The Summoning

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Author: Black Robed Mage

Mark stood as he finished his preparations. He looked at his watch; it was after six, Kevin would arrive any minute. They had been working on their research for months, and now they were about to attempt their first summoning.

It had started when they had been in a second hand bookstore. Kevin had found a book on magical summoning and enchantment, and the two were captivated by it. They had been working on preparations and research, spending every moment outside of school working on their little project. They had to gather some exotic items, but they were able to obtain them, mostly through the internet and Mark’s dad’s credit card.

The doorbell rang and Mark quickly made his way up the stairs and to the door. He opened it and Kevin walked in. After greeting each other, Kevin followed Mark to the basement. He could see the summoning circle the boy had made on the concrete floor. The two studied it for a moment and then Kevin dropped his backpack and pulled out the heavy, leather bound book. He flipped to a page as Mark looked over his shoulder, “you picked something for us to summon?”

“Ya,” Kevin answered as he settled on a page, “A Succubus.” Mark looked at the picture and instantly felt his fourteen-year old hormones start to race through his blood. The picture was of an almost naked woman, sporting large bat wings and a demon tail. She seemed to stare seductively up from the page.

“Why a Succubus?” Mark asked, only half listening to his friend as he stared at the picture and shifted his weight.

“Isn’t it obvious? She’s hot,” Kevin answered with a devious smile, “and she will be bent to our will.”

“Damn,” Mark said as the two of them stared at the picture a few moments longer. “Let’s get started.”

The two made the preparations listed in the book, adding the specific ingredients to the circle. Kevin held the book as he looked at their final preparations, “Okay, I’m gonna start the incantation.”

Mark watched as Kevin began to chant. At first nothing happened, but then the dust in the circle begin to stir and spin. As he watched, the dust glowed bluish-red, then it funneled inward. Kevin finished the incantation and a hole opened in the floor of the basement. A dark shape took form, and they watched as it took on substance, creating a form even more attractive to their teenage eyes then the picture in the book had been.

As the Succubus took final shape the hole in the floor closed and she stood within the circle, the magic holding her in place. She looked at the boys who had summoned her and were now staring at her with lustful eyes. She could see that they were physically attracted to her, and she smiled seductively as she assessed their will power.

There was no way these two children would be able to contain her. With a twitch of her fingers, she pulled out her whip and struck at the edge of the circle, shattering its magical hold on her.

The boys were shocked, but realized what she had done. Mark turned to Kevin, “she broke the circle, send her back.” Kevin nodded and began to flip through the book, but another crack of the whip sent it into the air; a third tore the book to fiery pieces. As the two boys looked at the demoness in fear, she stroked her whip with her hand.

“What to do with such impudent children?” she looked back and forth between them and then seductively walked up to Mark. The boy couldn’t help but look at her, both captivated and frightened by her. She twirled her whip around him and pulled him close to her. “What to do with such cute little boys?”

Mark looked at the creature’s smile, wondering what it meant, when a strange smell entered his nose. As he inhaled it, he felt his heart rate begin to rise. As the scent grew stronger, his lust for the Succubus grew. She leaned forward and kissed him on the lips, and Mark felt his young body go into overdrive. She smiled and pushed him away. Mark fell to the floor, a strange tingling all over his body. He began to stand up, but was suddenly overcome with a pain in his lips. He put a hand to them, and felt small hairs starting to protrude from his upper lip. As they grew out, he realized they were whiskers. He looked at the Succubus, wonder and horror in his eyes. The Succubus let out a laugh, “cute boys make cuter pets.”

Pain suddenly shot down his back, causing Mark to spasm. He felt as though his skin didn’t fit right. Another spasm and he felt a bulge beginning to form in the seat of his pants. He looked back and saw the lump twitch and move. He felt another discharge of pressure and pain run down his spine, and a tail ripped through his cargo pants, pushing him to his belly. He looked back and watched as the hairless, whip-like tail twitched behind him. A wave of pleasure flew through his body as black fur sprouted from his tail, running from base to tip, fanning and fluffing out as it went. He stared at the twitching, black furred object.

After seeing this, Kevin broke from his trance of horror and began to run. Something wrapped around his leg, and the Succubus’ whip pulled him back and threw him next to Mark. “You’ll get your turn, boy.”

The Succubus walked over to Mark and grabbed his wildly twitching tail. Mark looked up at her as she held his tail in her hand. With a smile, she slowly ran her hand down the tail, sending a wave of pleasure through Mark’s body. As the wave ran through him, he felt fur begin to sprout from his skin; he didn’t want to change, but he had an uncontrollable desire for the pleasure to continue. The creature continued to pet, and each stroke sent another wave of pleasure through his body and caused more fur to push through his skin.

The succubus gave a small laugh as she twirled his fur between her fingers; Mark felt as though the weight in his body was shifting. The succubus ran one finger up the length of his tail, pulling Mark almost reflexively to all fours. The boy looked between his arms and could see his legs had become shorter; the legs of his pants were now bunched up on his still human feet, black fur protruding from the cuffs. A thick coat of black fur covered his arms, ending at his wrists. The succubus began to scratch at the base of Mark’s tail, and he felt pleasure start to emanate from that point. It seemed to gather just below his skin, building and building. He let out a moan as the cluster of pleasure released, causing his spine to pop, as if bones were rubbing against each other; Mark realized his spine was now aligned for four-footed travel. The succubus ran her hands back over his tail, sending pleasure once again through his shifting form. As fur finished coating his body, the creature stopped petting. His tail instinctively twitched, wanting more affection. Kevin watched as the Succubus walked around to the front of Mark and began to run her hands through his hair.

Mark once again felt a euphoria of pleasure as his ears began to grow out and move to the top of his head. He knew they were becoming the ears an animal, but part of him was really happy about it. Kevin watched as his friend’s hair began to lighten at the creature’s touch, going from its once brown color to blond and then, finally, white.

The creature put her finger against his nose and put a small pressure against it. Pleasure grew in his nose and ran in two lines up his forehead. The boy felt the lines of pleasure run over the top of his head and start down his back. He looked back and watched as they traveled under his shirt and started up his tail. As the lines ran up his tail, he could see white fur growing in as they moved. As the two lines came together at the end of his tail, Mark realized what he was becoming.

The Succubus put her hand to the underside of his neck and ran her fingers through the fur on his chest and neck. Mark felt waves of pleasure emanate from his center, pushing at his skin; it felt as though his body was too small. With a moan, Mark felt his body start to expand, growing out to skunk like proportions. His human clothing became tight against his increasing mass and thick coat of fur, and was barely able to contain him.

The creature smiled and stopped petting; Mark’s clothing was stretched painfully on his body. She playfully ran her hand slowly through his fur, causing him to expand slowly against the fabric. He felt more pain mixed with pleasure as she moved even slower. Mark could hear the fabric start to rip as his body became encompassed in a pleasure that was driving his mind wild. He let out a moan as his clothing pushed uncomfortably against his growing mass. The succubus stroked a little and stopped, the boy’s clothing pulled tight around his body, fur peaking out where the seams had ripped. The boy felt pleasure from the creature’s touch, but wanted the pain to stop; he wanted to get rid of his clothing. With a laugh and one quick movement, she pulled her hand through his fur, causing the boy’s body to puff out in one burst, tearing the clothing from his body and releasing the pressure. The boy instinctively shook, causing his fur to ruffle and fluff out in every direction and tossing the loose bits of clothing from it. Mark now resembled a skunk, his body was covered in black fur and two white stripes ran the distance from his head to his tail tip.

The Succubus stood and grabbed the boy’s tail. As she lifted, Mark felt his entire body shrink. By the time he was in the air, he was face to face with the Succubus. He was now about the size of a normal skunk, but with the face, hands and feet of a human. The Succubus smiled as his hands began to twitch uncontrollably. Mark watched as they shrank and turned black, growing small claws. His feet followed suit and became his hind paws.

The Succubus held Mark close to her face and began to nuzzle her nose against his. It tingled with her touch, and after a moment, Mark felt his own head start to move back and forth, returning the affection. As she continued to nuzzle, Mark’s tail twitched and a tickling feeling spread through his face. With each pass, it felt more and more pleasurable to nuzzle. After a few seconds, Mark could think of nothing else but the waves of pleasure that were now emanating from his darkening nose. As the waves sent fur across his face, they also pulled it forward into a muzzle. As his form completely shifted to that of a skunk, the Succubus put a spiked collar around his neck and placed the dazed boy on the floor. She turned to Kevin and smiled, “You’re turn.”

Kevin pushed himself away from the creature as she walked towards him. He was on the floor and there was no way he could get away from her. The Succubus put her cloven hoof into the boy’s waist, holding him in place. Kevin was surprised by the amount of strength she had. The creature bent down and began to slowly rub his belly.

Kevin felt waves of pleasure run through his body and he was once again excited by the Succubus. She stopped rubbing and Kevin looked down to see a coat of grayish fur covering the area where her hand had been. He looked up at the Succubus in wonder as she smiled and pushed her hoof to one side, flipping the boy onto his stomach. The creature bent down and scratched the boy’s lower back

Kevin felt waves of pleasure begin to coarse through his body as gray fur sprang up to meet the succubus’ clawed fingers. As she scratched harder, he felt a pressure build up in his back, and he knew what was coming. As his cargo pants got tighter, his growing tail bunching against the cotton, he let out a sound that was between a yell and a moan. His pants ripped, releasing his tail straight up into the air. He felt it twitch and then come to rest against the Succubus’ belly. As fur sprouted from it, he felt an uncontrollable desire to be petted. He looked back and saw a gray furred tail; the demoness smiled and slowly ran her fingers through his fur, moving her hands in circles around the tail. As she moved, the fur she touched darkened, creating black bands around his tail. Kevin felt pleasure run down the tail and up his back, causing fur to sprout as it went. As the petting continued, his fur grew in thicker and softer. The Succubus released the tail and walked around to Kevin’s front. She bent down in front of the boy.

Kevin managed to look up at her as she spoke, “You will be my pets forever.” She took her finger and traced a pattern around Kevin’s eyes, causing black fur to grow in and form a mask. The demoness rubbed her finger on his nose, sending pleasure through his body and causing whiskers to sprout from his face. With each stroke from her finger, the boy’s nose and mouth grew out further; his nose blackened and fur began to spring from his face. As his face formed into a muzzle, the demoness reached back and began to play with the boy’s ears. As she rubbed them, they began to reform and move. Kevin felt pleasure emanate from the touch as his ears where massaged by the succubus, and he almost forgot what she was doing to him. The Succubus pulled them up Kevin’s head, changing them into the ears of a raccoon as they moved.

The succubus walked around behind the boy and ran her finger up his tail; as with Mark, this action caused Kevin to involuntarily rise to all fours. The succubus knelt down and began to rub his belly again, sending pleasure through Kevin’s body. Kevin felt his waist realign and let out a small moan as he became a four footed animal. The creature ran her hand down the boy’s shin, and he felt his foot rise off the ground, forcing him to balance on three legs. The succubus then began to tickle the bottom of his foot, causing his toes to twitch; Kevin let out a laugh, making a sound closer to a raccoon then it was to his old human voice. As his toes twitched and pleasure ran through his foot, it grew a thin layer of black fur. His toes twitched and grew; they began to look like short fingers rather then toes. As the succubus put the boy’s foot back on the ground, Kevin looked back to see the hind paw of a raccoon. The creature ran her hand down the boy’s other leg; he tried not to lift it, but the succubus’ touch forced his body to act without his consent. She began to tickle again, and his other foot grew out into his other hind paw.

The creature walked to the boy’s front and scratched the back of his now furry neck. He felt his body begin to move up, trying to get her to scratch harder. As he stood, he felt his legs start to expand against his clothing and become shorter. He looked down to see his pants bunched against his feet, the button broken off by his expanding belly. His hands were instinctively pulled off of the ground, and the succubus grabbed them. Kevin now found himself balancing on his hind legs as the succubus held his hands, the last human part of his body, in her claws. The boy looked at her pleadingly as she gazed at his right hand.

Kevin let out a small moan as she began to rub her thumb against his thumb. Pleasure once again filled his body, and Kevin watched helplessly as his thumb grew longer, becoming a fifth finger. As it reached the size of his other fingers, it turned black and his nail grew out to form a claw. The succubus then began to massage his index finger, causing it to grow black and turn into a clawed raccoon finger. The creature traveled across his right hand, and then pressed her thumb into his palm, causing it to shift into the hand of a raccoon.

The succubus released the paw, and it fell to the ground as the succubus began to massage the boy’s left hand, forcing it to change in much the same way as the first. The succubus released his left paw, and Kevin looked down in horror at his now raccoon paws. He looked up at the creature as she walked around him again, softly running her hand down the exposed fur of his flank as she made her way to his tail.

The succubus played with the fur on the tip of the boy’s tail, twirling it as if unwinding a gear. Kevin felt his entire body begin to shrink, his clothes falling around him as his body diminished to the size of a raccoon. As she placed a collar around his neck, he looked over his gray furred body, fear in his eyes.

The Succubus stood back and admired her work; her would be masters were now her pet skunk and raccoon. She walked back over to the circle and began to whisper an incantation.

The raccoon Kevin turned to the skunk, “what did she do to us?”

“She said we’re her pets now, I don’t know what she’s gonna do now.”

“I wouldn’t try leaving boys,” the Succubus spoke as the circle began to glow red, “you belong to me, there is nowhere I can not follow you.”

Kevin backed away, intent on running. He turned and the Succubus was suddenly behind him, “I warned you, now you need to be shown the extent of my power.” Kevin tried to back away as the creature’s hand came down on his head. She began to pet him again, sending pleasure through his body, but this time it came with a strange pressure. It suddenly became hard for him to think straight; his thoughts began to become fogged over, as if they had been a dream. He began to panic and struggle in his head as his mind became that of a raccoon. He tried to get away, but his body wouldn’t respond, it enjoyed being petted and getting attention He felt himself push against her even as it got harder to think, “Good boy,” the succubus spoke as Kevin’s tail began to wag, “Kevin,” she had a devious smile on her face, “Names are for humans,” the raccoon felt himself agreeing with his mistress, even though a small voice said he shouldn’t, “you are simply raccoon.” The thought echoed in his head, “now, my pet,” she said, still stroking his fur, “who are you?”

The boy struggled, “Ke,” it was hard to put the syllables together, “Kevi.” The succubus slowly ran her fingers through the fur on his head, “Keoon,” the boy struggled, even as thoughts of his youth as a raccoon cub appeared clearly in his mind and thoughts of school faded in the haze, “Ke, Racen.” His mind was jumbled, but the creature’s caresses seemed to clear his mind, calming him down, “raccoon,” his mind relaxed as the word exited his mouth, “I’m a raccoon,” he received a congratulatory tickle from the succubus, and he was happy he had pleased his mistress. He was happy he had found such a loving mistress, and was happy to be petted.

The Succubus pulled her hand away and Kevin’s mind returned to him. For a moment, he still wanted to be petted, but as his thoughts returned he was once again filled with horror. The Succubus laughed, “If you try to leave again, I permanently claim your human mind as mine.”

The circle opened, creating a portal into what looked like a cave of fire. The Succubus walked to the portal, but the two boys cringed away from it, feeling an instinctive fear in their bodies. The creature turned back to them, “come my pets,” but the boys couldn’t put a foot forward. The Succubus cracked her whip, “come!” The command sent a strange energy through the boy’s bodies, and they felt their paws move on their own. They still didn’t want to go, but their bodies moved forward anyway. They followed the demoness through the portal and faded into her dimension as her pets.