In this past October (2020) the Shifti Community lost Chris "Robotech Master" Meadows to an accident involving an SUV hitting his electric bike and leaving the scene. While we may never know the full story of this event, the administrators of Shifti will work to preserve his account and works here as he'd wish us to. Thank you all for being such excellent people.


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TSA-Talk is the companion mailing list to the Transformation Story Archive. Unlike the Archive itself, it has remained a living and vibrant place right up until the present day. Currently it has about 800 members. Counted among them are many of the world's finest and best-known transformation-story authors, as well as some of the better-known furry authors.

Though the parent Transformation Story Archive ceased updating in 2003, by then enough time had passed for the members of the mailing list to form a strong sense of community and camaraderie. This sense of "belonging" became so powerful that regular in-person meetings were and still are scheduled, in the form of the annual TSA-Bash. The TSA mailing list has been responsible for many lifetime friendships, and continues to generate large quantities of quality fiction to this day.

Membership is open to anyone. This can be accomplished by sending an e-mail with just the word "subscribe" to or by going to the information page for the mailing list.

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