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A long-running story about a witch who is also a werepanther.
A long-running story about a witch who is also a werepanther.
=== Crowfeathers ===
http://crowfeathers.net/crowfeatherscomic/archive.php  by SageBrush
Long running (since 2004) comic set primarily in the old west.  Starts in the modern day with a crow realizing that he is actually Chase Corbeau, who was born in the old west.  Definitely mature themes and action.  Done in a comic book style with very good artwork.
=== Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures ===
=== Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures ===

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The web comics listed on this page all feature transformation themes, or have had plots in their runs with significant transformation content.

Transformation as main theme

Abstract Gender

http://www.abstractgender.com/ - by Aaron R. Stewart and Shawn Ullom

Two young friends explore a "haunted house", and discover that although there are no real ghosts inside it does house a nest of mad science. They're both turned into girls and set loose.

The Accidental Centaurs

http://www.accidentalcentaurs.com - by John Lotshaw.

Two people from our world are transported by an accident during a physics experiment to an alternate world where humans don't exist, becoming centaurs in the process. Other transformations occur as the story progresses. As of October 2008 this comic appears to have ended.

Alpha Luna

http://alphaluna.keenspace.com/ - by Leonardo Vidal.

The storyline of this webcomic is not yet clearly revealed, but it appears to feature a high school girl who unbeknownst to her is a werewolf.

Black Tapestries

http://blacktapestries.keenspace.com/ - by Jakkal.

Lore, a drifter, is cursed with immortality and werefox lycanthropy by the ex-Order magic user Isaac. Contains both a good deal of transformation content and a good deal of violence.

Boston and Shaun

http://bostonandshaun.comicgenesis.com/archives.html - By Shaun Reveal (1999-2002 old archives)

http://www.bostonandshaun.com/ - By Shaun Reveal (current page)

Shaun has a dragon "soul mate" named Boston with whom he can merge. I know little about this comic so others will have to fill in the details, but apparently the comic's continuity underwent a major reboot after number 850 and the quality declined. This URL goes to an archive of the first 850 strips.

The Changing Workplace

http://www.taur.net/~ottercomics/tcw/ - By Oren Otter

Oren's 'original' TSA webcomic, currently being rerun. Transformations of all sorts abound.

Clan of the Cats

http://clanofthecats.com/ - by Jamie Robertson, edited by Alex Byrne and Miranda Prince.

A long-running story about a witch who is also a werepanther.


http://crowfeathers.net/crowfeatherscomic/archive.php by SageBrush

Long running (since 2004) comic set primarily in the old west. Starts in the modern day with a crow realizing that he is actually Chase Corbeau, who was born in the old west. Definitely mature themes and action. Done in a comic book style with very good artwork.

Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures

http://www.missmab.com/ - by Amber M. Panyko

A popular furry webcomic. One of the races of the world - "Cubi" - are shapeshifters.

Demon Eater

http://www.demoneater.com/ - by Jilly Foo

About demons that eat other demons to change form and become stronger. Main character starts out as a glob, then a lizard, bird then a human like form.


http://www.discordiacomic.com/ By Arroyo and Fanning

Drew Sinclair's life is changed forever when an angry ex-girlfriend accidentally unleashes Eris, the Greek goddess of discord, on the condition that Drew is her first target. Note: This comic has had very sporadic updates in 2007.

El Goonish Shive

http://elgoonishshive.com/ - by Dan Shive.

Tedd and Elliot are the main characters, though there's an extensive supporting cast. Tedd is a typical androgynous transformation-obsessed high school student whose father is a Man In Black with access to alien technology, including a "transformation gun" - quite convenient considering Tedd's personality. The TF content of this comic is heavy, but (usually) not gratuitous.


http://www.exiern.com/index.php - by Drowemos

A slightly tongue-in-cheek comic about an angry barbarian who rescues a princess from an evil wizard only to be transformed into an angry blond barbarian maiden. There are also fairly big hints that a relatively new character might be more than he seems. Appears to have a relatively sporadic update schedule.

Last Days of Foxhound

http://www.gigaville.com/listcomic.php - by Chris

This is a fan comic that is a parody of Metal Gear and features Liquid Snake and his Foxhound group. One of them is a disguise artist that never reveals his true face. Transformation into different men and some of women and a wolf.


http://www.misfile.com/ - by Chris Hazelton.

A loser angel working in a dead-end job causes a mixup in the Heavenly Archives, misfiling the formerly-male high school student Ash under "female" and losing the most recent two years of Emily's life. The two have to deal with their changed situations until the angel can get back into Heaven to fix it, and keep it a secret so that the Heavenly Bureaucracy doesn't cover up the error by making it permanent.


http://narbonic.com/ - by Shaenon K. Garrity.

Fresh out of university with a computing degree, Dave goes to work for the mad scientist Helen B. Narbon of Narbonic Labs. Storylines have included a couple of TG transformations, undeath, a brief cyborg transformation, a gerbil-to-werehuman, and in a series of Sunday specials a human-to-Venusian brain transplant. Narbonic concluded in 2007 and the entire archive is now available free at webcomicsnation.com.

New World


Sometimes sporadic in its updates, this comic features two parallel universes; one highly magical and one highly technological. The arch-wizard Nicoli, most powerful being in the magical universe, becomes bored and travels to the technological one. Adventures and transformations ensue in both realities, most prominently a TG foxmorph in the magical world.

Scott Clements, the author and artist of New World has announced its permanent retirement as of early 2008. The www.tfsnewworld.com site is currently running Scott's next webcomic work entitled Spiderwebs in which Scott has promised there will be a nontrivial amount of transformation. The nature of such transformation has not yet been specified, and as of December 7th, 2008 there has not yet been a transformation in the Spiderwebs comic. Spiderwebs, however, is still very early in its infancy and is currently working to introduce the characters and setting. Transformations are likely to follow once this introductory period ends.

The Office Bitch

By Picklejuice


Follow Toby on a bizarre journey through office life - if you were very slowly changing into a dog. Mature content.



by D.Z. McRoy, J. Bennett, Jeffrey Kan, Andrew Ziehl

A weekly webcomic about a group of four high school students with the ability to transform into one of four big cats (lion, tiger, panther, jaguar) each with a power over an element of nature (wind, fire, water, earth). The comic is still relatively new (October 2008 was the starting point) so exactly what is going on is still a bit up in the air.

Paradigm Shift

By Dirk Tiede - is currently in two parts with separate URLs, though likely will extend into more in the future.

http://www.webcomicsnation.com/dirktiede/ps/series.php?view=archive&chapter=10435 - Part 1 http://www.moderntales.com/comics/PS2.php - Part 2

Appears to feature werewolves.

Peter is the Wolf


Lots of werewolves live secretly in our midst. Every once in a while, though, one of them screws up and accidentally converts a human into one of their own. This is the story of one such incident.

Planet Closest to Heaven

http://www.drunkduck.com/The_Planet_Closest_To_Heaven/ - By Jilly Foo

Macho 19 year old man gets turned into a cat-dog by his partner for abusing his powers. Becomes the pet of a brother and sister with strange abilities.

Quest of the Therian Urn


Bob was given a seemingly innocent jar which turned out to have magical powers. It transformed whatever was put inside. He didn't realize that it was stealing his humanity as well. Now he and his four friends, having been turned into animals, seek a way to destroy the urn and reclaim their identities.

Room for One More

http://www.taur.net/~ottercomics/rfom/ - By Oren Otter and Eala Dubh

Fnaire Antbear, an anteater college student, resides in a huge mansion filled with bizarre characters and situations, and even an extradimensional world or two. On the surface a college-based furry comic, a large cast and many significant TF plotlines and characters run throughout.

Sea of Insanity


Ancient creatures and deities of myth never really died out, they just went into hiding as the modern world forgot them. In this webcomic a young man named Finn becomes the roommate of a water nymph named Isle. A regular supporting character has been cursed by Bacchus to turn into a fish every 6 hours or so but so far this hasn't become central to the plot.

Skin Deep

http://www.webcomicsnation.com/korybing/skindeep/series.php - by Kory Bingaman

Michele is a new college student who, after finding a magical medallion, discovers to her surprise that her true form is actually that of a sphinx and that her new friends are also various mythological creatures cloaked in magical illusion.

Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki

http://www.sgvy.com/ - by Kittyhawk

A young male anime fan is abruptly turned into a Valkyrie, a magical girl who must defend Earth against monsters from Norse mythology. Updates infrequently.

Subject To Change

http://subjecttochange.comicgenesis.com/ - by Picklejuice

As the title implies, the subject is to change. Transformation of man to dogboy, and growth of boy to giant dogboy. Will feature other transformations in the future. In color. All ages content.

Urgent Transformation Crisis

http://urgentcrisis.comicgenesis.com/ - by Jim Whaley

Cashmere is the 18-year-old daughter of a wealthy family, and she goes to an exclusive school whose students are among the best and brightest. She gets roped into taking her younger brother Flint to the school science fair, where things go somewhat awry.

The Werewif

http://www.gwydhar.com/comics/werewif/index.shtml - by Michael Wakcher and Gwydhar Bratton

A young man at a bar is bitten by a strange woman, who identifies herself as "the Werewif". After that, he discovers himself transforming into a woman when the moon is full. Each new issue is released at "that time of the month."


http://www.wickedpowered.com/ - by Owen Gieni & Chris Crosby

A fast-paced (almost to the point of disjointedness) sci-fi romp featuring three female time-travellers who come from the future to rescue Wiley, destined to become history's "manliest man", from assassination. Has so far featured both transgender and furry TFs.

The Wotch

http://thewotch.com/ - by Anne Onymous and Eric Robertson.

The Wotch follows the adventures of a high school girl who discovers that she is the "Wotch" - some form of high-powered sorceress with a portentious fate. This comic abounds with all manner of transformations, though TG is perhaps most common among them.

The Wotch: Cheer!

http://cheer.thewotch.com/ - by Tselsebar

This webcomic is a "spin off" of The Wotch by a fan, following the four jocks who were TGed and became cheerleaders after Anne's "women's lib" side went on an unfettered rampage in the main comic. There haven't been any apparent TFs yet and the main characters aren't aware they used to be guys, but considering the universe it shares they seem inevitable. The art is quite well done.

Zebra Girl

http://zebragirl.keenspot.com/ - by Joe England.

Sandra is turned into a demon by a magical accident. A later storyline also featured werewolves, introducing one as a regular character.

Transformation plotlines

Absurd Notions


This is sort of a second-order storyline - the characters of Absurd Notions are playing a sword-and-sorcery roleplaying game, and in it one of their characters has just tampered with a magical artifact and turned herself into a squirrel. She remains a squirrel for the remainder of the adventure, with many implications explored.



A relatively new (mid-2008) modern-fantasy comic about an office populated by various fantasy characters from myth though modern fiction. In a short arc, K.C. Rankin is transformed into a squirrel for the weekend as punishment for calling his unicorn office-mate a "mutant horse". The comic is fairly new, but given the theme and setting, it seems future transformation is likely.

Dandy & Company

http://www.dandyandcompany.com/2007/01/22/ - By Derrick Fish

A boy and his dog swap roles. In fact, every boy and dog in the world swap roles, though only Dandy and Bernard are aware of it.

After going though the archives back to 2001, the comic actually has a number of other, smaller transformation themed plots scattered through the series. These include a couple of "fourth wall" fights with the cartoonist, a past Halloween arc where a human character became a werewolf (or rather, a heckhound), evil doppelgangers that invent a transformation device, and a demon character that can apparently change shape and grant twisted wishes.

Gunnerkrigg Court


This chapter features a romantic interlude with a transformational twist.

It's Walky!


This chapter is nigh-incomprehensible without having read the rest of the comic. The Walkyverse isn't friendly to casual browsing. This particular chapter features the villains and two main characters being genderswapped, one of them that rarity of rarities, female-to-male. It brings us the questions "What's it[being a guy] like?" "What's it[being a girl] like?" and the classic answers, "Like keeping a little dog around that barks at everything" and "Like all the voices in my head are gone 'cept for one. ...And that voice wants matching shoes." At the end of the chapter, reality's integrity starts to collapse, making things very weird.

Order of the Stick


Order of the Stick is a webcomic poking fun at the foibles of the [wiki:WikiPedia:D20_System d20 game system] used by Dungeons and Dragons. In this storyline our intrepid adventurers encounter an Annis (or possibly a Green Hag) who hexes the gender-ambiguous elf mage Varsuvius with a baleful polymorph spell, turning him into a lizard. He remains a lizard for a while.


Ah, the famous [wiki:WikiPedia:Dungeons_&_Dragons Dungeons & Dragons] magic item, the [wiki:WikiPedia:Girdle_of_Femininity/Masculinity Girdle of Masculinity/Femininity]. Order of the Stick is a webcomic that features a band of adventurers who know full well that they're operating by the d20 ruleset of 3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons, and in many cases exploit the foibles thereof. In this strip they find such a girdle after a battle with ogres, and one of the characters secretly takes it along with him. It finally came into play over two hundred strips later:




Last Halloween a bout of lycanthropy made the rounds of the characters. Turns out one of them liked it.

Sacred Pie

A long-running story about three friends who have been sucked into an interstellar sci-fi adventure battling the forces of Satan himself.

http://sacredpie.com/moon1.html - Chapter 19, "By the Light of the Moon"

In this chapter, the trio are trapped on a prison world run by a "vampire" named Var. Having won Var's respect in a previous chapter, he now assigns them to collect a bounty on a Lupine - a species with shapeshifting abilities similar to werewolves. One of our heros is bitten and gains the ability himself.

Sluggy Freelance

Another long-running and complex story, starring Torg, Riff, Zoe and Gwynn.


Gwynn has been secretly learning magic and in a previous storyline attempted to use a love potion on Riff. Things went embarassingly awry and Torg found out. Now Gwynn wants to keep him from revealing this information, so she casts a spell that will "make an ass of him" whenever he tries to say anything important. This causes trouble as Torg takes Zoe out for a date and then encounters Oasis, an insane ninja assassin who is in love with him and will kill anyone she thinks might be a rival for Torg's affections.


It's Christmas and Torg gives Zoe a necklace he picked up in an Egyptian pyramid he was trapped in with Riff some time back. Naturally, the necklace is cursed - Zoe immediately turns into a camel.

Tantalizing hints

Two Kinds


This webcomic appears to have a setting similar to that of Black Tapestries, a fantasy world in which there are humans and several races of furries who are at war with each other. The humans have powerful magic users called "Templars". There isn't any sustained TF content yet, but two days' strips (the first day is linked above) contained a TF in a flashback scene that holds the potential to have implications later.

Lost webcomics

These webcomics have been taken offline or have unknown URLs.

The Sinner Dragon

http://www.sinnerdragon.com/ (last known) by Gilda Laura Rimessi. Livejournal: http://sinner-dragon.livejournal.com/

A sword-and-sorcery fantasy with both werewolf and weredragon main characters.


Slow Wave


A weekly comic that serves as a sort of collective dream diary in the form of comic strips, the same kind as found in a daily newspaper. It's a Dada Comic without any overarching plot; these are the strips that involve TF in one way or another.

2004-04-03 2004-10-23 2004-10-30 2005-02-19 2005-03-12 2005-04-16 2005-04-30 2005-06-25 2005-07-23 2005-11-05 2005-11-26 2006-01-14 2006-02-04 2006-03-25 2006-10-07 2007-04-07 2007-04-14 2007-12-22 2008-02-02 2008-03-01 2008-03-08 2008-03-29 2008-04-05 2008-09-13 2008-10-11 2009-02-07


About a rabbit which could grant wishes. In one episode, a girl wishes all to be furry, then to be kitty. One-shot TF. 2009-03-13