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This is a property that duplicates (I think) the Stories By Author Category. It is a string property.

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A Cat Girl Maid's Bet +Alex Warlorn  +
A Change for the Better +Felix Sagittarius  +
A Different Kind of Love +Bad Guru  +
A House Divided +Trismegistus Shandy  +
A House Divided/Part1 +Trismegistus Shandy  +
A House Divided/Part2 +Trismegistus Shandy  +
Arrow Quivershaft/A New Realm...? +Arrow Quivershaft  +
A Woman Within +Bad Guru  +
Robotech Master/ANGLE ON +JonBuck and Robotech_Master  +
Acinonyx2/Troubles +Acinonyx2  +
JonBuck/After Hours +Jon Buck  +
Jetfire/All Hell Breakin Loose +Jetfire  +
Jetfire/All Spark Bulletin +Jetfire  +
Jetfire/Aloha +Jetfire  +
Hawl/Aloha666 +Jessica K. Nichols-Vernon aka HawlSera Tygarus Enroygall  +
Hawl/An Albino's Breakdown +Hawl  +, Hawl Tygarus Enroygall  +
Throat Wolf/An Evening with Clarence +Throat Wolf  +
Hawl/An Integrate's Guide To Love +Jessica K. Nichols-Vernon aka HawlSera Tygarus Enroygall  +
Azimuth/Andy +Azimuth  +
Arella Gets In Touch With Her Animal Nature +Lachesis  +
Arrow Quivershaft/Arriving in Lecce +Arrow Quivershaft  +
Arriving on The Cause +Arrow Quivershaft  +
Arrow's Vignettes:Enfield transformation +Arrow Quivershaft  +
Arrow's Vignettes:Luminari transformation +Arrow Quivershaft  +
Jetfire/Astra-naught +Jetfire  +
Arrow Quivershaft/Back to the Grove +Arrow Quivershaft  +
Robotech Master/Slightly Foxed +Robotech_Master  +
Mona Lisa/Being Tanda +Mona Lisa  +
Feathertail/A Better Life +Jared Spurbeck  +
Arrow Quivershaft/Birds of a Feather +Arrow Quivershaft  +
Feathertail/Blind As A ... +Jared Spurbeck  +
Arrow Quivershaft/Bones the Satyr +Arrow Quivershaft  +
Brachyura +Sdw  +
Robotech Master/Breaking the Chayne +Chris Meadows  +
Jetfire/Broken Crown +Jetfire  +
Butterflies are the Gentlest +Trismegistus Shandy  +
JonBuck/Cammy +Jon Buck  +
Arrow Quivershaft/Campfire Chat +Arrow Quivershaft  +
Camping at the Zoo +AxelGripp  +
The Care Bear Caper! +Alex Warlorn  +
Erastus/The Cart Before the Centaur +Erastus Centaur  +
Case Briefing: Leon v. Stewart +Lloyd  +
Throat Wolf/Cassandra and Janet +Throat Wolf  +
Jetfire/Cat Scratch Fever +Jetfire  +
Caught in a Bind +Martin Divo  +
Jetfire/Cave of Wonders +Jetfire  +
Jetfire/Centaurville +Jetfire  +
Arrow Quivershaft/Cerberus +Arrow Quivershaft  +
MatthiasRat/Change Building +MatthiasRat  +