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If you like my stories, check out my novels:

"Striking the Root": A young squirrelfolk wizard tries to serve his living god by delivering a simple message.

"Thousand Tales" series: In the 2030s, humans "upload" to live in a virtual world where they can change species, escape age and disease, play around to get cool magic powers, and try to save the world they came from.

"Learning To Fly", released 2017/5/5: In the latest "Thousand Tales" book, a pilot becomes a magic-wielding pegasus just in time to help redraw the world.

My Stories:

Works by Kris on Shifti

The Agency

A Walk in the Park

So You're Becoming a Taur

The Whale

ZOM100: Zombie Mitigation Lab

Taking the Plunge

The Petlyakov-15 Amusement Engine

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