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Very nice so far, I really liked your other stories in this setting. One thing that occurred to me why didn't the bull have his horns cut? AFAIK no blood vessels to complicate matters and they don't keep growing so he'd just need someone to help him one time and be done with it - although it would probably be about as pleasant as having a tooth pulled.

The Unicorn

To be honest, I haven't really given thought to Walter cutting his horns. I haven't read of anybody else trimming head gear, but if it is as you say with long horn bulls that the horns can be trimmed once and for all, well, there are a few things that pop into my mind. Walter may actually like the horns and doesn't want to lose them. The Change does adjust one to accept their new body. Maybe the thought of cutting his horns is just too horrifying to him now as a bull. Being a bull, he could be vain about his horns. Or its just that it would be a permanent change and there is some timidity in him about doing it.
So I'm not really sure, but the more I think about Walter, the more I think he's the type to change the world around him to suit himself than to change himself to suit the world. So the horns stay for him.
Thanks for reading and for asking such a thought provoking question! :-)
--MatthiasRat 13:46, 2 November 2008 (EST)