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This was a story for Leasara, part of Linnaeus' 2007 Xmas Xchange. Second story I've finished, and yes, it is finished. Editing was done by Bard and Felix, thank you two very much.

The Saransk Adventures

Author: Nikon

"Shannon, you've got some mail." her mother said. Shannon turned around to see her mother coming down the stairs to her basement room. "Here you go, dear."

"Thanks Mom." Shannon replied, then looked at the mail as her mother headed back upstairs. She went though the pile of bills and ads, finally stopping at a small flat box. She looked at the label and thought, "Unimedia, Inc.? I don't remember ordering anything from them." She opened the box to find a DVD case inside. The art was of a group of five anthropomorphic mythical creatures, all done in anime style, looking as if they were an adventuring party. "This looks kinda neat!" she thought.

Shannon pulled off the protective plastic, then pulled off those silly security seals, meeping at a static shock as she removed the last one. Shannon pulled out the DVD, then opened her player and dropped it in. She sat back with the remote, and waited for all the legal warnings to pass. There seemed to be a few new ones, but she didn't pay any attention to them.

Finally, the DVD menu came up, showing the five adventurers, a Unicorn, a Gryphon, a Dragon, a Naga, and a Kitsune, along with the title, The Saransk Adventures. Shannon hit the play button, and watched the title for the anime, full of rock music, and the mythics fighting. The end came with a bright flash of light, and Shannon was forced to close her eyes.

Suddenly, she felt herself being pulled somewhere, and opened her eyes to see. All around her were multicolored lights flowing past as she slid down a tube of some sort. It almost looked like a wire frame the inside. Down at her feet was a bright light, getting closer and closer. She put her arms in front of her eyes to block the dazzling light.

Shannon felt herself land on something soft, but was still blinded from the light. Around her, she could hear four more 'ooomfs' of somethings else landing around her. She put her hands down to feel soft grass under her, and could hear birds chirping overhead. Slowly her vision cleared, and she saw she was in a glade, along with four others who had the look of Anime fans.

Shannon carefully got up, still feeling a bit sore from the landing. She looked over the others. They were all guys, and all were wearing anime themed shirts. She looked at the bunch, “Let me guess, you all got a strange DVD in the mail?” They all looked at Shannon and nodded.

“Well, I'm Shannon, I guess we should all find out each other's names before anything else happens.”

The skinny kid, who could be no older then 16, spoke up first. "Um. I'm Steve. Where are we? How did we get here?"

"I'd like to know that too," the guy who looked like a hockey player said. "I'm Morgan by the way."

The last two spoke up, “I'm Felix, and is this all a dream?” The one next to him followed, “I'm Kris, and where are we?”

“I believe I can answer that.” The new voice made everyone jump and turn around. Stepping out of the forest was an old looking female fox, walking on just two paws, carrying a staff. “I summoned you here so that you may save this world from destruction.”

Shannon spoke up, the first to get over her shock at the anthro fox. "With all due respect, how to expect us to do that? I'm sure we know every anime cliche ever, but we're not in any condition to save a world!"

“Yeah, no one asked us if we wanted to save the world, and what can we do anyways?” Kris spoke up from the back.

“You can do much more then you realize young ones. You just need a little bit of help to get you started.” The old fox smiled and banged her staff into the ground.

Shannon felt the ground shake, and the boom in her ears. Dust swirled past her as her skin started to tingle, which then seemed to move inwards until her whole body was shaking. She looked down to see white hair spouting over her arms. She looked over at the others to see that they were having similar changes. Shannon focused back on herself, watching her hands fur over, her fingernails taking on a shiny silver colors.

She felt an odd sensation in her feet, as if they were being pulled like taffy. She felt her shoes fall off, and looked down to see her toes merging into a silver, cloven hoof. She put her hands to her head, as her forehead felt like it was under a great deal of pressure. She felt a horn growing out, pushing her fingers aside. The pressure moved to her face, and slowly a short muzzle formed. She could feel her lip split, forming a goat-like cleft.

Shannon's ears flowed up the sides of her head, pulling out to equine shape and mobility. She could feel the pressure and release as a tail quickly grew. All of her aches and pains vanished, as she was lifted up in the air in the glow of magic. The clothes around her vanished, only to be reformed into a white robe that screamed 'healer'.

The new unicorn morph was set down gently on her hooves. It took her just a moment to get use to the way her new legs worked. This all felt good, right for her. Shannon looked around the glade, seeing the others had changed, each one looking very much like a different class.

Shannon looked for the old fox, but she had vanished into the forest. In her place were five strange items lying on the ground. The gryphon spoke up. "Well! What do we do now?" The voice sounded very much like Felix. Shannon walked over to the strange items. Seeing a staff she picked it up and felt a tingle of power flow through her. "Well, I guess we do what we have to do. Save the world? Find a way home? I'm not sure. But anything is better then waiting here."

The other four agreed, and fetched their magical items, before the odd party wandered out of the forest and off for adventure.