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Doing time

Written By FiendishTeen

Mark Brown was 19 and was always getting into situations with his friends Ray and Zach.

Zach had recently got ahold of some old m-80s and was itching to try them out. Ray suggested that they try them out at the zoo. Mark said that it was a bad idea but Ray and Zach would have none of it.

The whole thing was planned out nicely mark was to drive them out to the zoo and the three of them would jump over the fence that surrounds the zoo and set the firecrackers off in the middle of the zoo. Everything would have been fine had a habitat not been open.

Everything happened so fast one second Ray and Zach are being loud and annoying like always when it leaped out of no where. It got Ray so fast by the time Zach began to run Ray was already lizard food. Zach did not get far before it got to him too. Mark just stood there in shock watching as his friends were being devoured. When it began to walk towards him he thought it was all over. Then it just walked right past him and back into it's habitat.

By the time the ambulance arrived there was nothing they could do but call the authorities. They took Mark in for trespassing and at that time everything began to happen at once he was put in a cell and received a hearing.

"Mr. Brown your lawyer is here to see you." said the guard.

The guard escorted him to a room with a table and two chairs and in one of the chairs was a sly looking man in a suit.

"Well someone looks like they are not feeling well. The name is Mike I have been assigned as your lawyer."

"Any good news I am not another lost soul in the system am I?" Mark Asked.

"Well it depends on what you consider to be good news." Mike Responded.

"The owner of the zoo offered to drop the charges if you work for him for two months."

"NO Way in hell am I going near that place!" Mark Yelled.

"Look it is either there or Prison and the types of animals in prison would make any beast look like a bunny rabbit kid." Mike said

"Good point I will take the deal." Mark said.

Mark still felt sick as he pulled up into the parking lot. Still wondering in his mind what the hell he got himself into. Outside to greet him was a middle aged women.

"Well if it isn't the imbecile who broke into the zoo and got Cindy sent to Komodo Island." said the women.

"Maybe your lizard should not have killed my friends!" said Mark.

"THAT lizard was a komodo dragon and it was protecting the zoo from you and your foolish friends! Now Mr. Anderson told me to tell you to report to his office in the main building don't keep him waiting." she said.

When Mark entered the room an older man was sitting in a chair behind a desk.

"Come in and take a seat Mr. Brown." said the man

"Mr. Anderson I take it. said Mark.

"I am sorry for your Loss Mr. Brown." said Mr. Anderson

"Yea thanks I guess" said Mark

"I heard you met Helen she is going to be your partner during your time here. She will be going to show you the ropes." said Mr. Anderson.

"Yea a real sympathetic soul that one." Mark replied.

"I hope you are aware that she raised Cindy that Komodo dragon that got shipped off to Komodo Island because of your antics. Now go and find her lets put you to work." said Mr. Anderson

As he was walking around trying to find Helen Mark began to feel sick. He barely made it to the bathroom in time before he began throwing up guts. He knew that it would look bad if he left the first day so he decided he would tough it out. As soon as he walked out of the bathroom Helen came up.

"There you are I need you to go feed the snakes" she said.

"What do I feed them with?" Mark Asked.

"Mice what else." Helen said.

After taking care of the snakes Mark returned to Helen.

"Is that it?" Mark asked.

"No go clean Cindy's old habitat we have a new Komodo dragon coming in today." Helen replied.

Mark was cleaning Cindy's old Habitat when all of a sudden his hearing and vision seemed to weaken.

"Great now I am going blind and deaf can this day get any worse!" As if on cue he felt a sharp pain in his hand and found it had grown claws and scales. Then he felt something began to protrude at the end of his spine. He suddenly lost his balance and landed face first into the dirt. He felt paralyzed as his body was changing he felt scales growing throughout his body and sharp teeth replacing his old teeth just then he blacked out.

"Guess he just could not take it." said Mr. Anderson.

"Not everyone can handle the job." said Helen

"Well at least our new komodo dragon came in." said Mr. Anderson

"Yeah he will fit right in."