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Important News
On the Eighth of October (10/8/2020) we learned that Robotech Master was badly injured in a hit and run while out on his electric bike. The volunteer staff of Shifti all hope for him to recover and be back to his old self by Christmas, but right now he's known to have been badly injured and is in intensive care on a respirator. Please give his friends and family space and time to get through these trying times. All the information we currently have is in this TeleRead article.
Update One: According to a recent e-mail from Jon Sleeper there is no eye movement and he will not survive if taken off the respirator. He also reports that doctors are recommending end-of-life procedures to his brothers.
Update Two: News from his family says that they tested taking him off the respirator and he is breathing on his own. While this can be a good sign, it is still too early to tell if he'll ever recover or wake up.
Update Three: His mother reports that Chris has stopped breathing on his own and has been placed on Palliative Care. (note that Palliative Care assumes that recovery is possible, it is the other side of Hospice Care)
Final Update: According to this post and his mother, Chris died at around two in the morning. The pain I know we're all feeling right now is real, but hopefully it will leave us remembering all the good as things have in the past.
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About Me

I'm a 43-year-old tech writer/customer service person, living in Indianapolis, IN.

I write columns for an e-book blog,, one of which mentioned the Transformation Story Archive and Shifti.

I have written for a number of Internet fiction writing circles, including,, SUPERGUY listserv, Undocumented Features, the City of Heroes fanfic site RP Congress, and (now Transformation has been a common theme to many of my writings, and some of them can be found via links on my homepage. I'm considering dipping my toe into a setting or two here.

Contacting Me

If you'd like to leave me feedback on my stories, please feel free to leave a comment on the talk pages of any of them. Alternately, you can contact me via email, or by using the Google Talk or Google Voice widgets found at the top of my homepage. I would love to hear from you!

I also have a FaceBook profile, a LiveJournal, and a Twitter account, among other things.

My Stories


Melton's Eleven

Stories centering around a group of eleven furres who were kidnapped and held for months at the whim of a millionaire who treated them like zoo animals.

  • Tiffnapped – Tiffany Tanner, an up and coming Changed soap opera star, is kidnapped!
  • Holding Helena – Melton's Eleven must decide what to do with their erstwhile kidnapper.

The Future is Paradise

A pair of alternate-future stories in which I lay out my vision of "what happened next", exploring possible implications of the Change and future developments.

  • The Future is Paradise – James Slater Mattiaz, grandson of Christopher Mattiaz, goes to watch his girlfriend play sports.
  • Paradise Forever – While testing a new form of quantum teleportation, James Mattiaz soon finds himself no longer anywhere near Kansas.



  • Deserted – Stranded alone in a hostile desert, a young man meets a new friend who could save his life.
  • Merging Traffic – A self-freed snow leopard RIDE sets her sights on a new partner—who happens to be the wrong gender. Wacky hijinks ensue.

Chakona Space

Walkerblack Tales

A Hardscrabble Life


  • The Last Human Being – Alternate-future Chakona Space story looking at what the world might be like a hundred years later.


Favorite Links

Listing some of my favorite non-me stuff from Shifti here so I can find it easily.