A Cat Girl Maid's Bet

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Author: Alex Warlorn
Xanadu story universe

Jack was a slob, a very big slob. His house was a mess, the likes of which you’d never have seen.

Jack was proud, a very proud slob. He didn’t cower from the challenge, except clean up of course.

Jack’s friends were strange, very strange friends. They loved costumes, the costumes often more important than where they were worn.

Jack and his friend made a bet, a very big bet. At the larger than life costume Con Xanadu, Jack would wear a costume until the end of the con.

The costume was not Jack’s kind of thing, not his kind of thing at all. It was a maid costume, complete with installed curves and green cat ears plus tail.

And the bet didn’t end there, oh no it didn’t. Jack would have to –act- like a pretty little maid who loved to clean till the end of the con, and if he broke character, bet was off.

To the winner would go an X-Box 360, to the loser, the bill, and the death of their bank account.

Jack loved games, very much so, thus why he home was always a disaster. Thus, he took on the challenge, and did not back down.

But his friends left something out, oh yes they did. They ‘added’ a clause that said Jack had to be in character –as long- as he was in costume, not just in public. Jack cried foul, but no avail, the bet was not and Jack, a very proud slob, would not back down.

And thus Jack under the alias of Jackie fluttered through the convention, cleaning and dusting, inside hating it all, but keeping in mind the bet with his friends, not just in fear of his bank account, but because he refused to lose a challenge.

His friends were surprised, into silence even; Jack was a slob, but a method actor to be sure. His add lip when people talked to him was fantastic, few if any guessing the truth.

The con was almost over, almost but not quite. The prizes had to be given out, for best costume and so on. Jack even claimed he had been nominated for best ‘in character’ but none of his friends believed him.

Eric Winters, the con organizer climbed the stage, wearing the mask of Raven The Trickster.

Then the mask was no longer a mask, those in costume were no longer in costume, and those who had been acting a role, were no longer playing a part.

Chaos and havoc reeked across the con, tables up turned, people screamed, laser fired, and zombies moaned. Toys were scattered everywhere, merchandise was ruined.

Police and firemen came, now aided by super heroes and anthromorphioc cops and fire fighters from the con. Order was restored among the people, or perhaps, only the illusion of order.

And Jackie lay in the mist confused as what to do as people screamed, lasers fired and zombies moaned.

Finally, as she was left all alone by people trying to escape or trying to blow stuff up for no apparent reason, Jackie pulled her thoughts together and beheld the con. Toys were scattered everywhere, merchandise was ruined. It was a mess, an awful, awful mess.

When a super hero found Jackie, she insisted that she couldn’t go, she had not finished cleaning, there was still so much more to do. And much she had done. The portion of the con she had worked upon looked as good as new, like the chaos had no happened at all.

But the super hero was insistent, and Jackie obeyed. She talked to police, and a Vulcan who looked inside her head, the police seemed sorry for her some reason.

She met people who said they were Jackie’s friends (and thus were Jackie’s friends) and said they were sorry again for something Jackie didn’t understand.

Her friends who said they were her friends and thus were her friends, gave a silver box thing with a green light.

A bet was a bet was a bet they said, and she had decided won this bet that they said she had made.

It was rude to refuse gifts and Jackie accepted, keeping it in the room that they said was hers and thus was hers. She never touched it again except to dust it. She had much, much to do, the place she was told was hers, and thus was hers, was an even worse mess than the con. Jackie almost felt scared to clean it, but Jackie was a maid, a very proud maid, and wouldn’t back down from a challenge.

Jackie now happily dusts and cleans without a care in the world. Her friends who say they are her friends and thus her friends take good care of her, along with her family who say they are her family and thus are her family.

Jackie is a maid, a very good maid, her home is spotless and without a hint of dust, almost like magic.

But magic wasn’t the cause, not the direct cause; Jackie was just a cat girl maid, a very good cat girl maid.

~ New Beginning