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The Journal of the Ranty Raccoon - First entries

Author: Digitalpotato
Copyright © 2008 by Digitalpotato
Paradise story universe

Compiler's note: This was taken from a handwritten journal. Currently all entries have not been discovered, but it is very likely that the writer was very inconsistent with his entries, as there is nearly a year-long gap.

The author of this journal is currently not known by name or by person. Currently, I am trying to track this Changed person down and ask what his motives were. (I believe it now to have been an abandoned project on increasing awareness of Aspergers and/or Homophobia or just something done out of boredom)

For your courtesy, swear words have been edited out. In the original version, he swears like a sailor and constantly references the male reproductive organ.

Mid October 2001

Aspergers is a high-functioning form of Autism, which is a mental disorder characterized by many behavioural symptoms. On the spectrum, commonly "anti-social" behaviour such as avoiding eye-contact is common. Which of course is something I have. Just not that "Anti-social stuff". you know what I mean...REAL Anti-Social people don't follow norms because they're stupid and want to be sectioned.

I follow them because that's how I was raised. What, you think I'm some antisocial dickweed who thinks social rules or stupid? That's NOT what Aspergers is, everyone just thinks its' a scam to sell prescriptions or to let kids act like spoiled brats. There's a reason no one but my family and now you know I'm on the spectrum.

And I bet being an anthropomorphic raccoon didn't help. I've been like this for about a year now. Yeah right, before I start freshman year...I become a furry. Thank God no one seems to notice.

There is a very good reason I'm glad no one notices I'm a furry. Everyone would think I'm a "fag" and skin me alive. I live in the homophobic capital of the western U.S. Ever hear of Matthew Shepherds? The guy who was beaten within an inch of his life and hung from a fence? I've been told it wasn't because he was openly gay...because he walked in on a drug deal. Lies - he was beaten up by a gay lynch mob because they're different. That's what happens to deviant minds.

It's like this...if you're gay or flagged as "gay" because you're not a conformist, you're subject to social isolation and violence, as well as "Execute the fag" signs on your front lawns. People avoid you, they walk around you like you breathe out toxic gas, business at a store (other than a clothes shop) are afraid they'll get AIDS from standing nearby, the people at Subway are ruder to you, no one wants you for their team. If you don't believe it, come down here and I'll be happy to show you. I can point out who's flagged as "gay".

And of course, "Furries" are supposed to be "Gay" despite that when I looked them up I saw dog-girls with four melon-sized boobs, pigs with eight boobs, felines with impossibly large boobs, boobs, boobs, and of course, more boobs. And the occasional huge muscleman amongst fat-furs and some pictures of furs devouring each other. (That's really a weird interest...)

I know there was a Furry (not like me) in my High School but he got beat up because he was flagged as "gay". Not a single thing was done about it, and last I saw of him at Graduation he was still in a wheelchair. It's because he had the "gay" flag. If he didn't, the authorities would have arrested the all-failing bullies everyone KNOWS did it. They may as well have written "We did it" on his mangled legs.

So you see, that's why I'm very thankful for everyone's case of ignorance. I can be a raccoon all I want but not that it matters. I'm still one of a kind. I'm still a lone raccoon.

Compiler's note: That is the first entry, the next entry does not have a date attached to it, one can assume it's a few days later.

I'm a little too different than everyone else already. Growing up, I was among the only people in my neighbourhood below 40. Obviously I was used to beling alone and having only my video games for company. Believe me, I look forward to the Game Boy Advance's new games.

Probably the only people I can relate to are those guys on IRC, AIM, and forums. They too are alone in suburbia or a huge urban entity full of bastards (Like New York), or they live in Nowhere. Looking at one, I almost wonder if some may have experienced what I'm going through. he always called himself a 'yena and seemed to be very interested in "TF".

"TF" is slang for "Transformation", but I think it's a fetish. I looked up a website dedicated to "TF stories" but the first few stories I read involved people having sex while transforming, after transforming, or being raped by a wolf and then becoming one. This is PORN, and I think it's illegal.

I avoid THOSE kinds of deviants like the plague. I'm just not a conformer to that kind of stuff. Just, yuck. I'd like to find a community full of people who are like me. Just I'd belong that way. Sure I bet those guys who fantasize about being a horse or a fox (like we need anthropomorphics of THOSE considering how many furs of them there are) would all accept me but I don't know. I deal with loneliness easily, but I know I want to belong and be respected within a community.

One thing I'm glad about being anthropomorphic is the winter months. I've got a very low tolerance for cold already. Doesn't help that this is Colorado. Only here will you have -10 degree wind chill and not a flake of snow. One more, if you'd like to come out here, I can prove it. Especially if you're a polar bear.

It's actually WARM now - I'm gray and dark gray, and that sucks up heat very well, and developing a winter coat helps MAJORLY! I know it'll suck if it becomes 90 degrees out here but that's what AC and indoor jobs are for. Hey if our non-morphic versions can cope, we can...assuming I'm not entirely alone.

But you have NO idea how fucking long it takes to get snow off. And to wash it. It' a mess. Still all you need is shampoo instead of that disgusting moisturizers. All they do is really dry your skin out, lots of stupid bullshit.

Feel free to come to the South-Windy-arctic any time. Just be aware that if you're spotted by a hunter you'd probably be skinned and eaten. I hate them. you wouldn't believe what Chris and David said today.

"We are witnessing the feminization of this once beautiful country. Guys who aren't rough-housing and who don't like to are labeled with Autism and ADHD". David needs to have his head shoved through a computer monitor, be hit with a metal pipe, or kicked in his manhood. Manly men are overrated.

Darn guns, Darn sports, Darn muscles, darn sweating and smelly and cars in proportion to your manhood side (Bigger the car and louder the music, the smaller it is.) Darn competition, it's all a manhood measuring contest. If this change isn't limited to me, I HOPE they become trans-gendered. It'd be funny, wouldn't it? The ultimate irony.

I'd laugh. They're more feminine than every gay guy on earth! Even a "fag" is manlier than you! TAKE THAT! I hope those manly men know-it-alls promoting gender-inequalities become the most feminine of all feminine girls out there. Shame no one would notice since I can literally brush people with my tail and they wouldn't notice. But those of us...the non-gays who're flagged as "gay" will have the last laugh. Mark my words, I'd be laughing at all their boobs. Well finals now. Bye.

Currently not all the journals are discovered. It is very possible that this person is still alive, since they were discovered inside a used notebook tossed carelessly aside.