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I feel a slight pinch and turn my arm over to examine the area. “Holy shit” I say as I watch my skin raise and thicken into inflexible discs. I touch it reflexively and barely feel the pressure at all... In fact, my fingers are flattening out and the patterns of my fingerprints are standing on end. They-They're so stiff. God! I think the bones in my hands m-might be rearranging. My fingernails are pushed out one by one by claws. I feel another surge of pain and hold my arms up to watch bony protrusions emerge.

Spikes... It travels up my arms and to my shoulder-blades. They push into each other in my back which is now too small to accommodate them. I fall to my knees unsure how to allay this pain.

B-but that's nothing. It's nothing it's nothing. My ribs press outward from the sternum and I feel my skin stretch stretch and tear taking with it the last of the sensitivity those nerve endings held. I shriek, my breasts falling away revealing a concave and muscular undercarriage of smooth scales.

I fall over. I am trapped on my back now, my upper body far disproportionate to my pasty legs. I crane my neck and watch as best I can across my body as my legs contort. My fucking pelvis shifts. I can feel the damn thing twist to function around the girth of a reptilian quadruped's belly. My legs are pushed outward, far beyond “birthing hips” and my feet elongate, bursting out of my socks. My big toe stretches out beyond the rest.

What the hell? Why one big toe? For climbing? SHIT SHIT SHIT! My neck and ass all at once. My vertebrae push out in all directions elongating me further. I have a tail. A fucking tail. I can see it rather well actually. My neck's a thousand feet long, I swear.

Oh-oh. This is bad. My cheekbones widen and then my jaw pushes out. All of my teeth fall out in the process. They dribble out of my mouth as I try to spit them out without lips. My tongue snakes around to catch up with the added space and I gasp. The sound is strange and lifting my hand I guess I find that my ears have fallen off. My field of vision is strange what with a large portion of it being taken up by what appears to be a snout. I cry out, the sound hollow and deep like the ground shaking. I roll over with great effort and small flecks of my human skin are stirred up by the movement.

I think...

I think I'm a fucking dragon.