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{{part|name=Season 1: Fun Things To Do For Revenge}}
{{part|name=Season 1: Fun Things To Do For Revenge}}
* [http://shadowwolf.keil-draco.com/?action=story&page=bafh1|Episode 1: Cleared For Departure]
:* [http://shadowwolf.keil-draco.com/?action=story&page=bafh1|Episode 1: Cleared For Departure]
* [http://shadowwolf.keil-draco.com/?action=story&page=bafh2|Episode 2: Don't Forget To Tip Your Assassins]
:* [http://shadowwolf.keil-draco.com/?action=story&page=bafh2|Episode 2: Don't Forget To Tip Your Assassins]
* [http://shadowwolf.keil-draco.com/?action=story&page=bafh3|Episode 3: Fish, Barrel, Dynamite]
:* [http://shadowwolf.keil-draco.com/?action=story&page=bafh3|Episode 3: Fish, Barrel, Dynamite]

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BAFH: Bastard Assassins From Hell

Back in 2006 I started a creative writing exercise on the TSA-Talk mailing list. This exercise was a new implementation of something I'd participated in back in 2001 (sadly it got cut short by 9/11) - the TF Wars. The version that took place in 2006 actually had some rules and controls, but true to the nature of the TF Wars most participants found a way to exploit the rules to their advantage.

My character in that TF Wars was a "God-mod" power-game version of the Devin Strider character I'd originally created as a character for a Cyberpunk RP and have used over the years as a quick "Villain" type character. As the TF Wars wound down Corvus - a participant - and myself had decided to write a series of stories following the further adventures of our characters in the TF Wars. They'd begun as enemies and became partners of convience.

Since the end of the TF Wars we've managed to finish three short stories in the series, all of which debuted in Anthro.

{{#ifeq:User|Template|{{part|name=section name|number=section number|seper=separator template type}}|{{#ifeq: | |===Season 1: Fun Things To Do For Revenge===|{{#ifeq:{{{seper}}}|hr|===
=== ===Season 1: Fun Things To Do For Revenge===|===
[[Image:Separator {{{seper}}} left.png|100px]] Season 1: Fun Things To Do For Revenge [[Image:Separator {{{seper}}} right.png|100px]]