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3P story universe

Meeting Nick

Author: Arrow Quivershaft

After we talked with Dawn, we changed our plans a bit. There was a boat leaving straight from Athens to Lecce the next morning, so we adjusted. I’d go back and touch base with Nick and meet them in Selene’s Grove at the nearest opportunity, since I was by far the slowest. So after yet another boat ride, I arrived in Athens. This one was a lot rougher, since we’d encountered a minor storm on the way. So everyone was more than glad to get off the boat as soon as we landed on the evening of August 5th. It was cloudy, with the sun going down anyways. But it was still nice and hot. Italian summer, and all.

I dragged my pack behind me off the boat when my turn came, looking around, and nearly did a double take when I saw what looked like an anthropomorphic tiger standing there, wearing gloves. I recognized him from the news photos...Nick was HERE? He’d already come down here? How’d he know I was coming back, or had a plan, or...questions to ask. I headed over towards him at the unloading zone, digging in my pocket with my free hand for my identification paperwork. Nick eyed me as I approached.

“Mr. Snider, I wasn’t expecting you,” I said to Nick as I got within conversational range.

“...who’re you?” he asked with a quirk of a brow.

Of course, while I’d seen him in the news, he had never seen me before. "Apologies; I'm Nathan Renfrew." I showed him my documents.

His face lit up in recognition. "Oh, Nathan, been expecting you. Yeah something came up kinda bad so I came to you."

"Ah...ok. Sorry if I took a bit longer than you were expecting." I apologized. I hadn’t expected him to come down here this soon, but he didn’t need to know that.

"Yep, no problem.” He said, not missing a beat. “It alright if we go somewhere safe to talk?"

I shook my head. "That's not an issue, no. So long as you don't mind my gear..."

"No prob...lets just get back to the hotel if that's okay with you..."

"Sure." I hefted my pack and followed him to the hotel in relative silence, since he obviously wanted privacy for this conversation. A bit of an intro about myself, but that was it. No one paid any special attention to us here. Seems Nick’s 15 minutes were mostly over...then again, Lecce isn’t that great of a place to measure your uniqueness. Once we were in the room, I took my pack off and set it down for the moment. I was pretty sure I’d be ok here.

Nick looked over to me. "Anyway, some crazy things have gone down..." He offered a chair and took one himself.

"Ok. What exactly has occurred?" Be diplomatic. I sat down on the offered furniture.

“I got a letter from Tel Aviv..." Nick sighed.

"Bad news, I presume?" I asked, trying to be unflappable.

"They want Alex and Blossom in the city so they can be marked." He sighed. "That seemed suicidal so came here a bit early." This was troubling, if only because of the fact that I’d left them unguarded in Selene’s realm and Bast probably didn’t know they were both marked already. "By now those in England know I'm AWOL, so'll Bast...I just couldn’t...”

"Ok. Well, they’re in Selene’s realm, and they’re both they’re safe from Bast on the mark level. Just don’t let it slip they’re there and they should be fine till we can make a run out there."

"Anyway...what's up with you? I notice a certain Fox and Stormwing are out still." Nick said, shifting topics without a clutch. I wasn’t really done, though, so I pulled it back.

"Gotta question. I thought Bast let you go; but you said she'll know you're away from England. So she didn't REALLY let you go, did she?" I queried.

"I'm not really. Plus I worked for the realm, I'm sure she'll know about that."

"Ah, yeah...ok." I could understand that. Let go, but still on a sort of leash.

"Exactly...anyway where are the others?" NIck got back to the point.

"Regarding your friends, they're in Selene's domain at the moment. We decided it would be more time-efficient to split up again." I hoped they’d made it there. DIdn’t wanna be a liar.

"Oh, any news?"

"We went to Athens. And we spoke there. And they said that if the two parts of your 'fractured soul' could be brought there, something MIGHT be arranged." I chose my words carefully, so as not to give any false hope to the guy.

"Awesome. So we have to capture my evil twin." Nick said with a touch of sarcasm.

"That's one way of putting it, yeah."

"Even then if nothing can be done we'll be stuck with a really angry and rather large tiger." he's speaking sarcastically.


"Either way it'll have to be tried, to reverse my mistake." Nick said. He paused and sighed. "So what do the gods think of such a predicament?" he seemed sad.

"I didn't speak with them, directly. I don't know, honestly..." I shook my head. "Is something wrong, Nick?"

"I hate to sound like a pessimist but, it's just not looking good and my friends are in trouble because of me. Alex..."

"That's more sounding like a realist, to me." I tried to encourage.

"Yeah, so we hope...I hope." Nick sighed again.

"In any event. We need Nkosi before we can do anything else..."

"Luring him out is going to be a pain, something I haven't figured out quite yet."

"Well, that's our next step. If I may speak freely?"

"Now that, I leave up to you...everyone needs to get together before we go chasing Nkosi." Nick said.

"Getting people together, I can do."

"Depending on how long that takes, I'll figure something out." Nick resolved.

"If I may speak freely?" I repeated.

"Of course, I'm not a oppressor."

“I’m not sure if anyone knows if Blossom and Alex are marked yet. Though I’m loathe to suggest live bait, it may be your only option if you can’t think of something better.”

"Hm Nkosi dragging them in...maybe." he shrugged a bit.

"If they don’t agree, though, we should look for another option."

"That'll be weird, finding another option." Nick said.

"Yeah, choice, really." I noted. Not like we were overflowing with scenarios here.

"Naturally, Nathan do you mind telling me something..." Nick led.

"Ask your question; I can't guarantee an answer, but you'll probably get one." I said as politely as possible. “There’s a lot of stuff I don’t know, so I can’t promise one.”

"What do you think of this whole situation in your experience?" Nick asked me, looking at me curiously.

"Admittedly? It's not like anything I've encountered before." I said.

"Yeah...buncha people pop in from some world getting all mixed up with the gods." Nick sighed.

"Yeah, kinda. Sorry." I apologized.

"It's not your fault, I owe you great thanks for trying to help. Sure you're getting paid but it's still meaningful." Nick said.

"Hey, it's why I signed on. To do exciting things, maybe strike it big in the process." I explained. “This is right up my alley.”

Nick chuckled. "Or might strike something big...anyway should be interesting at the very least." I nodded as he continued. "I'm just hoping everything turns out alright for everyone. Alexei included since he's a Stormwing..."

"Again, my apologies about that." I said, sagging a bit. "If it's any consolation, all future negotiations I perform will occur with all participants well in my line of sight."

"Hey that happens when doing dangerous traveling." Nick shrugged. "Better than what I got myself into."

"To be honest, I would agree with that." I said cautiously.

"No disputing the truth, though I have wondered what was the best course of action based on the situation I've described?"

I shook my head. "I don't know. If I was in that circumstance, I don't know what I would've done. None of the kinda stuff was dealt with in my classes, and so I’d have been in the same boat as you."

"I dunno what I'd do differently either, I've thought about it alot." Nick said. "Well I was marked willingly with my form intact, it was just her wish that I stay with her permanently...had I said no, maybe she would have changed me."

"Yeah...quite a real probability." I sid.

"The little catgirls are creepy, I have to say. Like stuff you'd see out of an anime almost."

"I've never been to the Egyptian Realm, although my training does extend to its environment."

Nick just looked at me."Overall Nathan what're your thoughts if you care to share...given all that's happened."

"Speaking entirely freely, I think you got yourself in a bad situation and you're trying to get out of it now, and doing so may prove to be quite difficult."

"Yep, a buddy of mine asked me why I didn't want to just give up and start a new life." Nick said.

"I would ask that myself, if I didn't empathize with your situation."

"Empathize? Why?" Nick asked curiously.

"I still have nightmares about being forcibly marked and situations sorta like this occurring. Even though I'm vaguely safe, now." I explained.

"You were forcibly marked?" Nick asked incredulously.

"No, no I wasn't." I shook my head.

"Oh, just about what'd happen if you were." Nick realized.


"Yeah being forced into a cat girl form would be awful..." Nick said. I remained silent, not commenting on it. I knew Dawn had had issues. "Kinda like Alexei though...gotta be rough having a god manipulate you like that."

"Yeah...I still feel bad about that." I said.

"Long as he's not a slave he should be fine and it should be reversible."

"Hopefully, yeah." Hope springs eternal. I shook my head a bit. "I don't think I'll be able to help you with that, though."

"I doubt many will, we have a long road ahead of us before that though.”


"So, gotta get everyone together capture Nkosi bring him to a goddess...”

"That'd be the Cliff's Notes version, yes." I confirmed.

Nick chuckled. “That's alot to do..."


"Nice mark by the way." Nick commented

"Oh, you really think so? Thanks." I said. It was nice to have someone actually compliment me on the thing for a change.

"It's artistic, the gods seem to like fancy things...naturally." he said.

"This is Athene's Mark." I explained.

"I like Athene." Nick said, grinning. Not even a hint of sarcasm, either.

"Heh, thanks."

"Seriously everything I've ever heard about her is nice, she's got a good image."

"Well, then that's good." I said.

"Heh understandable, though I really wish I woulda landed in her realm. Bast is awesome but kinda creepy."

"I can say that Athene and Bast are opposed, although there's not really any outright conflict." I explained.

"They just aren't buddy buddy, gotcha."

"Right. Different values." I confirmed. "Although the reason for no conflict is related to the distance, as well as other factors."

"Of course." Nick nodded. "All this traveling is pricy, even the gods don't wanna waste time like that." He paused. "Anywho, based on the traveling we'll be doing what's the best method for staying out of trouble given my race...figured this glove might cover the mark pretty well."

"There's still the ability to sense a Mark. But the glove will work to an extent." I reminded him.


"In any case, alot of times Marks aren't a huge issue among people, unless it's all-out-war between the two factions."

"Oh, how about when traveling with Nkosi? He's quite...large and semi well known for being in his position."

"That I haven't figured out explicitly." I said with a sigh. "Most likely you'd want restraints and tranquilizers."

"He'll definatly be a pain and attention grabber even restrained."

I nodded. "Well, I don't know."

"Not like we can stuff him in a car trunk. Or ever hope to lure him to Athene’s realm."

"Yeah. I know." I sighed. Did they all like to rehash the obvious a hundred times?

"That'd be convenient though, but no way Bast would send him there."

Keep your patience. "Well, again. Get him out of the Realms..."

"Still gotta get him into a realm eventually just outa Tel Aviv."

"True enough."

"Man we face insane odds, he may just rip us all apart or try..."

"I know." I said meekly. I really didn’t need the reminding.

"That's a good thing though..." he smiled some. What, that I knew? Everyone knew that.

"I'm hoping you are combat-trained?" I said with a mark of hope.

"A little, no what I mean is Nkosi isn't a different man he's me. I can probably think of something to manipulate myself." Nick said with a nod.

I was not encouraged. "'Probably' gets you killed in the Realms." I said.

Nick looked at me, not liking that fact being dropped. "Right...just gotta come up with something definite then."

"That'd be greatly preferred, yes." I said. I changed the subject. "Did you need any equipment to go Realmwalking?"

"Uh. depends what would be needed?" Gods, he was just as bad as the others.

"Non-synthetic clothes, water, rations, general travelling gear, and possibly a weapon or two." I said, masking the tiredness in my voice.

"Yeah I can get some....maybe a dagger or short sword can be bought cheaply."

"We have a place on the campus where you can rent or purchase equipment as needed." I noted.

"Oh awesome, I'll get stuff there." he nods

"Also need a tent and stuff."

"Yeah camping'll be fun." he said.

Sigh. "Well, that's what you do once the sun goes down in the realms."

" tech after all." he remembered.

"Night movement is dangerous."

"Oh? There's a lot I need to learn." Nick noted.

"It's my job to know this." I smiled slightly, partially to improve my own mood.

"Heh naturally...Though I am curious...why is night movement so dangerous?"

"Because in general, humans are a lot weaker at night, sightwise.” I stated. “Many of the more threatening monsters don't have that disadvantage."

"Monsters as in transformed marked people or...real savage monsters?" Nick asked.

"Both, but more of the latter, generally." I reassured.

"What kinda monsters?" he asked. Naturally.

"Chimerae are some of the more common, but in the greek realm, you can encounter more or less anything from Greek mythology."

"Ah...that's alot. Medusa included?"

"Gorgons exist, yes. And the more powerful ones can petrify you." I paused. "I was on a gorgon hunting expedition once."

Nick shuddered. "Any cure for petrification?"

I nodded. “Yes. Get out of realm before it finishes. Or if you can;t, if there's a survivor and the statue is recoverable, they can usually do something. Of course, I’d advise not testing it out.

"I wouldn't be either." he said.

"Want me to creep you out?" I smirked. Wanted to add some levity to this so we weren’t focusing on the herculean task ahead of us.

"Uh, sure." he shrugged a bit.

"Rumor has it that if you get eaten by all three of a cerebrus's head, you become one."

"All three? So torn to pieces, and...what does it do, give birth to you?" he asked with some shock.

"I think so, yeah. Again, nobody has ever tested it."

"Heh obviously, yeah that's kinda creepy. I'd hate to be a cerebrus." He paused. "Weird how realms pop up and monsters follow...where do the monsters come from?"

"Well, there's obviously those marked, there's the ones that showed up with the deities, and then they reproduce like anything else." I explained.

"Oh geez..."

"There were military incursions into the Realms when they first opened, as well as excursions outside of the Realms at the same time." Nick nodded as I spoke. "And both types failed. The military couldn't do anything inside the Realms without technology, while outside of the Realms, the monsters and servants couldn't stand up against modern weaponry."

"Oh...weird." Nick said.


"Just understandable how that'd be unexpected." he said. I didn’t really get it, but I nodded anyways. "Yeah...I wonder has anything you've ever expirienced come to par with this?"

"That's an easy question, and the answer is no." I stated.

"Are you up for it?" Nick asked curiously.

"Yeah, I am."

"Good." Nick grinned.

"Thanks. But again, it's my job."

"It'll be a long road." he cautioned.

"Yes, it will..." I affirmed. It wasn’t something I hadn’t thought about.

"Well worth it, if everything turns out well." Nick said, probably more for himself than me.

"Hopefully it will." I couldn’t promise any better. That said, if it went well, I’d have a HELL of a story to tell.

"There's a lot of room for know though... I, to this day, wonder if I could have done something differently."

"That's normal." I tried to assure him.

"Yeah... I guess things might have been worse, trying to run from Bast. Alexei and Sprout would have been captured eventually since Nkosi did save them."

"Well, that's looking on the bright side." Keep him focused.

"That's why I think I'll be able to manipulate Nkosi some, unless he's been brainwashed." Nick said.

Chances: Excellent. "I wouldn't be able to weigh in on that."

Nick nodded, looking like he had nothing else to say. I didn’t either, so after a few moments, I said, "If there's nothing else to discuss, I think I'll head back to my place for the night?"

"Sounds good, see you tomorrow?"

"Sure. If you need me overnight, here’s my number.” I jotted down my number on a piece of hotel stationery. “That's my cell, I have to have it on all the time I'm out of the Realms."

"Alright cool, thanks." Nick said, relaxing a bit.

"I'll stop by tomorrow, then." I wanted to get home and get a shower.

"Tomorrow is cool I might go to the campus and pick up some travelin' gear." Nick said.

"Well, don't do that if you won't be coming with me to Corinth and Selene's." I cautioned.

"I'd like to go if I could, there's nowhere else to go and I'm eager to see those two again." Nick said.

"Ok, then. I'll check the boat schedule tomorrow."

"Ah cool...Hope Sprout's okay, and"

"Again, I'm sorry."

"Hey no problem, my fault more than yours." Nick said.

"If you insist." I said, standing. It’s hard to forgive yourself. "See you tomorrow?"

"Yep have a good night." Nick smiled.

"You as well." I said, then grabbed my stuff and headed out. I went home, got a shower, and collapsed into bed for the night, mentally exhausted.

Separator k.png

The next day, after doing my paperwork at AdminOps, I was back in my room, just kinda relaxing a bit. I’d been on work all the time, and I just needed to get a little bit of a break. I was hoping Robjeet would get back again before I had to leave, because I had stuff I wanted to talk with him about...but the paperwork said that was a tossup at best. Meh. Wished Dawn was here too, but...that wasn’t gonna be happening either.

So I was just mucking about on the computer, wasting time for the moment. I had to wait a few days before a ship could take me back to Corinth, and Alex and Dawn were taking time off in Selene’s grove, so why not? I’d already checked the news.

It was in the middle of this slacking that I got a phone call. It wasn’t a number I recognized. "Hello, Nathan Renfrew."

The same american accent was on the other end that I’d talked with last night. "It's Nick, gonna head to the campus. Wanna come help pick stuff out?" Dude got to the point really fast when you got down to it.

I checked the time. Nothing I had for a few hours. I nodded to myself. "Sure, I can come. Meet you there?"

"Yep." Nick said, and then hung up.

I locked the computer and stood up, sliding my phone back into my pocket. I grabbed my keys, put on a nicer shirt than the T I was wearing, and headed out, locking the door behind me. About 20 minutes later, I met Nick on the campus near the shops. He was standing there, tail flicking as he looked about nervously. I flagged him down with a friendly wave as I approached.

"Heya." Nick said, turning to face me.

"Hello. Doing well today?" I asked, trying to be polite again.

"Yep, just wanna make sure to get the right equipment." his striped tail twitched again. I’ve heard that cats move their tails when deciding something, and this seemed to be the case for Nick.

"Always a good idea." I nodded.

"And you know what you're talking about, too. So let’s get to it...where is the place anyway?" he grinned at me. Dude had a LOT of teeth. Then again, tiger anthro...I led him towards the general equipment shop. Nick followed along. "Need a good weapon too." he noted as we went that direction.

"Well, that'll depend on your training, mainly." I said. "And if I can be so bold to assume how much you have, it's probably not too much."

"Oh, of course, I've had a short sword, though...and don't use it unless absolutely needed." he stated.

"Probably do best with a simpler weapon." I nodded.

"Like what?"

"Shortsword is one. Dagger is another. Crossbow is fairly simple in use, but not so much in maintenance." I elaborated.

"Yeah no crossbow, dagger could work too." Nick said. That narrowed down the list.

"Daggers are popular as backups, too." I noted.

"Could pack two and a shortsword, keep em in a vest or something." he mused.

"That's an option. Although I only carry one, myself."

"One'll work then." he said.

I pushed open the door of the equipment shop and held it for Nick as he entered, careful not to catch his tail. He looked around as he entered. I let the door go. "So...we'll need rations, a backpack, a tent if you want one, bedroll as well, iodine tablets..."

"Heh alright, sounds good." Nick nodded, probably not understanding half of what I said.

"Also, do you want any armor pads?” I asked. “You can't rent those though, I'm afraid."

"Nah, not to gloat, but I took Tae Kwon Do and stuff, not saying I'm an uber martial artist but I value speed and agility also leg work. Don't plan on taking hits if I can get out of the way.” Nick said. Oh lord, another green person.

I decided not to pick a fight since Selene’s grove with one marked wasn’t much of an undertaking. "I understand. Just make sure you don't get hit, then."

"Exactly." he grinned, looking around some.

I headed over towards the rations first. That’s one of the things we’re gonna need immediately. I picked some high energy packs off the shelves and held them out to Nick to look at. Then a thought crossed my mind. "I should check, you are omnivorous, right?"

Nick nodded enthusiastically. "Yep, despite my quadruped brethren."

"What's your daily calorie intake, or do you not know?" I asked.

"Uh yeah dunno." he said. "Just note I don't hunt."

I nodded. "I can hunt if needed, but that slows our travel rate considerably, and some days you won't have dinner. So...let’s err on the side of caution.” I started picking out a mix of rations, checking the info to pair them up, measuring out about 3500 calories a day for Nick.

"Right...heh kinda embarrasing." he said, tail drooping.

"No problem. A lot of people don't know. The rations aren't too heavy, so if we have extra, it won't really slow us down too much."

"No, I mean, given the bod I should be better at hunting. Unfortunately, momma didn't teach that."

"Oh, no problem.” Not my business. "Ok. Then as long as you approve of the rations, we'll go onto the other stuff."

"Heh whatever works." he said, noncommittally.

I put the food in the cart and moved on. I led him next to the backpack section and picked out a good, durable brand that I liked, that wasn’t too expensive. The cheap stuff tears and falls apart; you get what you pay for. "Try this on, if you will?"

Nick nodded, trying on the backpack silently. I checked if it fit, and then let him tighten the straps a bit to make sure it was good. Once we were both satisfied with the fit, I grabbed a few weights from nearby. Since you’ve gotta carry things a long distance in realms, they provide weights for easy checking of the backpacks. Just gotta be careful not to damage them when checking.

"Ok, now I'm going to start putting weights in the backpack, 5 pounds at a time. Tell me when it gets uncomfortable. You’re gonna have to carry this the whole time we’re moving, so lean towards the lighter end of uncomfortable.” I waited for a sign of understanding and approval.

"Go ahead."

I nodded, and started putting in weights. Five, ten, fifteen, twenty...I watched his reactions as I added each weight. I could tell he was starting to feel it when I got to thirty, but he didn’t say anything so I added another five pounds, and then when I got to forty, he stopped me.

“Ok, that’s getting too heavy.” he said.

I pulled out the last ten pounds, and let him move about in the pack a bit. "You sure you'll be able to carry that all day?"

Nick nodded. "Yeah, I'll be fine."

I nodded, then started removing and re-stacking the weights on their holders. "Ok, then we'll make sure we don't give you more than that."

"Kay." he said, taking off the pack. I put it in the cart.

"Now, for a tent..." I led him over to that area afterwards.

"Yeah." Nick followed along.

I picked out a fairly basic, but good, solid model for him to use. Not the best you’ll ever see, but it’d work for what we intended to do. It was used, but everything they put on shelf used is recertified before it goes out for sale. Good way to save money. I would’ve used the one Alex and Blossom had used, but I’d already turned that back in. Hell, if I was picking a two person tent, I could’ve maybe ended up with the same one.

"Anywho...this is all why I need your help." he said as I did so.

"Then we'll need the iodine tablets...a few other things..." I said, leading him around the store to get those. I prefer iodine tablets to water purifiers. I’m not a fan on the taste, but its nice and simple, and there’s really not much of a way to screw it up. A few tablets in two gallons and you’re good to go, and the water can stay cold. Purifiers break, and boiling water works, but then it’s not cold anymore.

"Alrighty." Nick said, after we went and got those and were waiting in line at the front.

"So...short sword and dagger left? When to we get those?” Nick asked me, noting their absence.

"After we get this, we'll head down to the armory." I explained. "That's a seperate shop, so we need to conclude business here, first."

"Oh okay." Nick nodded. We got up to the register, and I let Nick conclude the transaction, making sure to punch in my code as a ‘walker so he got a discount for hiring a guide.

Next, I grabbed the bags after we were done and led Nick over towards the armory. He carried some of the weight, but I was the bigger guy here, so I carried it for now. Wasn’t really that much, to be honest.

"This should be quick." Nick said cheerfully.

"Not always as fast as you'd think.”, I cautioned. “Although armor is what takes longest. If you're getting anything other than a set of pads, it generally needs to be fitted for maximum effectiveness."

"Don't really need heavy armour, maybe some bangles...or light gauntlets instead of the gloves." Nick said. None of that’d take long, but I haven’t ever seen anyone use bangles as armor.

"Just noting, man."

"Yep, I agree." Nick said.

"Gauntlets might work, if you want them." I said as we arrived, pushing open the door and entering.

"Something light..." Nick said. He looked around at all the weapons. Course, they’re all in cases, you can’t exactly pick one up and go. “Geez...should have a small blades section somewhere, right?”

I nodded. “Yeah, they do. You still have that shortsword, or will you need one?”

"I lost it a long while ago." Nick said.

I didn’t ask for details. "Ah, ok. Then you'll need one." I flagged down an armorer as we headed over towards the counter. "Daggers aren't a problem, but we need to test the weight on the sword, too. Make sure you're comfortable with it."


I set the bags down on the floor as we got to the counter. I asked the armorer to get out a few test blades of different lengths and weights for someone of Nick’s size. He returned a few moments later with a few test blades to try out, setting them down on the counter.

“The test blades are all dulled, so feel free to swing them around a bit.” I told Nick.

Nick took them all in turn, trying them out. He had a bit more experience with a blade than I expected, based on his handling, but still nothing amazing. I was better than him with a sword, but not really by that much.

"Remember, if we get in a fight, your life will depend on your ability to use this effectively. So make sure you're comfortable with it now."

"Right." Nick nodded. He took his time, not saying much, but eventually he found a model he was comfortable with. “This one.”

I nodded to the armorer. He opened the main case and got out a (packaged!) sword of that model. He nodded with approval at this size, saying it’d work well for someone of Nick’s stature.

"That should work well." Nick agreed.

"Ok. And dagger...well, that's easy. How big you want it?"

"Not huge, few inches...something standard." Nick said.

I nodded, and asked the armorer to get him a six inch dagger. After he brought it back, Nick looked it over. "Awesome, this'll be good for random tasks too."

"Yeah, it will." I agreed.

"All set?" Nick said.

"That looks like it, yeah." I nodded.

Nick nodded and paid for the weapons, and then we went to leave the store. "Need help getting the stuff back to the hotel?" I asked him as we exited.

"Yeah if you would." Nick said.

"Sure." I nodded. I started back to the hotel he’d been at, glad to at least get some exercise. These shoes weren’t as good as my realm boots, though. We walked mostly in silence, arriving at the hotel room in short order. Nick swiped the keycard and then we entered, putting the stuff in a corner for now.

“Anything else?” I asked.


"Ok, then call me again if you need me...Gonna head out, then."

"You can hang out if you want otherwise, catch you tomorrow."

"Nah, I gotta catch up on a few things. Thanks for the offer, though." I said, sincerely.

"Okay, see ya. Thanks for helping shop." Nick said to me.

"No problem. Bye." I exited the room, closing the door behind me.

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