Inside the Forest

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This story is a work in progress.
Inside Death story universe
Author: Silverhit.92

It was a silent night, no one could hear the wind blow from mountains or any animal make a noise. It was as if God had turn off all the sound in the world. The forest was quiet and dark, usually a forest like this will make a bunch of noice at night. But tonight the world was silent. Two people were walking down a path that goes throught the woods, a man and a women. They look like a teenage couple but that was far from the truth. It was dangerous for teenagers to walk down to the middle of the forest at night. But they knew what they were doing. The man was Jake, he was wearing a trench coat and boots. The girl was Anna, she had a black dress on and a backpack full of books. Anna was of course a witch and Jake was a demon hunter. The two were on a mission. They were going to the heart of the forest and destory an evil spirit. Now people from the local town call Hansville think that the forest is harmless but little do they know evil lives there. Jake and Anna know this evil and will do anything to stop it.

The evil is a demon called Dalzen. He has been hunted by demon hunters for decades. But now he was weaken from a fight from another hunter. Jake knew now was the time to strike. If they wait for a more experience hunter then Dalzen could escape or kill the hunters. It was true Jake was a novice at demon hunting but it was now or never. Anna was with him because she needed to see what was Dalzen doing. She could see what Dalzen did with his magic and also use magic to kill him. All Jake knew is Dalzen is trying to organize an army of were-creatures.

Jake and Anna were apart of a group know as the Shadow Elite. The Shadow Elite was group of witches and hunters that try to control any supernatural things from harming public. Demons were their main enemy, they will kill anyone who gets in their way. Long ago demons were reckless in the past. They didn't organize, they didn't follow rules and the Shadow Elite was able to wipe them out fast. Back then demons and angry spirits were the only thing the Shadow Elite worry about. Then something diffrent came to Earth. The demons have a king called Mortis. King Mortis was a powerful demon but not all demons listen to him. So he went to Earth himself and became forming a new kingdom. King Mortis created vampire disease, lycanthropy and minions to take over earth. The Shadow Elite attack King Mortis before he could build his army. They kill the king but his minions and were-creatures escape.

Since then the Shadow Elite know two things, demons have there own world and they want Earth. Dalzen had somehow got to Earth and was ready to take over it. Now it was up to Anna and Jake to find Dalzen and kill him.