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Works by ShadowWolf on Shifti

Hey all - you might know me, you might not. All that anyone needs to know about me is:

  1. I'm an amateur author and
  2. I used to own the server that Shifti is on. (it has moved to professional hosting)

In all seriousness, though... I'm one of the authors of the (infamous ?) Bastard Assassins From Hell (sorry, the easy link is gone for the time being) series and a few other short stories. (Although I am working on two novels - one "Furry" and one not) Beyond the writing I'm a self-employed programmer and web-designer. While I don't do paid hosting, I will - as Shifti demonstrates - offer space to a good cause.

Besides all that cruft I'm the brains behind the title template and the part template. You can see both demonstrated at User:ShadowWolf/Test_Page, where I'll demonstrate the output you can expect from the more complex templates I create.

Don't know why you're looking here anyway. All my (finished) stories will be posted to the main section of the archive - you should be out there looking for something interesting to read!

Lately people have been coming to me for editing and critiques. I'm not sure why, exactly, but I'd like to thank all of them for their trust and faith in my (IMHO limited) abilities as an editor.

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For the past several months I have been working on putting together and testing a custom mod-pack for Minecraft to share with my friends and anyone here on Shifti (or from TSA-Talk) that wishes to play. I'm happy to announce that the pack is now done with primary testing and has reached its primary stability state.

Head on over to the Feed the Beast mod-pack launcher site and grab a copy of it (get the 'Legacy' version for your platform, it's better than the non-legacy version), then use the pack-code "HighTechWolf" (without the double-quotes) to install the mod-pack. While it can be played in an offline/single-player mode, it was designed for multiplayer - the server is at and generally runs the latest "stable" version (which is almost always the version available through the launcher). Everyone is welcome to join, just... Follow Wheatons Law: Don't Be a Dick.