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donate via PayPal

Shifti is a free website (both for reading and for hosting) and doesn't run advertisements, but it still has expenses. We hope to cover these via donations.

(If the donate button does *NOT* show up above, you can still send donations - the account is shade-NOSPAM-at-NOSPAM-entermail-REMOVE-THIS-AND-NOSPAM-dot-net - we are currently experiencing some problems with the extension - any programmers out there that have figured out how to get extensions that worked in 1.12, 1.13 and 1.14 to work in the 1.15 branch, please tell me what I need to do via my talk page!)

What your donations go towards

Currently the most significant expense is a $120 fee for bandwidth that comes due every six months. Our first run-in with this in January of 2008 came quite unexpectedly (along with a $60 service charge) and we were forced to put up a banner to solicit donations. Fortunately it was only a short while before we'd covered it and we could take the banner down again. We've left the channel open for further donations, however, in the hopes that the next time the bill comes due we'll already have enough stored away between now and then to cover it without needing to resort to a funding drive.

Why PayPal?

By using PayPal we can provide "complete accountability" for all donations. However, it does come with a downside - there is a transaction fee built-into the system. What that means is that, from a $20 donation Shifti gets $18.92. But don't think you should try to include said fee in your donation - the difference isn't enough to mean much. With the current target it'll come to something like $10, and, with the currently available information, the fee will account for something like $6. With that being the case, if Shifti does, actually, fall short by that amount I (ShadowWolf) will cover the difference out of my own pocket.