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Do you have an idea for a story but no idea for the setting of it? Then perhaps what you need is a shared setting. This page is an attempt to provide the name of a universe and a brief blurb about the setting. If we have a more concrete definition of the setting available—either on Shifti or on another website—you'll find a link to it so you have more information available to make your decision. Note that this is not a complete list of shared settings on Shifti. (well not yet :p )

  • Chakona Space is the setting that spawned the Chakat. It features that noted species and a number of other Taur and Anthro species in a far future similar to that of Star Trek. You can find some more information on the setting via it's Wikifur entry and information on the almost eponymous planet Chakona here. Many stories and information on Chakats and the setting can be found on the Chakat's Den. Be careful — there are many adult stories and themes in the stories that exist and not all of them may be safe for reading at work.
  • FreeRIDErs is a very new setting created by Jon Buck and Robotech Master. On the planet Zharus a breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology and Robotics has led to the creation of a class of intelligent machines named "Reticulated Intelligence Drive Extenders" — RIDEs — that act as a combination of robotic pet, companion, vehicle and survival suit. Fusing with a RIDE in "Active" mode — by far the most effecient manner to use it — changes the wearer physically, though generally only cosmetically. Some changes, however, go further, and a rare few "integrate," becoming a new being that is a combination of the old. Full information on the setting can be found on its setting page.
  • Metamor Keep is a Medieval/Fantasy setting with a long and storied history. The basic premise is that the eponymous keep had a set of spells/curses cast on it during a war that are still active. Changes in Race, Age and Sex are all possible—and the Keep itself appears to be intelligent and magic itself—in a way—as it will reorganize itself to add new rooms when they are needed. For more information on Metamor Keep, you can browse the settings own Wiki.
  • Paradise is another setting created by Jon Buck. People around the world are waking up to find themselves changed, becoming a fusion of human and animals of various sorts. Occasionally, even their gender is changed. The odd thing is, those who remain unaffected cannot even see the alterations! Paradide is about humanity as it deals with their secret selves, and hides them from the remainder of humanity - and what happens when the secret is blown wide open. For further information about the setting — including a list of the stories in chronological order — see its setting page.
  • Pig and Whistle is a setting all about what happens when an epidemic — named TFORs (for "Transformative Failure of Ontogenetic Regulation") — changes a large percentage of the population into Anthros and other strange and wonderful forms. Government collapsed and was restored after a number of brushfire wars that flashed across North America — though what happened in other areas of the world is undefined. Most of the stories are set in and around Polyton County and the eponymous bar - The Pig and Whistle. More information about the setting can be found on its Setting Page.
  • Tales from the Blind Pig is about the world after a probe meant to bring Martian samples back to scientists back on Earth crashed. The samples inside the probe turned out to be a virus that transformed a good chunk of humanity, turning them partially, or even fully, into animals. Many victims also gained powers that defy the known laws of physics. But the setting revolves not around the changes but the aftermath, including the hatred, fear, and racism that result from the changes. A complete list of setting rules has, sadly, never been created. Morgan — the maintainer of the single most complete archive of the setting — had tried to do such, but had not finished this job when he passed away.
  • The Valentine Divergence is a setting where, at 12:41 EST on Saturday, 14 February of an unspecified year in the early 21st century, every human on Earth was changed in some way. People within the same contiguous region changed in roughly the same ways, and each change-region is the home of a different neospecies; the people who were within the same change-region are interfertile with each other, and can no longer interbreed with people who were in other change regions at the moment of the changes. The changes breed true.
  • On June 17 1996 at 7:00 am Central Time the Winds of Change blew and the world was never the same afterwards. Almost entirely unknown the event that occurred was several universes being slammed together. The result is a world filled with anthros of any size and description — many even with superpowers. A very complete archive of the stories exists, complete with a guide for the setting.
  • In Xanadu did Kublai Khan a stately pleasure dome decree. Well, not exactly. In this universe Xanadu references a major SciFi convention — the Kubla Con — at the Orlando Convention Center (a fictional location). On the first day of the costume contest a wave of magic was unleashed that turned everyone in costume (even one as simple as a headband with ears) into their costume. The depth of the changes depends on how "in depth" they were playing things. Someone that was completely and totally in-character has probably become the costume completely — forgetting their life before the spell. More information on the setting can be found on its setting page.