-mammal. Expect this'll lead to some interesting culture clashes later, but right now I can't do much about it. Sometimes makes me wish for home, and then I remember how I got treated at school there. Wonder if it changes as you get older.

It's getting pretty late, and as said, I've got a lot to do, so I think I'm going to end this entry here. More to come...whenever I find time. This is Corp...Lieutenant Arrow Quincy Vershaft, signing off."

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