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The Taylor series is a series written by Jetfire.

It is the story of a fabric seller named Taylor, who runs a shop near the harbour of an unnamed city. The shop is only his front however. In reality, he deals with a very special group of clients; clients who want to become something else.

In reality Taylor is a powerful transformative magician. He doesn't, probably can't, do simple transformations, (as in living flesh to living flesh). Instead, he specializes in turning flesh into living other substances. Usually he creates living-rubber creatures, but he has recently expanded his skills into gel creatures, and possibly more.

His apprentice is a shiny black rubber minotaur (usually wearing only a golden ring in his nose and little else) named Minos who does not often tell his story. Minos is the brawn to Taylor's magical brains. Most stories are told from his point of view. He lives in a curtained off area in the back of the shop.

Recently, Taylor has taken on a new assistant whose arrival was also the inspiration for gel-forms. Aaron is a blue gel horse morph, who is still learning and helping out in the store. He shares the living area in the back with Minos.

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