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FreeRIDErs story universe
MORFS story universe

Author: WhenCatsFoxesandWolvesFly

Project History


I have decided to rename the project that this page is meant to serve as a means of coordinating from its previous, tentative title of When Worlds Collide to 'Project 'Crash Course'' not only because of how it is about worlds colliding with each other but also because it will be a kind of crash course in writing things meant for publication here on Shifti for me.

Inspiration and Origins

I was inspired to write this story after reading both a story named 'Catgirl' by Instant Kingdom user Zombie and several stories set in the 'MORFS' and FreeRIDErs universes. In Zombie's 'Catgirl', the main characters hide from pursuers in an old Japanese space station orbiting what they call 'Old Earth' due to the fact that it is humanity's ancestral home (there is, I believe, a 'New Earth' in this same setting,) on which it is rumored there exist artificial intelligences of some kind. That got me thinking: could that old Japanese space station be Tenkei, or 'Heaven's Blessing,' from the 'MORFS' universe, and could the mentioned artificial intelligences be RIDEs from FreeRIDErs? If this were true, then I concluded that somebody might write another story, placed in the past of Zombie's 'Catgirl', in which characters from the 'MORFS' and FreeRIDErs universe would meet somehow. Since I'm the one who came up with the idea in the first place, I thought that I might flesh it out into a full-fledged story. Even though I don't really have that much experience writing fiction, I'm going to give it my best shot!

Current Status and Plans

My current plans involve relating to my readers the experiences that characters from both the 'MORFS' universe and the FreeRIDErs universe go through both before and after contact.


'MORFS' Universe

Currently Unnamed Main Character

The main character from the 'MORFS' universe will initially be a hermaphrodite with the anatomical and physiological abilities necessary to hide certain parts of his (this character's identity is, at first, predominantly masculine) or her said anatomy and physiology in such a way that he or she can appear to others as being of whichever sex he or she so chooses. However, the form which I mean for this character to take on after going through MORFS is that of a purely-female avian/feline/hominin/lupine/vulpine hybrid with the ability to manipulate the 'N-dimensional patterns' that constitute the subspace of her universe.

FreeRIDErs Universe

Cameron Spryfletch

This character dies shortly after receiving a bullet right in his heart in order to have his DNA and nervous system preserved as computer data. Terran scientists reconstruct him from this data approximately five hundred years later, waking him up to find himself in the FreeRIDErs universe.



'MORFS' Universe
The main character from the 'MORFS' universe is introduced, goes through his transformation into a complete girl, adjusts to this change, takes a while to figure out her powers, and then escapes from a group of people who want to use these powers to their own advantage by creating an N-dimensional pattern in order to catapult herself to s ship that she 'sees' with her powers in a nearby, parallel bubble of space-time.
FreeRIDErs Universe
  • Uprooted (Title Tentative, Work In Progress)
Cameron Spryfletch dies after having been the target of an act of business terrorism. During the course of Cameron's unsuccessful treatment, his father decides to have his son's genome sequenced and entire central nervous system mapped in hopes that the resulting data might one day be used to resurrect him. Terran scientists of the 27th century stumble upon this data while looking through medical archives, analyze it and some documentation provided alongside it only to find that Cameron's body and mental state are what it encodes, and revive the young man using nanotechnology, just as he desired. The newly-resuscitated teenager takes up residence somewhere on Zharus either after or before learning about RIDEs. Curious about the artificially-intelligent mechanoid robots, the young man decides to learn more about them by constructing a shell for one of his very own to call home. In the process, he unwittingly creates a DE whose form is similar enough to my main character from the 'MORFS' universe that she will be able to use it as a target for what is known, in the FreeRIDErs universe, as a subspace jump. He does not, however, acquire an RI to go in his DE at this time.
  • (No title) (Title TBD, Discussion of Work Started Here)
If the linked discussion is a success for all parties concerned, then, in this story, Cameron Featherspry will finally receive an RI to go in the DE that he has made in the form of Arka from Jetfire's 'The Touch', an EI who wants to become an RI, once she and her 'parents,' Farouk and Lucy Skye, learn that the DE in question is available for her use. She and my main character from the FreeRIDErs universe will then fuse before following in the footsteps of Yuri Shepard and Skyfire from that same story by joining the Marshals. This may take them on a mission to the Sol system to resupply Troy, Spot, and Helena from Jetfire's story 'Spies Among Us' with the means of producing a new DINcom so that these latter individuals can stay in touch with the Marshals on Zharus.


  • (No title) (Title TBD, Work Not Yet Started)
My character from the 'MORFS' universe ends her subspace jump in the middle of the ship taken by my main character from the FreeRIDErs universe while it is either on its way to or on its way back from its mission to resupply the Martian Marshals mentioned above with a working DINcom in such a way that she either knocks it out of subspace or prevents it from entering it and either landing herself in the FreeRIDErs universe or her target ship in the 'MORFS' universe.