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All You Need to Know

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Author: Pocsock

Everyone had been quite nervous for today’s test, but not me. I knew everything that might come in an exam like this one, even more, so I wasn’t nervous at all, until I saw a green scale growing on the back of my hand. I got startled by this and dropped my pencil to the ground. I could see and feel my new claw when I lowered myself to recover my pencil. That was when I saw a pair of black shoes with a red-scaled tail behind. I looked up at the human face. “Hi” I said, trying not to say too much in a delicate situation like this one. “What are you doing down there, trying to copy your classmate?” she said in a stern tone. “No Miss, I just dropped this” I said, showing her the feather with the black ink at the end of it. Her eyes shot wide and she began to take a big breath. I didn’t have to hear what she was about to shout to me to know I was in a deep trouble.

“You said Miss to a teacher?!” my friend said while we waited for the bus home. He was standing on lion’s paws and feathers were growing all the way from his big yellow beak to his elbows and belly, he wasn’t wearing any shirt, and they were still spurting out from under his skin. “Yes” I said through my new light-green muzzle “And she sent me to the principal’s office”. “I’m not surprised. It was the least she would do, having insulted all her family. Good thing you’re a good student and your family has prestige” he said with, what I guessed was, a smile. “Yeah, could have been worse” and added ‘much worse’ to my insides. He then looked at the sky and said “The hour is growing late” he then looked at me “I must head back to my house now” and with that started walking to the sidewalk. “Aren’t you going to wait for the bus?” I asked him. He pierced at me with those yellow eyes the next second. “Are you crazy? Those are only for stinking humans” he said, pointing at the crowd behind me “Besides, we don’t need those when we can fly” and he opened his wings and shot to the sky.

“I heard about what happened at the academy” a four-meters-tall anthro dragoness told me as I was exploring the maze of the cave that should be my home with my new enhanced vision “and I already told your parents and grand parents. We’ll talk about your attitude after dinner hatchling, when the baron goes away” and with that she disappeared. “You’re in trouble!” a squeaky voice said behind me. I spun around and saw a little anthro dragon “Gran-gran wouldn’t have told you that if you weren’t. I’m going to tell the others!” and he also disappeared in a little tunnel on the silvery surface of the wall.

I threw my backpack to the other side of my cave-room and began to search for that book. “Here it is” I whispered as I extracted it from beneath the mattress of my bed. It was thick, with a leather cover with an elaborate silver and golden design all over it. The letters were also very detailed and read All You Need to Know, underneath a small sentence stated by Jeremiah. I released my breath as my name hadn’t changed that much in this universe.
I hated shifts. They were unpredictable and always put me in troubles. At least this one had been slow and given me time to at least get to the book before anything serious happened. Thank god I came up with the idea of writing this thing! Ever since the reality changes started to happen to me, and it seems I’m one of the only ones that senses them, I have had difficulties trying to figure out the new worlds I’ve been visiting with all their different laws and ways of living, just like this one. The book had all I needed to know, autobiography, brief universal history, knacks and abilities I have, language (in case it also changed), etc. and, fortunately for me, it adjusted to the new universe every time it shifted.
It told me that polymers had been discovered some decades ago, but the economical system had been a feudal one for over two thousand years and remained like that, that my family owned all the land around this mountain-castle, and that I had twenty five annoying little brothers like the one I saw on my way here and another thirty that were older than me. Oh yeah, and that the humans were seen as inferiors by all the other anthropomorphic creatures.
“Great” I said, threw the book aside and lay on my bed, being careful not to land painfully over my wings. Yes, I didn’t like the thought of living here when I believed in concepts like equality of rights and had seen what energy-based materials could do, but it could have been worse.
That was when I saw a photograph near a bookshelf. It was a beautiful turquoise dragoness posing in front of a fountain. It read ‘To my handsome boyfriend. Happy two weeks!’ in the down right corner.
This wouldn’t be that bad after all.

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