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Below is an attempt to list various methods to find stories that we have. It is our sincere hope that this list is useful and will help you find stories that you would like to read. Note that these indexes are not complete and rely on users properly tagging their works - in most cases an administrator will come along and add at least an "Author" category (see the Stories By Author index) and the primary "Story" category (which will add a story to our main index). If you find a story missing a category, please notify the author on the stories discussion page — this will hopefully help the author to add the category. Administrators will not — thanks to reasoning originally provided by Morgan (before his untimely passing) about categorization sometimes defeating the surprise an author is hoping for to carry a joke or plot through — add any categories to a page outside of the 'Story' category and the authors category (unless, of course, it is to add a category defining the setting - we do try to keep that neat and well defined).

  • Stories By Author - A listing of various authors through which you can find their stories
  • Stories By Setting - A listing of the various settings that people have written stories in that are posted on Shifti
  • Stories By TF - Our listing of the various TF species and the stories that feature them
  • Stories By Genre - Only want to see Sci-Fi or Fantasy stories? Then look here!
  • All Authors - A listing of the authors on the site that link to their User: pages so you can leave comments directly for them and not have to use one of their stories discussion pages.

If you are feeling helpful and are either excellent at editing or critiquing stories, then the two following links are just what you need!