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Vore/Neko Campus story universe
This story contains adult content.

Internet Predator

Author: Throat Wolf

Info icon.pngInternet Predator
Author:Throat Wolf
Series:Internet Predator (#1)
Next:Internet Predator II
Setting/Universe:Vore/Neko Project Campus
Co-written with KlinKitty of Eka's Portal.


This is a vorarephilia (vore) story,

in which people get eaten for erotic purposes. Unlike many vorarephila stories,

my flavor of vore is entirely non-lethal; I'm not interested in snuff. However,

if vore is not your thing, you probably will not enjoy this regardless. It also features lesbian sex.

Julie sat at the computer and typed, one-handed. She was a slightly chubby 16-year-old, with dirty-blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail and earrings that looked like little pom-poms. Her complexion was mostly free of the ravages of acne, but did have a few freckles.

<SweetCandy742> Oh please don't eat me…I'd give you indigestion!

The response came back:

<PanthrrGrrl999> *grin* we'll leave that up to my tummy!

Julie sighed happily as the typing continued, and the scenario they built together played out. SweetCandy742 was playing the part of a silly princess who had wandered too far into the woods, and PanthrrGrrl999 was a big bad panther who had tracked her down and was now drooling over her. The panther spoke, of course, since this was just that kind of world.

<SweetCandy742> *scrabbles for purchase on the ground with her hands as her legs are sucked into your mouth* Noooo!

<PanthrrGrrl999> *slurps her way up your legs, gulping over your rump. Her tongue finds its way between your legs…*

Julie had been hanging out with PanthrrGrrl for a few months now. They had a lot of fun on-line together, and they seemed to be perfectly complementary to each other in their tastes. Julie liked playing the prey, and "PanthrrGrrl" was a dedicated pred. Between roleplay sessions, they talked about their taste in music, movies, boys, other girls, and so on.

They didn't exchange many personal details, but as far as Julie could make out, "PanthrrGrrl" seemed to be about the same age as she was, with similar musical tastes. And she went to college in the same town where Julie was going to high school. Now, Julie was well aware of the way that "bad people" were around on the Internet, but she just knew too much about "PanthrrGrrl" for her to believe she could be anything but the age she claimed to be. They had too many interests in common.

<SweetCandy742> Please! I'll give you lots of money! I'll find you other people to eat! Anythi—MM! MMMM! *is muffled by your mouth closing*

<PanthrrGrrl999> *her jaws seal shut, and she belches, rolling onto her side* Yum! *She grins, and falls asleep, slowly digesting her prey…*

Julie removed her hand from the keyboard and moved it to join the other one for a while, then she sighed happily and went to the bathroom to clean up. Another great RP session completed.

When she came back from the bathroom, PanthrrGrrl had finished describing her character's digestion and absorption into herself. Julie smiled. She liked that about PanthrrGrrl's characters. The voring didn't result in a painful death the way a lot of other vorers did, but it meant that Julie's character just became a part of her friend's character and they would be together forever. She had gotten to where she didn't bother reading most vore stories anymore, because they usually had snuff endings. She preferred the idea of staying alive but becoming one with her devourer.

<SweetCandy742> (( That was great! I love the way you describe that. ))

She sighed, thinking about her life right now. High school wasn't being very fun for her. Somehow she managed to be on the outside of all the cliques. She tried to blend in, not mentioning anything about her private fantasies, but she guessed she was just too weird in general for all of t. For a moment, she imagined herself going down the throat of a giant panther, being absorbed into it to become part of the strength of its muscles, the keenness of its eyes…

She reached to the keyboard again and typed:

<SweetCandy742> (( I wish it was real. ))

<PanthrrGrrl999> (( Maybe it can be ;) ))

<SweetCandy742> (( I'd give anything for that. ))

<PanthrrGrrl999> (( *giggle* Anyway, mm, I've been wondering…would you like to meet in person sometime? ))

Julie blinked at the screen. Where had that come from? She thought for a moment, then typed:

<SweetCandy742> (( Sure, but my parents might fr33k. How can you prove you're not some kinda dangerous…heh…"Internet predator"? ))

<PanthrrGrrl999> (( Mmrrr, well, we can meet in the day! Somewhere public…How does the park sound? ))

<SweetCandy742> (( Which park? I might hafta take a bus. ))

<PanthrrGrrl999> (( How about Bolton Park, by the Civil War statue? ))

Julie considered that. She knew that park. It was near the college on the other side of town. She would have to take a bus, but tomorrow was Saturday and her parents wouldn't think it was odd for her to want to go to the park on a sunny day.

<SweetCandy742> (( OK. Tomorrow? What time? How will we know each other? ))

<PanthrrGrrl999> (( How about 12:30 or so? And I'll be right by the Civil War statue…You'll know me, trust me. ))

<SweetCandy742> (( All right. I'll wear a pink T-shirt with a unicorn on it. ))

<SweetCandy742> (( See ya there! ))

Julie signed off and went to bed, and didn't get to sleep for a long time. She was shivery with excitement and more than a little nervousness. She was going to get to meet PanthrrGrrl tomorrow! In her mind, she revisited the picture of PanthrrGrrl that had built up over their months of roleplay. Playful, witty, more than a little domineering at times (but that was how a pred should be)…she imagined someone big and brawny, kind of like the panther she'd played in today's roleplay, only a person. She hoped she wouldn't be too intimidated by her when they met in person.

Of course, intellectually Julie knew that her friend probably wouldn't look anything like that. But it was still fun to imagine and daydream. She really hoped that they wouldn't be too disappointed in each other when they met. "She's" probably a 42-year-old man with stubble who still lives in his parents' basement, she thought wryly. But at least I'll know one way or another.

Separator j.png

The next morning, she was up bright and early. She packed a box lunch of leftover fried chicken, taking enough food for two people just in case PanthrrGrrl hadn't brought her own, kissed her Mom goodbye, and then it was off to the bus stop for the uptown bus. She sat near the back, and watched the other riders nervously. A couple of them were "nekos"—the cat-people who had started showing up on the campus. She'd heard rumors that some of them had used to be normal people just like her, who'd been snatched off the street and changed. She wondered if PanthrrGrrl was one of them? Maybe that big, busty lioness who'd just gotten on and was seated near the front?

But no, the lioness wasn't getting off at the park. Oh well. But maybe PanthrrGrrl was already there. Julie hopped off the bus at the park stop, and headed toward the statue of some general whose name nobody remembered anymore, mounted on the stereotypal rearing horse covered with pigeon droppings. She didn't see anyone there, but the statue had a big base—she might be standing on the other side.

Julie rounded the statue and came face to face with a rather small neko, barely 4 feet tall. She had a beautiful golden coat, with black leopard spots, and a rather sleek build. She was nude except for her pelt, but there was enough fur there to give at least a semblance of privacy to the naughty bits. The neko looked up to make eye contact. "You must be SweetCandy! Nice to meet you! I'm PanthrrGrrl!" She pronounced 'PanthrrGrrl' with the appropriate growling sounds.

Julie had never before realized how silly her handle sounded when spoken aloud. "Um, Julie, actually." She stared at the diminutive felinoid before her. "You're PanthrrGrrl?" She only realized the cliche after she'd spoken it: "Somehow, I thought you'd be taller."

She grinned. "I'm Amy. Anyway, 'course I'm small. I got crossed with a Leopard cat, for some reason." She flicked her tail. "I distinctly asked to be made into an actual leopard, but nooo…"

Julie felt her mental image of the brawny huge neko wither and die. "But you're so…so cute."

Amy sniffed. "Am I? I hadn't noticed."

"Oh." Julie frowned. "Oh, I'm sorry. You must get that a lot. I didn't mean to offend you. It's just a little hard—"

"—to fantasize about a cute lil' kitty eating you up?"

"Well, when you put it that way, yeah." Julie chuckled. "But on the other hand, you are an actual kitty, and that's at least 50% closer than I was expecting. I can't claim to be an actual princess."

Amy giggled. "Well, in any case—hey, do I smell chicken?"

"You do!" Julie unslung the backpack from her shoulder. "I brought enough for both of us. I wasn't sure whether you'd have eaten yet."

Amy licked her lips. "Nope, I skipped lunch…" Her belly gave a rather loud growl. "See?"

Julie giggled. "We'd better get some food in you, before you start getting hungry for SweetCandy."

"I thought you'd like being eaten?"

Julie laughed. "What, without any foreplay? You don't start a roleplaying scenario with my feet already in your mouth!"

"True, true." Amy nodded. "Anyway, let's eat!"

"Right!" Julie led the way to a nearby picnic table and laid out napkins, plates, chicken, and cans of Mountain Dew. "Whew, lots of flies out today," she said, waving her hand to keep them away from the food.

Amy nodded, swiping at a few herself. "Yeah…Though there always are this time of year."

"Funny how you never notice them 'til there's food around." She served Amy and took some chicken herself, watching curiously to see if nekos ate fried chicken differently than normal people, with their sharp feline teeth. And indeed, Amy tore at the chicken rather vigorously, taking rather big chunks of meat off at a time, and even crunched some of the bones to get the marrow. Despite herself, Julie was rather impressed.

Before too long, the drinks were empty and the chicken had been skeletonized, and Julie disposed of the trash in a nearby receptacle. She came back to the picnic table. "So, we've got the whole day ahead of us. What do we wanna do?"

Amy grinned, and a rather predatory glint appeared in her eye. She got onto all fours, and crawled toward Julie. "'Why, what a silly little princess, all alone out in the middle of the park…'" she quoted. She purred. "So lonely and…luscious!"

Julie laughed, recognizing the familiar opening from so many roleplays. "'Oh no. A hungry panther,'" she deadpanned. "'Oh, please, Miss Panther, don't eat me…I'd only give you indigestion…'"

Amy grinned, twitching the tip of her tail. "Mm…we'll leave that up to my tummy…"

Julie gave a playful little scream, and turned to run, glancing over her shoulder to make sure Amy was following. She ran across the park, half out-of-breath, toward a little hiding place she knew, where a row of trees formed a cozy little nook against the park wall, with a bench in it. The entrance was hard to find—almost nobody ever went there, and she considered it one of "her" private spots. It would be the perfect place to play out a pred/prey RP, away from prying eyes.

Amy, of course, easily kept up with Julie, and soon had her 'cornered'. She grinned, then pounced, pushing Julie to the ground. "Hehe…I caught you, my tasty little treat!"

"Eeek!" Julie said, grinning despite herself at the very idea of being eaten by a kitty who only massed about half as much as she did. "Oh no, Miss Panther! Let me go! I'm all stringy gristle! Not a fit meal for such a—" she suppressed a snigger "—queen of beasts as yourself!"

Amy's paw-like hands gripped Julie's shirt, and tugged it swiftly over her head, exposing the human's white bra. "Mm…well, I suppose I should taste you a bit first!" She leaned down, and her rather rough tongue began to stroke over Julie's belly, while her hands tugged down the human's pants.

Julie squeaked, then giggled. Somewhere in the back of her mind, a caution warning sounded, but she paid it no heed. Amy had already proved several times over that she was PanthrrGrrl, whom she'd known on-line and grown to trust. If Amy wanted to do a little petting (Julie almost giggled anew at the thought of "petting" in relation to such a cute kitty-neko), that was fine with her. After all, nobody could see, and it would be a fun change from just petting herself. She didn't resist—and even helped unfasten her pants for Amy.

Amy grinned, then moved upwards, leaving Julie in her underwear. "Mm…such a lovely, tasty princess…" She suddenly locked lips with Julie, kissing her deeply for a moment. "…Mm. Your lips taste like fried chicken…"

Julie gasped, taken by surprise—but found she enjoyed the sensation of a bristly tongue in her mouth and whiskers brushing her face, and kissed right back. "So do yours!"

Amy giggled, then moved down, kissing her way down Julie's neck and collar. Her lips soon reached Julie's bra, and she took the center-strap between her teeth. With a swift bite, she severed it, letting the ruined garment fall to the ground. "Oops…"

"Hey, that cost mone—aaaah!" Julie gasped as Amy's tongue washed over her modest chest, the rough tongue rasping over her nipples. It hurt a little, but felt so good at the same time. She'd never had anyone else ever get this far. Why was she letting Amy?

Amy finished with Julie's chest, then began to move down, kissing and licking across Julie's tummy. Her tongue teased Julie's navel a bit, and soon, she was at the human's crotch.

Julie trembled at the course the tongue was taking. She knew where it was going—knew she should stop this. But at the same time, she didn't want to. She had the sneaking suspicion that this was going to feel so much better than all her late-night explorations during RP ever could, and she didn't want to miss that feeling at all.

Amy took the crotch of Julie's panties into her teeth, and carefully tugged them downwards. Once they were completely off, the neko sat up, grinned, and tossed her head, snapping the garments up. A bulge traveled down her neck, and she patted her belly. "Yummy…" She leaned back down, heading straight back towards Julie's crotch.

Julie stared at the bulge in Amy's neck. How did she just do that? You can't swallow a whole set of panties in one gulp. But that, and all other thoughts, were driven right out of her head once that wonderfully rough tongue attacked her womanhood, swiping over the moist slit gently.

Julie moaned, trying to keep it low enough not to carry. It really did feel better than she'd possibly imagined. She thrust her hips forward, wanting more of that tongue to press into them, to stroke her, massage her, until she drifted away on waves of pleasure.

She hit her peak quickly, but that didn't snap Julie out of her daze. In her mind, she was 'reliving' their last RP…the huge panthress' tongue was washing over her thighs now, slowly moving downward. It felt more real than any of her previous fantasies; she could feel that rough tongue moving towards her feet, that hot breath washing over her soles. And then, her feet were inside the cat's mouth, slowly being pushed towards its throat. It was an amazing sensation, and it felt so real this time!

"Nooo!" she moaned, hands scrabbling around on the ground. Well, okay, moving a little. She didn't really have the strength in her right now to "scrabble." All in all, it wasn't very convincing—but then, the dialogue always looked better in text on the monitor.

The panther's lips were around her hips now, its broad tongue lapping up the juices that remained from her previous orgasm. She knew the RP; the panther wouldn't linger. And indeed, she felt her belly tugged into the big feline's hungry, wet maw, felt the very tips of its lower teeth moving along her back. It all felt so real! Was this what Amy had meant when she said maybe it could be? Her feet were being squeezed together now by the tight, hot grip of the panther's throat muscles, which took over to help tug her body the rest of the way in. Further and further down…

She reached down into the panther's mouth to caress herself some more, and so that her hands wouldn't get trapped outside and have to go down last after her head.

The fantasy-panther's jaws crept over her chest and neck, tongue continuing it's explorations. Julie fished around in her mind for the line she was supposed to use. "'Please! I'll give you lots of money! I'll find you other people to eat! Anythi—'"

Julie found herself staring at the world, the sky framed by teeth and lips. But it wasn't like her fantasy; the fangs were a good deal smaller than a panther's should be, and instead of a dark, enchanted forest, she was staring at the bright blue sky above the city park. Her glimpse of reality was all too brief, as the jaws sealed shut, and a very un-pantherlike purring filled Julie's ears—and indeed, vibrated through her entire body.

A few swallows later, Julie was pressed into a tight, wet chamber, that smelled strongly of fried chicken. And the true identity of her predator hit her—while Julie had lost herself in her fantasy, Amy had fulfilled it!

"A…Amy?! Y…you ATE me?"

Amy let out a rather unladylike belch. "Well, yeah. You didn't notice?"

Julie blushed. "Well, er, I have a rather overactive imagination…I thought it was just another fantasy! How did you even—I mean, you're so—"

"Small?" Amy purred. "Well, wouldn't you know? It seems I'm bigger on the inside."

Julie shivered. "Um…what happens now?"

"Hmm." Amy seemed to be thinking for a moment. "Well, normally, I'd just digest you…but, well, I like you, and I'd miss our evening RPs. So…I'll give you a choice." She gave her belly a squeeze. "I can digest you, make you a part of me just like in our RPs…then you'd be inside my head with me, to play with forever in 'real' RPs. Or…I can cough you back up." She chuckled. "But if I do…well, I don't think you can actually give me lots of money, so you'll just have to help me catch someone else to eat, 'cuz I really am hungry."

Julie thought it over. It was so nice and warm and snug in here, a part of her didn't ever want to leave. The idea of being digested was scary, but—if everything else had been true to the way they RP'd it, she didn't have any reason to think the digestion would be any different. She could stay with Amy forever, inside her mind, as a part of her. She really wanted that. But on the other hand—her parents would be devastated when she didn't come home, and she couldn't do that to them. "I…I'll come out, please? It's not that I'd mind being digested, but—"

"—but you're not quite ready?"


"Okay, fair enough. Well, hold onto your extremities." Suddenly Amy's stomach jumped and bucked beneath her, and contracted around her, and Julie was propelled back up through Amy's throat as if she were being squeezed through a tube of toothpaste. A moment later, she slid out of Amy's mouth onto the park bench. Then with another cough, a pair of very slimy, soiled, half-digested panties dropped on top of her. "Oops. Um…sorry about that."

Julie looked down at her slime, spit, and half-digested-chicken-covered body. "Eww. You don't happen to have a wet-nap or something, do you?"

Amy grinned. "I've got something better." She bent over Julie and began cleaning her with brisk, business-like swipes of her tongue. Julie giggled and squirmed, but Amy was strong enough to hold her down while she licked—there were some powerful muscles packed into that lithe little body. This time, she didn't linger on erogenous zones, though she didn't pass them up, either. By the time she was finished, Julie actually did feel remarkably clean.

Amy's empty stomach gurgled, and she looked mournfully at it, then at Julie, who was finishing pulling on her remaining clothes (after dropping the panties and bra in a nearby trash can). "Ready to hold up your end?"

Julie grinned shakily, trying to get her mind around the fact that she was about to help feed an innocent pedestrian to a hungry cat. "If you let me watch," she said.

Amy grinned. "Sure! Listen, here's what we'll do…"

Julie ran out onto a nearby jogging trail. Here came a fit young woman, short brown hair tied back with a sweatband, wearing an iPod. Julie stepped into her path. "Oh, help! Help, please!"

The woman yanked out her earbuds. "What is it, what's wrong?"

"It's my friend!" Julie said. "She fell off the park wall—I don't think she's breathing! Do you know CPR?"

"Yes, I do. Where is she?"

Julie led the woman to where Amy lay spread-eagled on the ground. The woman knelt down next to her, placed her ear to Amy's chest to listen for breathing. She wouldn't hear any, Julie knew—Amy would be holding her breath. So the woman moved to take Amy's head in her hands and place her mouth over Amy's to administer CPR—

And in a flash, Amy's lips were around the woman's neck. The woman didn't react for a moment, until Amy had engulfed her shoulders. Then, it seemed as if she finally realized her predicament, and began to flail about. As Amy gripped the woman tight, Julie moved up to pull off her shoes, socks, shorts, and panties. Amy was already slicing open the woman's shirt and bra with a fingerclaw. Then Julie sat back, and slipped her own pants down—she didn't want to get them all sticky, after all!

Amy didn't linger at all, nor did she go as slowly as she had with Julie. Gulp by gulp, she worked over the poor jogger's breasts, belly, and hips, without even a wayward lick. Her hands finally gripped the woman's legs, held them together, before she shoved the woman downwards with a heavy swallow. The leopard cat leaned back, and belched even louder than before.

Julie sat down next to Amy, and tentatively placed a hand on her belly, looking up at her face for permission. Amy nodded, and Julie placed both hands on Amy's chest, then rested her head there to listen to the sounds that came from within. Amy's belly was so soft and warm, even on the outside, it almost made her want to go right to sleep with Amy for a pillow—especially with all that soothing purring going on.

As she listened to the poor woman's whimpering and struggling gradually cease, Julie had to remind herself that this was not another fantasy, not some story to be posted to Eka's Portal—this was for real. She had just helped her best on-line friend kill a woman—or, if not "kill" exactly, at least remove from the world and absorb for her own nourishment. She shivered with the guilty knowledge of the crime she'd helped perpetrate—and then shivered even more with the realization that she actually envied the woman being digested now.

"Amy?" Julie whispered. "Would it be all right if…um…can I, heh, 'pet' you?"

Amy grinned. "Go ahead…" She rolled onto her back, and stretched out.

Julie ran her hands through Amy's soft chest fur, and then—once she worked up her courage—hesitantly over her breasts, which she then leaned down to kiss and caress more closely. Then she moved downward, over Amy's still-bulging belly, to the space between her legs. Hesitantly, tentatively—she'd never done this before—she leaned down to stroke her there first with her fingers, then with her tongue.

Amy purred, gently gripping Julie's head with her thighs. Her sex had an oddly sweet taste to it, an an almost intoxicatingly lovely scent…perhaps it had something to do with being a neko. Julie lost herself for a few minutes, focused entirely on the task at hand, only snapping out of it when Amy yowled with climax.

When Julie had finished, she stretched out next to Amy, in the shaft of sunlight coming down through the opening in the trees above, and pulled off her shirt and pants so that she could feel Amy's fur full-length against her bare skin, feel Amy's lazy purr vibrating into her body. She felt like purring herself. "That was amazing," she murmured. "All of it. Every bit of it. Can we…do it again sometime?"

"Your place or mine?" Amy asked with a grin.

"Ah, I wish I could take you home with me," Julie said drowsily. "To be my pet kitty…my petting kitty…my petted kitty. My well-fed little kitty."

Amy purred, and gave Julie a kiss. "Mm. Well, once you're ready…who knows?"

"Don't know when or if that will be," Julie said. "Once we do it for real, we can't do it again…and I can't help you bag someone else." She shivered with a guilty little thrill. "I think I like that. I like it a lot.

Amy grinned. "Well, we'll have to do lunch more often, then…a lot more often!"

"Mmm…I can do that. I certainly can." Julie smiled and closed her eyes, running back over the events of the afternoon. She could hardly believe how much had happened. She'd lived one of her greatest fantasies—lived it, in reality, with the best friend she'd never met before. Then she'd watched it happen to another person—helped make it happen. Her normal life was going to be even duller now.

Amy chuckled as Julie drifted off to sleep, and cuddled closer against her for a little extra warmth. Their desires sated in more ways than one, the two longtime friends and newfound lovers dozed together in the late afternoon sunlight.

Author's Comments

Yes, I know, if this had been true to life, both SweetCandy and PanthrrGrrl would have been "42-year-old men with stubble who still live in their parents' basements." It’s a fantasy story, okay?

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