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Shifti's a non-profit wiki, but non-profits still need money to run. We also love to help promote the stories that are posted here. So, why not kill two birds with one stone? We've been working on an idea behind the scenes to publish a book of some of the stories we consider to be among the best that have been posted on Shifti, to be sold for fundraising purposes with the profits going toward Shifti's operating costs.

The book is still in the planning stages. We've kicked around a list of stories to consider for inclusion and have found that there are far more great stories than we could possibly fit in a simple paper volume, so currently the selection is provisional and is of course pending permission from the various authors. If anyone has ideas or comments to add please feel free to visit the talk page and add them.

The following stories have been selected for the book:

  1. The Perils of Voice Acting by Joysweeper
  2. What You Eat by Leasara
  3. Swift of Foot and Hoof by Eirik
  4. Gaia's Rain by Felix Sagittarius
  5. Everything is Kaput! by Devin
  6. Text Of A Two-Page Note Found Next To The Body Of A Gray Vixen Morph by Viqsi
  7. Doe's Hoof by Jon Buck
  8. Hoof Beat by Bob Stein
  9. Now I Will Believe That There Are Unicorns by Michael Bard
  10. Replay by Xodiac
  11. Public Domain by Phil Geusz
  12. Unexpected Shore by Bryan
  13. Nobody's Coming by Quentin "Cubist" Long
  14. Sisters Three by Fish
  15. A Long-Forgotten Madness by Matt Ratt

The question of compensation can now be solidly answered: All contributors who request it will receive a complimentary copy of the book. This is a change in policy because of the higher than anticipated printing costs. If you are a contributor and wish to receive a copy, please make note of such on the Talk page. Thank you all.