In this past October (2020) the Shifti Community lost Chris "Robotech Master" Meadows to an accident involving an SUV hitting his electric bike and leaving the scene. While we may never know the full story of this event, the administrators of Shifti will work to preserve his account and works here as he'd wish us to. Thank you all for being such excellent people.

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Shifti is an open wiki. We don't pre-screen edits, so it is possible that edits which violate Shifti's policies may be present on the site for a while before they're noticed and corrected. See Shifti:Policy for more detail on Shifti's policies.

Some of the stories hosted here may contain adult content or other material readers may find objectionable. We try to label stories that contain such, but standards are often subjective and may vary.

Vandalism may also slip through the cracks unnoticed in some cases. If you're very concerned about other users editing your stories, make sure your stories are protected in some way. Past revisions are retained in article histories, so vandalism can be reverted once noticed.

Copyrights are retained by the original holders, but by posting your material on Shifti you're giving permission for it to be archived and displayed on Shifti (or a successor site if we later have to move to another server or address). See Shifti:Copyrights for more detail.